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SaLuSa, December 10, 2010

The truth comes out in the most unexpected ways, and it is a feature of the changing times you are now in. It does not matter how many times those with something to hide try to plug the holes, the truth will come out. The final answers will come when the time arrives that we can talk directly with you. Opinions and judgments have no bearing where the truth is concerned, but when we approach such subjects we will be able to back it up with undeniable proof. We can go back in time and reveal exactly what has taken place, and not only that can prove who was involved. The dark Ones know this to be true, but fight the obvious conclusion that they will answer for what they have done, and no one and by no means will avoid justice. In fact you have no need to spend too much energy seeking the truth, as in its own good time it will be there for all to see. We would rather that you focused instead on the changes, and visualized them taking place with the minimum of danger to life.

We have continually reminded you of how powerful you are, and as you come together in a common purpose you can change your reality. Many of you already give of your time to bring peace to your planet, and help Mother Earth. As more of you awaken it all gathers pace and so it will continue right up to Ascension. There are no ways to stop the free flow of information, or permanently hide the truth. The future is to be built upon Truth, Love and Light and there will be absolutely no place for anything less. It is the foundation for a peaceful and joyful existence that will be there for every soul that ascends.

As you get closer to the festive celebrations, the feeling of joy will overcome the worries and concern that result from your daily responsibilities. That is to be desired so as to give you relief from the otherwise stressful circumstances that many of you live under. Focusing on the positive side of live will carry you through the challenges that remain, until you experience a regime change and realize that a new energy is being introduced. One that brings people up to a higher vibration that promises to overcome the difficult situations, which have placed you in less than you need to live a happy life. Nothing that presently keeps you down will remain for much longer, and we of the Galactic Federation are ready to take the necessary action to change your circumstances. We will start at the top and remove those who control your lives, and have subjected you to “imprisonment” when you should by rights be a free soul to experience as you choose.

Your beautiful Earth is the focus of much attention from all around your Galaxy, and the event of Ascension is closely followed because of its uniqueness. It is a rare event when a civilization is able to ascend, as in your case with Mother Earth. You are both assisting each other, although the greater input comes from outside. Powerful energies are increasingly being beamed to Earth, and changes within you are speeding up. As you become greater Beings of Light so you attract even more Light and will eventually have cleansed yourself of the lower vibrations. You have the most wonderful opportunity to clear any remaining karma, and much of it concerns where you place your focus. Thoughts are energy and given sufficient power will manifest, so it is a challenge for you to keep them on all that is of the Light.

The dark Ones play around with the Stargates, but will if not careful activate them and allow through entities of a lower vibration. They are a way in or out of your Earth, and hitherto we have protected you from direct interference. We have a barrier of protection around your Earth, so that visitors can only enter your atmosphere through us and if we allow it. That is necessary as other advanced civilizations explore the Universe and are curious about you and your planet. There are others that are rebels who would seek to gain from your slumbers and lack of knowledge. Such interference is not allowed where a civilization is just lifting up its awareness, and is about to move into the Light. Freewill does have its limitations in some circumstances, and you have indicated your readiness to ascend and that is a sacred decision. So you can see that we are multi-functioning where you are all concerned, and our mission is to safely see you complete this cycle.

Remember Dear Ones that we are spiritual Beings and are One with you. The fact that you call us Space Beings, is simply an indication that we are far more advanced than what you are at present. There are Laws of the Universe that we obey, and we act in all circumstances as your mentors and for your protection. We want to see your sovereignty returned which is yours by right, and it shall be so. Over many centuries you have gradually been limited, so much so that you have not noticed how you have had your freedom taken away. Fortunately, you are now waking up and see possibly for the first time, how heavily you have been controlled and restricted in your movements. Terrorism has been created to allow for all kinds of draconian laws, and would not exist in a civilization that had found its peace. Wars have kept you in a state of need and stress, and created enemies unnecessarily. However, that is all about to end, and you will experience total peace and happiness before the end of this cycle.

You have everything to look forward to and our promises to you will be fulfilled. Each day you get nearer to the first acts that will reveal how far we have gone, to ensure that your captors are no longer able to exercise the power that they had over you. Their evil tentacles have stretched far, and have influenced almost every aspect of your lives. However, their reign is all but over and already they run scared of the possibility that they cannot escape retribution. They are as responsible for their actions as any soul that has erred from the Light. God is not mocked, and although the dark Ones go against God’s Laws they are still held in the Love and Light. One day they will have another opportunity to overcome their karma, and commence a journey back to the Light. No soul is abandoned or condemned to purgatory, except that they refuse to acknowledge the Light within and create it themselves.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel privileged to serve you dear souls when you need a helping hand. The tasks ahead will be quickly completed, as we will team together with a single purpose to achieve your Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello Galactic Channelings, & Thank You SaLuSa! ;?)
I am grateful to ALL who step forward to add a piece to this large puzzle. Thank you Matthew, Mike, Blossom, Sheldan, & Kris-Won, and the multitudes that work tirelessly and silently behind the scenes on behalf of "Team Earth". The labors of love here have been phenomenal, and all have much to be proud of. It is an amazing soul that is willing to set down their own comfort to render aid and assistance to another that suffers. I believe it to be true that God has sent the very best, and asked them to do the impossible. Obviously, God is sending in the doers! It sounds like we are on the verge of making the impossible possible. Please keep up the Good/God work! My soul smiles with your every effort. ;?)
Sending great love and God's Blessings in each one of them, and thank you FOR them. ;?)
Nancy " (12-11-'10)

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