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SaLuSa, September 7, 2011

We see so many of you creating an atmosphere of calm around you, and that is greatly needed in a time of confusion. You have the advantage of knowing that whatever happens or threatens your peace, a satisfactory outcome as promised will manifest. As you approach the final period of chaos, know that it can only go so far before our influence and authority will take over. We are far more active than any previous time, as we direct our allies into their final positions from which they will launch their take-over from the dark Ones. You may not see us in the early encounters, but be assured we will be there with them.

Our powerful position is instrumental in gaining the co-operation of your leaders, particularly as we bring the answers that can overcome the worldwide problems that are so immense they do not have any answers for them. We have the solutions and backing of the Creator and that represents a powerful means of persuasion. Because we come in peace does not mean that we can be ignored, as in the final reckoning we can be quite firm without resorting to any form of intimidation. We shall soon be announced as the Galactic Federation and our role in your Universe will be fully explained.

As you may realise our role is not to interfere with the karma that is being worked out at this time. Many of you have taken on quite a lot in this lifetime, and it is not our place to alter the course of it. With Ascension in sight those of you that have chosen that path, obviously wish to go forward having cleared any karma that is outstanding. Knowing this should enable you to face it with absolute confidence, as if you handle it badly that will most likely create more karma. Please allow others to handle their own problems unless you are asked to give help or advice, and avoid being pulled into them unnecessarily.

We need you as bearers of the Light more than ever as you can add your voice to those who spread fear, not intentionally but through lack of understanding. Even if you are not clear as to the actual timing of events, you know enough to help pacify those who are confused. The main point is that the old systems are inadequate for the new cycle that is about to fully manifest. So major changes are essential to clear the way for the New Age to begin. That will eventually lead to the Golden Age which is beyond your present imagination. We could liken it to the Cavemen trying to comprehend your present lives for the first time. The wonders and beauty are barely touched upon on Earth, and the energies that abound everywhere are exciting and constantly uplifting. By then your consciousness levels will also have been lifted up to heights that would be termed as Galactic. You are to awaken to the truth and nothing will be held from you, unlike now when so few of you have even glimpsed it.

You are emotional Beings that have moods that change in a flash, and are part of your experiences that you are learning to control. This aspect of your lives has led to so much sorrow and regret, but it is increasing your level of awareness. The answer is to always live in your Light where possible, and if you can maintain it you will find that Love can overcome all problems. When you understand who you really are and the purpose of life, it becomes somewhat easier to cope with the challenges of life. You are in unsettling times but we know that you can be equal to them if you stay calm. The next few months offer the opportunity for long reaching changes to be made, and you need to be alert and ready to live as one leading the way. You have the Light on your side, so there is nothing to fear.

The energies continue to rise up on Earth and it helps to lessen the impact of the physical changes that must of necessity take place. One day you will look back at this period in your lives and marvel at your courage in having taken on duality. Yet you will also be pleased that you did, as it will have increased your consciousness levels by leaps and bounds. Life wherever you go in the Universe, is all about gaining experience, but the fastest way is to be at levels that really challenge you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"First of all, Thank you for the information you share. SaLuSa continues to reference working with our leaders getting their cooperation etc., my concern is our leaders....our world governments are so overrun with corruption why would they be trusted? Certainly there are new leaders waiting to awaken who will become the true leaders...I guess I and multiples of others I am sure, have a bit of a problem accepting, especially here in the USA, that knowing of his background, lack of experience and performance thus far, Obama and his crew continuing to the detriment of the USA.

There seems to be no mention of the morals and ideals that founded the USA and all the good this country and its people have brought to the world and yes I am aware of the corruption and greed that have darkened our image...one problem being the majority of the people becoming complacent and allowing the "leaders" to manipulate us.

I can only trust that Obama is merely a tool to bring us to our senses...socialism and entitlement is not the answer for the USA or humans for that matter.

So, it brings me back to my hope, that there are among us new leaders that will awaken and with the help of "cousins" from other planets put us back on track.

I appreciate your comments.......
Steven" (September 7, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi steve, thank you for your e-mail.

i agree with you. the current world governments and other global organizations like the UN and NATO are so corrupt that we really can't expect anything from them.
i know that some channeled beings like matthew and SaLuSa still support obama, but in my opinion that's only because they know his background, they know the great things he did in his previous lives. but with each new life, we start at zero again. we can only hope that our mind will learn how to communicate with our heart (our soul) so well, that previous experiences echo through. but if you're surrounded by evil people as much as obama is, it's very hard to hear that little voice inside. so i agree with sheldan's sirian contacts that all governments need to be replaced, including the american one.

i have to say that i feel sorry for obama, because i know that nobody will regret the way he acts now more than obama himself, when the time comes for looking back. but that's the way it goes sometimes. matthew said that many pure souls who chose to be part of the divine plan and spread the light on earth, incarnated within the dark forces with the soul plan to step over to the light at some point. but almost none of them did. it just goes to show how incredibly hard this life of duality is, as SaLuSa confirms once again today.

in my opinion, the only way to go for us is to keep spreading love and light as much as we can. this way we will awaken more and more people, until we reach such numbers that we overrun the parameter of the dark forces and the chain will break for good.
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (September 7, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:


After reading SaLuSa's message and the following comments I went back and re-read Matthew's August 11th message. His explanation of the formidable position President Obama's is in is far better than what I could do. I do feel that what we are bearing witness to in our world's quagmire is but the tip of the iceberg so to speak. There is much going on under the water that I do not see. We see so much heartache and we just want it to stop! It is frustrating. But we are in this together and we will see our way through it.

Enough said except for this...I have faith in President Obama and others who are of his mission and I will continue to hold the door open for them and us.

Thank you for allowing my say.
Kit" (September 8, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"The prior exchange, I think, reflects a pattern of staggering naïveté on the part of the E.T.s of just how powerful is the peer pressure is when men and women, initially good, are surrounded by selfish ones, driven by the ever-present forces of lust, greed, vanity, anger, and attachment. Vanity and attachment may be the worst. The heady conceit of being at the center of power, having Air Force One and a private (taxpayer paid-for) helicopter at one's command, fawning cabinet members - who knows how many secret off-shore bank accounts are placed at his disposal with sums the zeros of which alone stagger the ordinary grasp of arithmetic!

But of Obama can be so easily swayed to serve the dark, he can be as easily swayed back to serve the light, as can many in government whose established levels of corruption moral degredation revolt beyond measure all honest speculation.

But the ET's get that love is the key. Love, fearlessness, remaining calm in all crises, stepping back to enjoy the unfolding drama, embracing one's responsibilities with grace and gusto, who has time to worry? Blessings surrounded us before we even heard of the ET's, even if many of us didn't bother to count. Obviously the ET's are learning from experience even as we are. The good news is they learn from experience. Do we?

T." (September 8, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I have to add my voice to the discussion about our current president. I too, have been frustrated by the presidents' performance; in many ways, I wish he was more liberal, more progressive. But I also believe that his purpose here during this time was NOT to fix things, was NOT to change society. I believe he came into this position to shepard us throught this change, without letting everything implode. In that sense, he was completely successful. Its entirely possible our economy and society would have been completely wrecked and in shambles had he not done the things he has done. To me, if we reach Disclosure relatively peacefully and intact, then the president has done his job, and well done indeed. What more would you have asked of him??!

To Steven: I have another comment to make. You mention "Socialism: and "Entitlements." But, if you've followed any of the channelings for a while, it should be clear to you that we will be entering an age beyond 'democracy'. beyond 'socialism', where we are all connected, soul to soul in a group mind, but with individuation intact; where everything is shared, nothing is owned, and EVERYONE will have the ultimate entitlements of pure creation, endless abundance and joy. From that perspective, if that appeals to you, I would say, buh bye capitalism and want, hello Golden Age!

With love and joy,
Michael" (September 8, 2011)

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