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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - September 8, 2023

Mike Quinsey

At this time so much is happening you can be forgiven for being confused as no definite outcome seems indicated, in fact matters seem to be getting worse. The changes continue unabated and not all are necessarily to your liking. But in the long term it will be seen that all serve a purpose and collectively will open up a path to a new era. One that will quickly surpass anything of the past and ease you into advancements that you can only dream of now.

The question immediately arises as to what can Humanity expect and the answer is virtually anything they can think of that lifts up their standard of life. Free energy would solve so many problems that exist now, removing the burden of cost that is sometimes impossible to meet. It could also completely uplift the quality of life by removing the poverty being currently being experienced by so many people. It is rampant in the poorer countries where there is little relief from it. The inequality that exists seems to be of little concern yet it is staring the rich and powerful ones in the face.

Clearly great adjustments are necessary if the poorest people are to be given a better standard of living and care. It will come because it has to as the higher vibrations commence to lift the people up for a better quality of life. Those who cannot rise up with it have a separate path to follow that will continue to allow their evolution. No soul will be left out and all will eventually find themselves in the exact place where they should be. The point of all of this is that you are all destined to evolve therefore you need to be at a level that allows you to continue your growth.

Helping others to evolve is a natural thing and often done by those who have already ascended as they understand that “All is One” held together by invisible threads. Helping others is a noble cause that helps them to serve others as they have been already. It is commonplace as you pass through the higher realms. One day soon many of you will ascend and you will have earned it as all do, because there is no short cut or a back entrance to it.

Once you get the feel of how things really work the path you need to tread becomes much clearer. Also looking back you are almost certain to realise the way help is given all along the path of life. You are always able to get help when you need it but must let those involved show you the direction to go in, as they will understand what your chosen path is and help ensure it is followed.

As the truth begins to sink in you will understand so much more about the spiritual side of life, and realise how important it is to your advancement. Any experience you have that is of significance is pre-arranged to give you the opportunity to evolve along a path that allows the experiences you need. It may not always be the case but all experiences that are of value to you are carefully thought out to give the maximum benefits. Not all of them are necessarily welcome situations depending on what lessons you need, so take all in your stride and do your best in response. Take them seriously as they are for your benefit and need not be experienced again if you do so.

If you are responding to the demands upon you and in a positive manner you can ask no more of yourself. You will know when you are on the right path as life becomes easier and you go with the flow quite easily. Where other souls are involved in your life they too will be given opportunity’s to evolve in which you will take part. It is too complicated to explain such matters in detail, but be assured your Guides are present with a watchful eye and will not overrule your freewill choice.

When you sometimes do things that seem out of character it is most likely that your Guides have influenced you to do it, they have such powers that enable them to “help you” experience according to your needs. Be assured that you have your private moments where they do not intrude. The whole set-up is so involved it is sometimes difficult to explain it, but the important issues that include you will normally be made clear to you. A sudden thought comes into your head and it is message received.

Obviously many of you converse with your Guides when you go out of the body at night but few have a waking memory of them. As time passes you most likely feel their presence at times during your waking hours when they come close to you. Some of you who are more sensitive know when they are around you and that is surely a comforting feeling. They keep you out of danger should you be assailed in any way, and there is no limit to their powers to protect you if you are in danger. However, as you must know by now, some experiences are unpleasant and are necessary if they have resulted from karma.

In general terms you are of the group that are ready to ascend, but until you do you still mix with all types of souls of a low vibration who can be very testing to say the least. Some will bait you for an argument when they find out you are on a spiritual path, so you must be prepared for such an encounter and not be taken off your guard. If matters get out of hand, just walk away and leave them as that is in no way a cowardly response, but sensible one that may avoid nasty confrontation. It takes strength of character to do so and you will feel all the better for doing so.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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