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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - 9 August 2019

Mike Quinsey

Have you ever wondered about your previous lives and how long ago it all began for you, well the following extract from a Kryon message goes some way towards providing the answers. The comfort of knowing you are immortal and have left the old ways behind and have everything that is grand and beautiful before you. There is a plan for Humanity and you will create the pathway, so it is important that you only project thoughts that are pure and of the highest vibration. The past will become a mere drop in the ocean of experience, with everything you could wish for manifesting in the course of time. Let doubts and fears remain in the past where they belong and bathe yourself in the love that awaits you.


You are the seeds of the Creator and even if you can grasp this in a small way with your personality today, I am telling that you can be all of it. If you could look at yourself and understand you are not just worthy, you are above it all, all of it. No matter what you think tomorrow holds you can soar above it. Every single one of you including your partner will take a last breath someday and humans fear that last breath. I want you to soar above that because it is not your last breath, it is just the last one in that body and you return rejuvenated and young, and vibrant and ready to go, and I say it again this will be the first time you rejuvenate as a human Being in a brand new energy, and you will have things to remember that you never knew this time around. Death will have no sting at all except to the people you leave behind, and even they will have a renewed idea of what it all means, because you can soar above it.

You were here before the Earth was created The millions of years that it took you to develop you were here, time was not time and some would say well what did I do, and I would tell you dear human Beings. That is such a human question – there is no doing when you are on the other side, there is just love, there is just the beauty of being, and there is no time because there is no resting, there is no activity, there are no cycles of anything it is just the purity of being. I cannot explain it but you have been there, and there is part of the remembering. I am asking you to be and do just a little bit – will you soar above everything that you are today. Some of you have actually said I can feel the camaraderie, the family, the warmth and fuzziness, there is so many Lightworkers who are not warm and fuzzy and I want to talk to them now. You can soar above it and the “warm and fuzzy” let it come from us. Do not depend on other human Beings to give you the sense of balance, go inside and find us the family of God, you are never alone. You can be different because you soared above everything contrary to the reality of frustration and tears.


Be aware of what is happening on Earth but as an observer and do not allow yourself to be pulled into arguments about the future, it is bright and you will be uplifted as the vibrations continue to speed up. There is no doubt about the changes that are coming and you will go through two short cycles, one hot and then a cold cycle, all part of the cleansing of the Earth that is normal after a Solar Cycle has completed. You will never need to go through the lower vibrations again, and you have emerged as a greater and wiser soul destined to fulfil a role as teachers to another group that follow in your footsteps. The Pleiadians are a perfect example and you will follow in their footsteps and benefit from their guidance. Not a single soul is left alone to wonder how to progress and every help is given if requested.

There is no doubt that the future holds many welcome surprises for you that are the result of you having passed the marker. You have proved you are ready to rise up and you are now on a different path that has left all of the old ways behind. Naturally some souls still cling to what they are used to and familiar with and do not seek changes but instead reject them. It means that having made that decision it will be respected and they will continue to experience in the lower vibrations. Be assured that they will still be given every opportunity to evolve, and their destiny is to rise up when given another opportunity.

Life on Earth may suggest to you that you are not free souls to determine your own future, yet you are because although help and advice is given it is not imposed upon you. Realise that it is you who is making the decisions that affect your immediate future, but understand that you will have agreed a life plan before you incarnated. So you will be guided to make the most of your experiences, so that in your next incarnation you will not necessarily have to go through the same ones again.

In reality there is nothing that you cannot do but it is dependent on your “programming” so that in any one lifetime you have all the attributes needed to be a success. Your Guides know of your life plan and will do everything possible to help you through it. Of course as a free soul you can change course, but the question would be whether by doing so will you be gaining or losing progress. By losing it you may incur karma and have to face the same problems again.

You may have noticed how already the New Age is beginning to reveal new advances that are speeding up the evolution of the Human Race, and so it will continue. You have for too long been denied opportunities to fully enter the New Age, but not for much longer, as new inventions are surfacing that will improve your quality of life. Many are in the process of being made public whereas previously they have been deliberately held back.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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