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SaLuSa, May 8, 2009

Can you believe how time is passing by more quickly than ever? It is an indication that clearly tells you the Light is becoming more powerful than ever. You play your part in bringing it down into the Earth, and we and others from the higher dimensions continue to beam those energies to you. It is a controlled process that reaches out from the Universe and even beyond. Energy is sent out from the Central Sun, and comes down through various levels of vibration until it can be directed to Earth without overpowering you. You could not survive in energy that was too powerful, and it is this factor that conveniently and necessarily ensures that you can only move within a certain vibration, that is compatible to your own. There are powerful souls who are charged with the responsibility of directing specific energies to you through themselves, and St. Germain with his violet ray is one such Master. All that you see and is around you is about energy, and away from your physicality and in the realms of Light you will learn much about them.

First and foremost you are Light Beings, and the dimensions of Light are your true home. Now you are on that path that leads back to them through the process of Ascension. Some Dear Ones are frightened at the thought of change, without understanding that as you rise up you will naturally accept the beauty, peace and harmony that exists everywhere. The harshness and difficulties of living in your present dimension will be but memories that will gradually fade away, as there is no place for them in the higher levels of Light. You have come to realise that you are not your physical body, yet is it not wonderful that with Ascension you will raise it up in vibration, so that it is acceptable in the 5th dimension where most of you shall be. You will ascend fully conscious and shall move quickly from one dimension to another.

There is a way to go yet before you are ready to ascend, but once we can be with you and those of the dark cannot interfere, your progress will be astonishing. The clearing out upon Earth of all the clutter, and that which belongs to the bygone Dark Ages will be replaced by all that is of beauty, and fitting for the higher dimensions. The greatest change will be in the energy that embraces you all of the time, and is pure and uplifting. Have you not heard about some souls who have been allowed to visit such realms? The one experience that they find overwhelming and do not want to leave behind, is of energy that radiates love and enfolds all within it. It is the energy from the Source that everything lives within, and that applies to you now except that you have largely separated yourself from it. That is to be expected as you have undertaken to experience such conditions as part of your evolution. Duality on Earth is now ending, and with it comes the opportunity to leave it completely behind.

If you take the view that what is happening now is part of the cleansing that has already commenced, it will come a lot easier to step outside of it and concentrate on your future. There is inevitably chaos as the old systems are collapsing and you are in the middle of it, but it does not have to tear you apart if you keep your eyes firmly on your destiny. It will take time before you clearly see what is to replace it, but we have outlined what is to come and it will bring joy and happiness to your heart. We are with you all of the time whether you are aware of it or not, although many more now see our craft and that is of course our intention. The truth of our presence can hardly be hidden or denied after all of this time, as our visits to your planet are clearly documented not just for the last century, but also in your ancient chronicles going back thousands of years. It will be a great day of celebration when disclosure can become official, and it edges ever nearer to that time.

We might well ask the dark ones what is it that they fear because of our presence. Nothing would please us more if they accepted us as the benign Beings that we are, and turned to the Light and put their past behind them. We harbour no ill feelings against them, as each soul that has lost touch with the Light is one to be returned at some time in the future. Unfortunately they have a stubborn streak that prevents them from admitting defeat, and sadly they would rather destroy what they cannot control. Have no fear Dear Ones, it is decreed that no such ending shall be allowed this time, unlike previous cycles. You will ascend if that is your desire, and you will go forward with the intent and purpose to reach that goal. Everything is planned to that end which is why you can look forward to a happy conclusion to this cycle.

Meantime, attend to your daily needs and provide for the future as you see it. We know some of you feel danger in the areas you live in, and you are wise to heed your feelings. We can do a lot to control major events on Earth, but some cleansing of the surface of your world is essential to the future. We hold many areas in balance that are prone to earthquake activity, but we cannot always intervene as karmic responsibilities are being worked out. You may already know that many souls choose to leave through natural catastrophes, and be assured that they are cared for and no real harm is experienced. There are what you would term hospitals on the “other side” where loving volunteers greet the new arrivals and ensure their comfort and release from any trauma. In reality there are no injuries or such carried over to the astral regions, and “patients” are quickly healed from any emotional memories.

Your Dear Ones long departed from Earth wait for their opportunity to join you in Ascension, as they also prepare for the occasion. Those of you that have wondered about their fate should be relieved to know that they await their re-union with you. The Creator has allowed you to experience duality, but at the same time has not abandoned you and has planned your release that now approaches. You have your every being in that great energy of Love and Light, and are never separated from it although it may seem otherwise to you whilst on Earth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation and so pleased to make contact with you. It all goes towards making these last years of your journey a lot easier, and you will be comforted by our presence. We are your assurance that this cycle will end as planned, and before then we will have come to Earth and joined forces with you. Know that our love travels with you all of the time.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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