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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - September 10, 2021

Mike Quinsey

Depending on your level of consciousness it will determine how well you interpret the messages. You are not all expected to understand the deeper meaning but there is no reason why you should not understand at your personal level. Times are still confusing but there are underlying changes that are taking you onto a path that will eventually bring you complete satisfaction. Events are being arranged in such a way that regardless of how they affect you personally, the ultimate goal will be reached.

The old levels are being peeled away in spite of attempts by members of the Illuminati to keep them in place. However, they are losing the battle to stop the Light bringing you enlightenment and so it shall continue until the dark Ones no longer have any influence over you whatsoever. That level is quite a way off just now, but it will gather speed as the dark influences no longer have the power to dictate the path for Humanity.

You have a saying that “all clouds have a silver lining” and the present time is no exception as much good is going to come from the difficult times you are experiencing now. However, all experiences have an ultimate end, and in your case it will be upliftment into a period of peaceful existence, so that you can take advantage of the many innovations that will make your lives a lot easier. We have told you so often that you are living in a false situation kept in place by those who want to keep you captive literally as slave workers.

You are great Beings of Light if you did but know it and you are going to reclaim your status in due course. Life for you has been like a pantomime at times with souls carrying out their parts according to the script without realising that it is playacting. It is slowly being put behind you, and as greater evolved souls arrive on Earth the vibrations are changing for the better and you will find it evident in their understanding of what is needed to be successful. Take note of what they say because they have come for a purpose, to uplift the people of Earth and have much to offer.

There is a plan and there always has been, and it is supported by us who help you to keep to your life plan. Of course you have freewill and may wander off your dedicated path but with our help we can guide you back to it. It is obviously in your interests to follow it and so ensure that life’s opportunities are not wasted. You may of course have become so embedded in the lower vibrations that you ignore opportunities to grow in the Light. It simply means that you will need further lives to awaken and find your agreed life plan. We cheer when you do and urge you ever onwards. We know you can do it but if you miss this opportunity there will always be more and we will be with you.

There are many souls who are well on the road to success and having come this far they will continue to advance. Having passed the marker a new future beckons so allow for it to develop without any predetermined ideas as to how it will be. Let it develop naturally and all will progress to your liking. Your Guides know you quite well and what you need to continue evolving and will help without impeding your choices. You have scaled the depths at times in the past, but now you are free from such encumbrances. As you rise up out of the mire that Humanity has been in, the light becomes stronger and negative situations will recede until they completely disappear.

Naturally some will want proof of the above claims and it will come as you continue to evolve, and most importantly your consciousness expands. Be assured that as your consciousness grows you will have a greater understanding of all that is around you. Hitherto you have been cloaked in such a way to allow you to experience everything as though it was the first time, but now you have been released and will begin to remember more about your past self. In the near future you will carry memories from one life to another.

Even now as you are developing you are moving onto a different level and you will know as you become more psychic. You will for example start to pick up other people’s thoughts before they say anything. Indeed there will come a time that is way off yet when you will communicate less by the spoken word, and use the power of thought, and find it a lot quicker. Have you ever been about to contact someone and find that they contact you first, that is the power of thought.

There is no doubt that many of you are beginning to find that your psychic powers are growing and you know of events before they happen. For eons of time some people have “felt” when a major incident involving the death of people has occurred. It is also evident when some people get general premonitions of an occurrence that is coming. However, your Guides may also be responsible for some experiences when they “warn” you of danger that lies ahead. At some time or another most people have odd experiences that they cannot explain, that are most likely to result from contact with them.

That little voice that comes from within is often your Guides helping you to work to your life plan. You will have discussed it prior to incarnating so they know what is expected of you. As time passes you will become more aware of their presence. Speak to them as a long life friend and let them know your feelings and needs. They will be delighted to know you acknowledge them and can work closer together. They are chosen because of their experience and understanding of what it means to be a human being.

The vibrations continue lifting up and as they do so you are leaving the lower ones behind and slowly but surely you are merging more with the Light, and that makes life a lot easier to experience. We see such achievements happening more and more as the number of people moving on to an ascension path increases. It is part of the plan for Humanity to help them reach a successful conclusion. Your achievements so far are certain to keep you on track for the upliftment you are working towards, and we will be with you all of the way.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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