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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - August 7, 2020

Mike Quinsey

"The Kryon work is changing from the role of information and teaching, to the role of the creation of pure, profound, healing energy. Most Old Souls are now realizing the shift is actually here. Now it's time to give them the energy to survive it."

The Circle of Twelve is the name given for a scenario of repeated times of sacred, pure-healing-energy creation. The invitation is to "come closer and sit with us and leave differently than you came."

Kryon has encouraged me to "prepare for a wall of energy" that you don’t expect. It will trigger spontaneous remission, realization of Akashic pasts, and extended life.

Lee Carroll from the July Monthly News Letter.

* * * * *

Everything seems to be speeding up and from the various messages being received to the paths to Ascension that are opening up. It is difficult for you to follow because much is sensibly kept secret to avoid interference from the dark Ones. Part of the problem is the time it is taking to execute the plans to round up the people who have given their support to them. Accepting that progress is being made it all augurs well for the immediate future. The effect of the “cleansing” is already reducing the power of the Illuminati, and they can no longer exercise it as they were previously and are unable to do so as the Light is now in control. However it does not mean that they have lost all of their capabilities to cause problems. Indeed, they are more like a wounded animal that lashes out in defence. You can therefore take it that all is progressing well and many Alliance factions are present on or around Earth overseeing the action.

These really are amazing times as so much is happening, all at the same time and it must really be confusing for you. You are however assured that in the greater scheme of things all is progressing well. The overriding factor is that nothing can now prevent Ascension taking place and you have now entered a new phase that will carry you all the way in preparation for the final Event. These are unsettling times but understand the Earth must be prepared for the end times and that is why Mother Earth is beginning to become more active.

As we have advised you many times, focus on your goal and do not be distracted by what is going on around you. At present there is just too much for you to comprehend but it will nevertheless become clearer as time passes. Whatever sacrifices you make will be well rewarded and be assured that the truth of what has been happening cannot be kept secret for much longer. In some ways it has been better that you have led your lives unaware of what has really been going on. In your present time great revelations are on the verge of being given that will get the ball rolling as you say and thereafter the future will become a lot clearer.

Moves to create a cleaner Earth are moving ahead not least of all the introduction of electric vehicles that will eventually result in a cleaner and less polluted Earth. Your seas are severely polluted, and know that the problem could be erased in just a few days with the advanced technology that the E.T.s have. You have made a start and that shows the good intent of the authorities and in so doing we are allowed to assist you. As we have often mentioned, with the freewill you have we cannot be seen to interfere with your decisions, so continue moving in the right direction and even if you are unaware of our presence we will assist you.

As you progress the vibrations will continue to rise, and the younger generations are coming along with new and essential ideas to overcome any problems you have, and the means to make essential progress much more quickly. The old ways of approaching problems have served their purpose and new thinking will solve them in a quicker and much more efficient manner. Understand that your greater life plan has already been laid down and you have been given options as to which path you choose but regardless of which one they all lead to the final Event.

Since 2012 so much more knowledge has been made available to you simply because you have proved that so many of you are ready for it. The future has opened up to you and changes underway will quickly introduce you to the new way of life that will be completely different to what you have been used to. You are to be lifted up in vibrations that will see the end of the negativity that has been a normal part of all your lives so far. New ways are all “in the wings” waiting for appropriate opportunities to be introduced. You should know by now that there is always a right time for changes to be introduced, so as to ensure they are a success.

It is time for your understating that all humans are One and that the differences should be accepted and honoured. By the same token they should not be enforced upon others but appreciated for their originality. Much is centred upon people’s religious beliefs but in time they will move towards common beliefs to some degree or another. Already many are understanding of the God inside them and that is one step towards a greater truth than you have previously held. However, souls progress at different rates and consequently will not necessarily be ready to take a leap forward, but rather a slow methodical and careful study of what is placed before them.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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