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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - 8 March 2019

Mike Quinsey

Potentially there is nothing you cannot you do if you put your mind to it, and have total belief in your own powers. You are genetically empowered to reach certain levels that will continually rise up as you evolve. You can help yourself by projecting ideas that embrace the changes that you are working towards. By thinking big you can accelerate your evolution, as what you think is projecting the energies of possibility that in time will manifest what you seek. There is however a need to be aware that by sending out negative energies you actual attract more to yourself. Lightworkers are unlikely to do so, but there is a need to think carefully about the consequences of your thoughts before you empower them, and put simply it is that “like attracts like”.

Present times can be very volatile according to which country you live in, but know that your life plan would have placed you where your needs could be best served. Sometimes it is to enable more highly evolved souls to help lift up the energies in a particular area where they are badly needed. In the greater picture you will see that of recent times more evolved souls have incarnated on Earth to generally help lift up the vibrations. It is all part of the plan to help Humanity and you would be surprised if you really knew how well planned your evolution is arranged, without affecting your freewill choice. It may be hard to believe but it is true that nothing of any importance to your evolution is left to chance. There has always been a greater plan to enable you to lift up your vibrations so that you are given every opportunity to evolve, particularly in this current period when you have a golden chance to ascend.

Many of you have wondered where your abilities come from, and of course genetics are involved and you are equipped with the codes that would enable you to fulfil your life plan. Often in that way you would bring skills with you from a previous life, and remember that even your parents may also be part of your life plan, and you would have agreed to it beforehand and in no way would it affect your freewill. You can still make your own decisions, and your Guides would do their best to keep you to your life plan so as to evolve accordingly. In the current times life should gradually become easier as you can progress without the remnants of karma to deal with having started the New Age with a clean sheet as far as it is concerned. You should by now have settled yourself and got used to having more freedom to progress much easier than previously. Knowing that you are on a path that will reach your goal, should inspire you to focus on it so that you are fully prepared for what lays ahead.

In the last cycle all of the major religions were given a period of time in which they were the dominant force. It means that today you are well prepared to pass your knowledge onto others with the confidence that you are not misleading people. Even so you may not recall exactly how or when you acquired your knowledge, but by now you should instinctively know what “feels” right. In reality you no longer need others to direct you onto a specific path to ascend, as you will have acquired the knowledge you needed to progress to Ascension. With God inside, your body becomes your temple where you can worship or pray accordingly. Some souls will however still prefer to worship and pray together and their choice is recognised and upheld.

There is some unintended confusion that arises from the fact that sometimes the name “God” is affixed to any person that has displayed extra powers that are attributed to those that have ascended to the higher realms of pure Light. Suffice to say that some souls are godlike but would not necessarily be Gods in their own rights. You have a Mother/Father God of this Universe of which there are many, and a Creator referred to as the Supreme God, and is viewed by you as the Great Central Sun. With restricted knowledge it is usually asking too much of most souls to comprehend things that are vastly different than what you are used to. Even understanding the concept of Beings of Light is too much for the average person to understand, but as long as the idea of highly evolved beings is accepted, at this stage it is of no great disadvantage.

The changes that are taking place will affect every single person, as of necessity far reaching changes must get underway. Not all of the old ways are necessarily involved, but there is a need to prepare for a total change in many activities so as to launch you into a new era. Things such a food production and medical care will figure high on the list as they must be suitable to be taken into the New Age. Many systems you use are in reality outdated, it is not your fault as you have been deliberately held back. Free energy has been mentioned many times and it is known how to produce it, but you have opposition from those who for financial reasons wish to hold on to the old ways of producing it. However, progress cannot be held back indefinitely and already on a small scale free energy units are being produced.

You may wonder why the higher powers that be do not come to your aid and whilst they can assist you, they cannot “interfere” with your progress. They help in ways that makes it possible, but it is slow and does not meet the needs that you have. As we have intimated many times, we are not allowed to interfere or go against your freewill choices. For example not very long ago you were on the verge of having a nuclear war that could have easily destroyed the Earth, and we would have had to sit back and watch you do it. However, in such circumstances we would try to influence you to take a different path, and at the same time aid those working for the Light. As you will obviously now realise, the vibrations were successfully lifted by you and that danger passed never to be allowed again.

You can now put the horrors of the past behind you and the quicker you can release your hold on them the better. Put all of your energy into helping the positive things that are waiting to be introduced to manifest for the benefit of Mankind. Again, if you can start something new that takes you forward, we will oversee your activities and help you along. We see a pressing need to neutralise areas on Earth that have been seriously contaminated by nuclear explosions or mishaps, and these will naturally be included in the clean-up of Earth. With our advanced technologies we can make short work of restoring Earth to her previous condition, and that will be done in the course of time prior to Ascension. However, we hope to see Mankind take responsibility for the damage caused to Mother Earth, and show the necessary goodwill and intent to put it right, and then we can help.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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