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SaLuSa, May 10, 2010

You know that open contact with you is inevitable, and only held back until there is an official announcement that allows us to come to you. As matters on Earth reach new levels of disruption and indicate worse predicaments than previously, we hear your pleas for us to arrive more quickly and give immediate help. We are ever at the ready, but we ask that you continue to give out your thoughts and prayers for release from the maelstrom that threatens you. The more you build up the energy of intent that we should come; it will help manifest conditions that will result in such action. It is tied in with the Law of Attraction, and as individuals or collectively you get what you focus upon. Suddenly you are seeing so much happening at once and the truth is emerging all around you, and there is an awareness of what is behind it. The once hidden is being revealed and as long as you can spot the disinformation, you will get a clearer picture of the direction of Mankind. Nothing will ever be quite the same, and it is not in your interests to return to the old paradigm.

By Divine Decree you are to be present to witness the end times, and are all part of the process of Ascension. As you begin to understand the implications for you personally, it will become quite clear that you are already in the midst of irrevocable changes. Your old reality has served you well, by showing you what happens when your creations are not wholly based upon the manifestation of Light. Over millennia you have attracted the lower vibrations, and instead of building a paradise upon Earth have allowed the dark Ones to take control. Whatever their degree of success in enslaving you, it was never going to be complete and ultimately their plan was doomed to failure. What you are seeing now is the very demise of their cabal, and with each day it is collapsing into the abyss that they have created for themselves.

Yet for all you have gone through and the number of lives you have spent on Earth, it has given you the opportunity to evolve much quicker than you would otherwise have done. No experiences are without some lessons for every soul involved, and that is what you will take with you into the higher dimensions, Memories of the hardships, pain and sorrow will soon fade away and have no place in your future. Forget and forgive those experiences that still hurt, and concentrate on the most wonderful reality that is being formed now for you to move into Ascension. Peace, happiness and tranquility are the natural conditions that are created in the higher dimensions that you are going to enter. We know that some of you are concerned about the destiny of family and friends, but do not spend too much time trying to understand it. All of their life plans have already addressed the question of their future, and if you are to stay together then that will come about. Allow for freewill to determine how souls map out their future, and be grateful for any contact you have had with those you love. It is a link that will never be broken, and your relationships will always be able to continue.

Before the end of this cycle, everyone will be clear as to the opportunity Ascension offers. If some souls have decided they are not yet ready, they will leave the Earth to continue their experiences elsewhere. Freewill is a wonderful tool that allows you to choose how quickly you progress, and if desired repeat lessons over again. So Dear Ones do not pressurize or coerce another soul to follow your path. All will eventually reach the same goal, and time is of no consequence where it is concerned. Indeed, you will be moving into timeless dimensions when you ascend, where the past, present and future are one. As you prepare for Ascension you will find that you rely less on the accepted way of measuring time, and it will have less importance to you. That is how it is changing and you will find you are living more in the Now.

The more you can go with the flow the easier it will be to accommodate the changes. Be open to them and where you understand what is to happen, keep your focus upon all that is good and wholesome that benefits all. Once the changes really get going, it will be quite hectic but well organized as you will see. Clearly you want rapid changes so that any inconvenience is kept to a minimum. Be assured that the Galactic Federation are the masters of implementing whatever is required to establish the new paradigm. No task is considered as overwhelming or beyond our technological capabilities. You are to see it at work very soon, and they will be remarkable times by any previous standards. They will be joyful and bring you abundance, health and all that has been denied you by the Illuminati that will restore your quality of life. Most importantly your sovereignty is to be returned, and that will be high on our list.

You are to us as children and need guidance through the remaining period of the cycle. You have often played with danger and like parents we have watched you carefully, but we have seen you learn from your experiences. You would never learn if we stepped in every time you were likely to get your fingers burnt. This is why we must allow you absolute freewill as to what you wish to experience. However, we carefully follow what you do, and are allowed to give you a certain measure of protection, and full protection where a threat existed to the whole world. For example on more than one occasion within the last century, you have nearly destroyed it and we stepped in to prevent it. Now with your own space technology, your Space Wars strategy is extending any possible danger beyond your Earth, and it cannot be allowed to affect other civilizations. So you will understand that no matter how serious matters may appear, we will be monitoring the outcome for your protection.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and on behalf of the Galactic Federation, can tell you that we are looking forward to our reunion when a new page of your history can commence. It is surely time to leave duality, as so many of you are already prepared and have moved your consciousness to a much higher level. You have purposefully moved on recognizing the pathway that will lead you out of duality. It requires your full attention to keep Ascension in your sights, as there are so many distractions. Have faith that God has your future planned, and you will be released from the dark Ones who are now being dethroned. Love and Light are your passports to freedom, and we are doing all we can to help uplift you. The Masters of the Rays also beam their Light to you, and it will help hasten your growth and the full opening of your chakras.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Dear Michael,

As always your message today gives me an abundance of hope. One of my major lessons for this lifetime is to learn patience. In many areas I've achieved this but my greatest one is with the assension. I want it yesterday. I realize that it will come when it's supposed to and I'll simply have to wait.

Thank you, Michael, for your every-other-day messages. I enjoy them tremendously.

Peace be with you,

Jean" (05-10-'10)

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