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SaLuSa, July 8, 2009

We know that there are many of you who are lonely and detached from what is happening. You hear about changes that are taking place within and around you, yet have difficulty in relating them to Self. The question is whether you can grasp the importance of what is about to happen in the next few years. A solar cycle always ends with major changes, and in one way or another you will be involved. Whether you realise it or not you all have a choice, and those who have been welcoming Ascension will have already made it. You Dear Ones who are in doubt or confused will not lose out, as without understanding the situation you will nevertheless quite naturally move in the direction that allows you to continue your evolution. For most of you that will be in the same dimension as you are in now. However, there will be others who are as you might say, “good hearted” who by following their intuitive guidance have raised their vibrations sufficiently to ascend, without knowing of Ascension. It has nothing to do with your religious beliefs, but how much you carry the Light and practise Love in all you do. Strip away the outer dressing and you will find the beautiful soul in all its glory, shining out through the darkness that hangs upon your Earth.

We come not judge, but give you a helping hand to see beyond the centuries where there has been a lack of spiritual guidance. In your many lives we can assure you that you have experienced many religions, and through them you have begun to form your own picture of the truth. You are also finding that your most enlightened conclusions are resonating with your higher consciousness. The truth is held within, and at a certain stage you will take control of your upliftment. Many find their God within, and feel the warmth and harmony of being at One with God. You will know how reassuring your journey becomes, when you can travel in the certainty that you are on the right path. Life may still throw things at you, as challenges come and go but you understand that they are for your growth and can handle them with confidence. You are In your last lives on the Earth as it is now, and much will come your way as the cleansing takes place. However, as One at peace with yourself you can face the future with complete confidence.

Speaking for the Galactic Confederation, I must say that our coming will galvanise many people into groups who will help others lacking in knowledge about us. It will shock many who have rejected the idea that we exist, and even if we do that we can come to Earth. That we are also your family will take some accepting and understanding, but we see joy replacing those doubts when the truth about us is known. After all of the traumas and darkness experienced in duality, we bring Light and Love with great feeling for you all. We admire you immensely, and it is not out of place to refer to your bravery in taking up the challenges of the lower dimensions. You have long forgotten that you volunteered for such an experience, and also that there would come a day when you would be released from your promise to see it through. That day nears and subconsciously you are beginning to realise it, and worry and despair are being replaced by hope and joy at the thought of “going home”

Yes Dear Ones we are you, and you are we, as in reality there is no difference between us. I speak of our soul levels and origin from the Source Of All That Is. We may have taken different paths to get to where we are but the goal remains the same, and we serve each other in our efforts to reach it. All makes it way back to Source, but before that is reached there are many more exciting experiences that lay ahead. Just think of all that is of beauty and touches your heart and lifts you up, and multiply it by thousands and you are near to appreciating the higher dimensions. Words cannot truthfully describe them, and they become more of the Light the further you travel into them. Have you not been told you are Angels, and where do you believe they would dwell other than in the highest of dimensions. However, for the time being look ahead, and do not allow the outer happenings to mar your vision of the future.

Coming down to Earth, you do of course have more concerns about your immediate life. Please accept that whatever you are asked to go through, it is within your capabilities to come out of the other side without losing your faith. Karma is one thing, but after you have cleared it all will fall into a pattern that brings harmony into your life. It will be so for all who have planned to pass through the Ascension process. The end of the darkness is in sight, and you will be surprised at how quickly you will enter a wonderful period of abundance. It is planned, and will come to advance you to a position where many of your worries are removed. The last days on Earth will be wonderfully happy, and Man will be able to be his true Self free from all the constraints imposed upon him now. Freedom will truly exist as all claim back their sovereignty.

Where do we stand in all of this, well I will tell you that we are where you want to be and soon we shall come together in unison. There is so much to do in a short space of time, but we have the means to ensure that the plan is carried out to perfection. You will also meet your Inner Earth relations who are part of your history where Lemuria is concerned. They are very evolved and will also help you in the final stages of Ascension. You really do have help beyond your realisation, and it is magnificent and comes from not just your solar system, but from your Universe. Indeed it stretches as far back as your Central Sun from where enormously powerful energies are emitted. It is all part of the ongoing changes that are necessary to lift your vibrations up to the required levels enabling your final upliftment.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and encourage you to share your knowledge with others. A few chosen words here and there can spark a train of thought, which can help someone who is still searching. There should not however be any forcing of issues, and the right of all to hold their own truth should be acknowledged. However, progress comes by many different means and it is only natural that you share your opinions with each other. Go about your business with love in your hearts, and share it with all you meet. We give you our love as a natural part of our make up, as we love all of God’s creatures.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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