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SaLuSa, April 8, 2011

Do not give up at this late stage on your onward thrust towards Ascension. The chaos has a purpose and is all part of the extensive cleansing that is well in hand. Is it not interesting that out of the attempts of the dark Ones to stall your advancement, they are actually giving the opportunity to do exactly the opposite? They are unwittingly providing the very conditions that call for a thorough cleansing of Earth. Knowing as we do of their plans, we are always looking for ways in which we can turn it to our advantage. Sometimes their actions serve no purpose other than to illustrate that unless their progress is stopped, you are heading for greater calamities. They are a wake-up call to Humanity, to use their power to change the course of their future. If you are in a position to influence what is happening, you are being spurred on to take action. Some of you are here for exactly that purpose, and you will be inspired to use your skills accordingly.

We of the Galactic Federation are here to perform our duties, but they are meant to be in supported and aided by you. It was never intended that we should act as a lone rescue team, but of course we do have our allies who work exceptionally hard to manifest the plan for your Ascension. However, each of you according to your own ability can be part of a greater team of Lightworkers. One important aspect concerns spreading the truth about what is going on, and supporting us where people have been fooled by deliberate attempts to depict us as fearful. Once we can be seen for what we really are, we know our presence will be accepted and a giant step forward will take place. Together we can take on all of the needs of Mankind, to set the scene for the final changes that will be the close of the cycle of duality. Then we can all concentrate on establishing the basis for a new society and civilization, founded on what is best for all.

We feel that a very good job has been done by our friends on Earth, and they have offered another voice of support for us. Many are concerned with pushing forward with disclosure, as continual reports of our sightings occur on a daily basis. It is no longer possible to deny our existence, as the evidence is mounting for it and more of you have had direct contact. This will most likely happen where you have incarnated upon Earth from one of the civilizations directly involved with you. Such souls invariably feel a strong connection with us, and easily accept the role we are playing in your evolution. We are the way forward by your invitation and also the divine edict that calls for the end of duality. So you will see that nothing will prolong the current experiences for much longer, and as the Light descends upon Earth the changes will be accelerated.

The God of All That Is planned your release from duality; from the time you first entered the lower vibrations. Subconsciously you have always known it to be so, and it has helped you to have total faith in the outcome. This subject has since been spoken of quite frequently, and for at least the last century you have had numerous souls from the higher dimensions take on teaching roles for that reason. With the coming of your own Space Age, your minds have expanded to allow for a belief in other life forms beyond your Earth. Also with the knowledge that we are able to travel inter-dimensionally, you have found the answer to those who still believe that we are unable to reach you. NASA has absolute proof of life on some planets in your solar system, but still goes to great lengths to cover it up. Their expeditions to Mars and your Moon revealed so much evidence of previous civilizations, but they hide photographic proof or alter them to keep such secrets to themselves. You have a right to know about such activity, and we will reveal these hidden truths when open contact has been made.

Through various sources and for many years you have been given messages from the Galactic Federation. It has taken a long time for there to be a general acceptance that such contacts are genuine, and through them a whole stream of information has been passed on to you. It has been ignored or brushed aside by those who have other beliefs, who cannot contemplate the fact that some of them have been held in error. However, there is a time coming in the very near future when the truth must be made known. Each of you will then have every opportunity to re-consider your cherished beliefs. There is no forcing of opinions onto any of you, but simply a presentation of what is truth where you and your history are concerned.

Have we not stated that We Are All One, in which event you may accept that at some time it would be quite natural for us to come together. You have been isolated to ensure that no outsiders interfered with you experiences on Earth, that is unless you first invited them. Our offers of help to bring peace to the planet were turned down by your government, in favor of making a pact with the Grey’s in return for advanced technology and bases upon Earth. That was not in your interests, but to build a power base that would enable world domination. Because of the dramatic increase in levels of consciousness, that plan was foiled as the Light has grown exponentially and continues to do so. The lower energies are no longer the power they were, and spell the demise of the dark Ones.

It has never been plain sailing where duality is concerned, but soon you will be in a position to realize that the end is clearly in sight. All of the major changes needed will forge ahead, and the last vestiges of the Illuminati’s control will disappear. So once again we will reiterate that all is well, because your victory is assured. It is a time for celebration because it will be the first time your civilization has won through the challenges presented to it, and brought the Light to Earth. Not only that, but Ascension with Mother Earth is a unique occasion that you are privileged to take part in.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and absolutely admire your dedication to defeating the dark Ones, and your belief in the power of the Light. You will be truly able to say that you took on a powerful dark force, and you won.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

" Thank you so much for your channelings. I want to ask what say you in reference to the HAARP facility in Alaska? I beg that they are stopped from hurting this beautiful planet. Can, will it be stopped before more damage is done? So many of we lightworkers are incredulous over it.
Love & light & faith,
Be" (04-08-'11)

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