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SaLuSa, July 11, 2011

As promised the cobwebs of deceit and falsehood are gradually being cleared away, and each day the revelations grow. They show how the authorities have been corrupted, and the necessity to remove all of those involved. If you are ever to establish an honest and trustworthy establishment, it is obviously necessary to replace each person with those that are known to be right for the times you are in. Many of you have been groomed for such an occasion, and if you are not already working for the Light your time will soon come. We invite everyone to help in whatever way they can, even if only to send out Love and Light. Your contribution does not have to be special, as long as it comes from the heart and soul. As the Collective of Humanity you are in fact doing enormously well, and so the energy continues to grow exponentially.

We see that people are no longer afraid of talking their truth, and confidence grows as each day takes you nearer to the commencement of a series of major events. As you must realize the waiting has to stop sooner or later, as the pressure upon the dark Ones is creating opportunities for our allies to move on. There comes a time when people have to bow down to the conditions around them, and concede that they no longer hold the power. Our desire is to signal the start of disclosure, so that the truth can be released as to the presence of our spacecraft, and then logically the personnel who operate them. You also need to be aware of the many contacts we have made, with both your political and military representatives for peaceful reasons. There will be many questions asked when it is revealed how many times we have attempted to bring world peace into being.

Making contact with you is a most natural development as part of your growth. You have long participated in conquering Space, and it is now time to meet your Space family. You cannot in fact venture any further than you do now, as there is no way that you will be allowed to take your weaponry outside of your Earths atmosphere. Enlightened Man will be able to do so, and indeed you shall join us in outer space. Our craft are not just for transporting us around, but are self contained for distant travels even to other Universes. Some of them have already been stationed near your Earth for about 50 years. We come and go at our leisure in smaller craft intended to travel in your atmosphere, and these are the ones you most frequently see.

You are about to make a quantum leap into the future, and we are here to ensure it is a success. By now you should have a pretty good idea what it entails, but nevertheless we know it will still surprise you. Your rapid rise from out of the darkness into the Light is by no means complete, but all of the time you work on your own enlightenment you are accelerating the changes. Peace and contentment can be experienced by some individuals, but the goal is to lift up everyone in preparation for Ascension. Many paths lead to it, and they allow for each individuals own vision of how it will manifest. It does not matter what you believe now, except that you are ready for the great day when all will be played out as told you.

The confidence of the dark Ones is fading fast as they can no longer command the obedience of their minions. Some are awakening to the Light within and making dramatic changes in their lives. That is not unexpected as many have been forced to work with them, and often there seems to be no way out. That is all changing and our allies are taking advantage of any weakness in the ability of the dark Ones to control their future. The great societies that the dark Ones have infiltrated will identify them and they will be discharged of their responsibilities. In this respect your United Nations is no exception. Secrecy cannot be maintained under our watchful eye, and there are literally no hiding places that we are unaware of. In fact there are none that are impregnable, and we have the means to remove those individuals that continue to be a danger to the population. Once the Divine Plan commences there will be much activity in many places of authority such as the Pentagon.

We ourselves sometimes tire of the continual bickering that goes on between your political parties. There will be none of that in future as there will be a different system that makes for quick decisions in the best interests of everyone. There will be no hidden agendas, and all dealings will be made known so that people can have full knowledge of what is happening. We do not indulge in politics but have our Councils that are truly representative of all opinions. We have total trust in their enlightened decisions because there is no question of self-interest being involved. Your political systems are corrupt and even ignore your own Laws and Statutes. They had to fail, as they would in any event have imploded upon themselves. It could have been so different but you did not have sufficient people of the Light, to maintain the levels you needed for a fair and just society.

However, you have learnt a lot from being in duality, and it has strengthened your ability to withstand the negative energies. If you had not, it is doubtful that you could have reversed the trends towards self-destruction. Now you have the promise of changes that will provide a new life, which by comparison to your present one will be nothing short of heavenly and blissful. Peace is settling upon Earth regardless of what you think, and the days of wars are almost over. Your fears are therefore being answered, and you can concentrate on the happy future that is rising up before you.

Mother Earth quietly continues with her own cleansing, which is far from complete. Some major changes are being held back, and best allowed to proceed when we are with you and can openly monitor and control them. There is not as some believe the intent to destroy parts of the Earth, with the consequent death of many people. It is quite the opposite, and our endeavors will ensure that only those who arranged to leave the Earth before Ascension will do so.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased once more to have had the opportunity to enlighten you as to our present activities.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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