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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - December 9, 2022

Mike Quinsey

Humans have not experienced such big problems in their lives since the last World Wars. In some ways it is worse as they affect everyone in some way or another, and the prospects for the immediate future look very bleak. It seems that the worst is still to come yet knowing so you can do little at this stage to avert it. The whole World seems to be in a turmoil and people that are amongst the poorest face a very uncertain future. There is a lack of people that are needed to deal with various problems that have arisen, also a lack of food and even water that comes about through an extended drought. Man was ill prepared for the extent and depth of the problems and many organisations that are mostly funded by private donations are overwhelmed by the size of the demands upon them.

We for our part stand by you trying to direct you in such a way that you use your resources to their best effect. We realise that the demand's for help exceeds what is available at present, but hopefully things can become more organised as time passes to give even more help. Most countries only have limited resources to cover such unexpected demands. We help in our own way so as to ensure the maximum help is gained from the resources you have. We also try to keep your weather under control so that it does not add to your troubles.

The great changes you are experiencing will force you to look again at the way you live and already some changes have taken place. We try to influence you to take a path that will give you the best advantages. We see the potential outcome in the long run and a clearing out of the old ways and adopting the new. It will result in a much better life for you all and enable your feet to be placed upon the right path that is most beneficial. You have yet to make use of the free energy around you, and how welcome that could have been at such a time when the cost of it is spiralling beyond many peoples means.

There are many souls that have incarnated at this particular time to use their knowledge and experience to help see you through the changes. They are active and when their work is acknowledged it will help to spread it for the benefit of all people. There are others with useful skills that will help you overcome the immediate problems that have arisen. Realise that we see the greater picture and can identify what your needs are going to be. You get more help than you imagine but at present you are overwhelmed by problems that seem to be mounting up quite quickly. Modern methods are speeding up your actions but often it is lack of people who can assist with the immediate problems.

What you have been finding out lately is that some of your methods are outdated, but fortunately those with the knowledge to help are within your reach. At an appropriate time they will help you and save you considerable time and sometimes money. We want to see you safely come through these difficult times and create a path to even greater developments. It is all there and waiting for you and will be given at the appropriate time when those who are able to do so will find you, advancement nearly always happens this way.

The average person has little knowledge if any of the activities that take place behind the scenes especially at a time like now with so many problems facing everyone, people need encouragement and help to overcome their anxiety. We try to convey a feeling of certainty for your future that will be much to your delight and very acceptable. The New Age beckons with its promise of a happy and peaceful life and we assure you it will be so. You have come a long way to reach this point in your evolution and will soon reap the rewards for your achievement. You have passed through some really testing and tough times and here you are now within reach of the final stages in preparing yourselves for a great leap forward.

On Earth you are but a reflection of your real selves as you are prepared for each incarnation according to your needs to see you through that particular lifetime. It means that all other souls are prepared in the same way, so it cannot be easy to judge another one. Sometimes your lives are like an ongoing story, one chapter is for a particular experience and so forth meaning you acquire useful knowledge that will see you through them. From your present life you will carry the knowledge gained with you unlike earlier ones when it was erased from your memory, but it can nevertheless be recalled if necessary. In other word's you normally start life with a clean slate that is necessary so that you are not distracted and can concentrate on the new one.

To help with your evolution you each have a life plan already agreed that helps you have the experience you need. You also have Guides who help you keep on your chosen path and can also keep you out of harm’s way. So, help is always there when you need it even although you may not be aware of it. Much is done during your sleep period when you leave your body to meet up with others such as your family including deceased members. If only people knew so and accepted it, so much sadness and sorrow could be avoided.

Your spirit family often comes close to you especially if you need comforting and are sensitive to their presence and “feel” them around you. They sometimes do things to attract your attention just to let you know they are with you. For example they will move things around although Earth bound souls will do much the same to attract your attention, but some are of the lower vibrations and simply become mischievous. It is possible that you will see souls in spirit just when you are dropping off to sleep or just awakening and it is usually only momentary. As the vibrations continue to rise up there will be more people experiencing contact with spirits, and when it is family or friends, they will try to make themselves known in some way.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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