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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - 11 January 2019

Mike Quinsey

Information coming through many reliable sources, not unexpectedly gives much detail about the coming “Event”. I believe it is correct to say that no one knows exactly when it will take place, except that it is coming very soon and to this end much information is being released to prepare us for it. My impression is that the Event will take place approximately around 2028, so at least you will have some idea as to when. However, as the years pass it almost certain that firm indications will be possible, and we should expect to have a much better idea of the timing of the Event. By the time we near the end we should have made immense progress because as the vibrations continue to lift up, we will have been enjoying a period of growth without the interference of the dark Ones. There are profound advancements in living standards that will be released but only when it is the “right time” to go ahead. Life will change for the better never to go back to where it was previously. The Light has won the battle for your souls and will continue the upliftment without fear of interruption.

For those of you who have not yet read a fully detailed version of what to expect, I have taken an extract as follows that details the core of the message.

SANANDA: The Great Event is Coming.

Simply put, the Event is a singular, cosmic, completely visible, planetary-scale ‘explosion’ of Divine Light and Love on Earth. These powerful waves of Divine Light and Love will come straight from the God Source channeled through the Great Central Sun. They will pass through your galaxy and planetary systems, to arrive and encompass all of the Earth in ONE single moment ~ reaching all living within the planet at the same time. Gaia and all of her inhabitants will be able to see and feel the Event, and not a single person will remain unaffected afterwards.

What is likely to happen during the Event is that the incarnate souls will feel a powerful undeniable surge of the following feelings all mixed in together - Unconditional Love, Divine Bliss, Complete Acceptance of who you are, Divine Grace, Blessings and strong feelings of finally being home again. During this powerful energy surge, some of you will be able to witness the appearance of an Ascended Master, Leaders and Founders of the religions/faiths that you believe in or have a close spiritual connection with. For example, if you are a Christian, you may see a vision of Lord Jesus and will be able to talk to Him personally. If you are a Buddhist, you may see a vision of Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha, and be able to have a private conversation with Him. You will instantly be able to recognize who they are by the very powerful Light and loving vibrations they emanate, and by your own eternal connection with the souls of these highly-evolved Light Beings.

Even after reading what is written above, it will be challenging for most of you to even imagine what the Event will feel like, because you do not yet have a previous life experience as a starting point of reference to compare it with from within this lifetime. However some of you reading this had experienced something similar to the Event during your meditation/spiritual awakening, but in a much smaller scale. If you belong to this latter group, bear in mind that whatever you had previously felt in the past you will feel all of the above feelings again, but magnified more than a thousand times during the coming Event.
What will happen after the Even, and this is where it gets a little bit tricky to explain. Every one of you will perceive and process the Event differently, depending on the type of soul group you belong to among the four different soul groups.


Dear Ones, the dark night has passed and the Light is now the dominant force upon Earth. So please try to release yourselves from any attachment to that which is the remnant of the negativity that still abounds on Earth. Be assured it is in its dying days and is slowly losing its power to interrupt the progress of those who tread the Path of Light. You have waited so long for the time that is manifesting now, and soon you should see the signs that indicate great changes are coming that will be beneficial to those on the Path of Light. There is more help for you than ever before and you only have to ask your Guides for help and they will be there for you. Indeed some of you will become aware of contact being made with you in your dreamtime by recalling the experience upon awakening. Such contacts will become more common and you are likely to “feel” the presence of your Guides in your waking state.

The time you are in now is very different to that prior to 2012, as you have already grown in your understanding because of the powerful Light that now pervades the Earth. It will help fully awaken those who are ready to move into the Light, and with an expansion of consciousness they will quickly move onto the Path of Light. There cannot be any other outcome as the Creator has decreed that Ascension will take place, and no mortal or even awakened soul can alter your decreed destiny even if they so desired. As you become more enlightened so your mere presence and vibrations will help uplift those around you. Help them by all means if they express a desire for more information, but try not to go beyond that which they wish to know. When they are ready, you may be sure that they will seek answers from you or someone else who is capable of giving that information.

The curtain has lifted and the truth of all matters is on hand, and as you seek so shall you be led to those sources or people that can help you. Many advanced souls are on Earth who have been waiting for this time, some are the younger generations who have come with advanced knowledge and information to share with you, and help give answers where their experience is needed, and you only have to ask for it.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. It is certainly needed in the middle of so much confusion.

This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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