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SaLuSa, April 7, 2010

We look at you with love in our hearts and eyes, as you have excelled yourselves since the turn of the Millennium. It was seen that given more time, the Light would grow exponentially and safely carry you to Ascension. It was also realized that the dark Ones would increase their activities to hold you back, and you have had to deal with several major incidents in this century already. Each one such as 9/11 was meant to induce fear, based on false claims that you were under a terrorist attack. Consequently the reasons were found to exercise even greater controls over you than any previous occasion. You had a scenario where the battle between the dark and Light became intensified, and you were in danger of becoming overwhelmed. However, the dark Ones become overconfident and acted recklessly, and their true aims were beginning to be realized. At the midnight hour the Light suddenly broke through and penetrated the darkness upon the Earth, and ever since it has gathered momentum and is now an unstoppable force for good. You Dear Ones have won the day and progress ever nearer to Ascension, knowing that nothing can stop you achieving your goal.

Of course you have had help, but the impetus had to originally come from you before we could come to your aid. In your position you now have only to hold on to your focus to cross the winning line. The end of duality will bring a new beginning and you will firmly place your feet upon the path to Ascension. The dark Ones will continue with death and destruction believing that somehow they can alter your destiny. We tell you firmly that only the Creator has the authority and power to do so, and the manner in which the end will come has already been decreed. We will state over and over again that you are already victorious, and you will experience the most wonderful release from the darkness and all it holds. It will be swept aside in a wonderful show of Light and Love, and everything is set in place ready for your celebrations. Major changes are afoot and our allies are pushing for the first announcement, that will set the fall of the first domino. There will be no stopping the changes, and revelations that will clearly show you how your lives have been manipulated for hundreds of years by the Illuminati.

Naturally some of you are bemused by the thought that you have been fooled for so long, but the Illuminati formed a worldwide group whose tentacles stretched far and wide. That was largely achieved through the principal banking families exercising their power to control the world, by controlling the money supply. It expanded into powerful influences through companies in industries such as oil and pharmaceutical. The latter are still powerful but their days are numbered, and before long they will be forced to accept change. Also, with new sources of energy and new healing methods, their market will gradually cease to exist. All of these changes are just waiting to burst upon the scene, and their introduction has been carefully and meticulously planned. Once the details have been announced, we know that we will receive your total support, as it will clearly be seen how beneficial they will be.

As the old falls away it is understandable that you are concerned, because as yet you cannot see what will take its place. However, the fact that you see the demise of that which has proved inadequate and responsible for your present position means that you will not readily accept a resurrection of the same again. That is clearly desirable, as otherwise there would be a return to the old ways. It is planned to advance your civilization so that there is a natural progression to Ascension. That which has been denied you will quickly come into your lives, and provide the answers to the problems that confront you now. We can address all issues so that you take a quantum leap into the New Age.

We share responsibility for your future just as much as you do, and together we will have no difficulty in getting you prepared for the wonderful and exciting times just ahead. Already you have had sufficient information to understand the nature of them. Clearing away the result of years of pollution is high on our list, and although the size of the task is extremely large, with our technology it will be dealt with in next to no time. The environment has to be restored as first measure to lift everyone’s living conditions. Then shall the basic needs of the poorer people be provided for in full measure. Contented people are happy people, and the joys of living will be there for you all to experience.

Once your material needs have been satisfied, there will also be moves to reach you all with details of the path to Ascension. Since methods of communication will have been advanced to levels that can put anyone in touch with whomsoever they wish, no one will miss out on information necessary to them. As we have stated, the whole mission has been carefully planned with you in mind, as we quite clearly know your full needs. The world’s population is vast, yet to the Galactic Federation it presents no problems when you bear in mind we have millions of ships at our command. So although time continues to pass by quickly, there is no real problem as far as we are concerned.

We are here in love and peace, and wish you to view each other the same way and see how quickly attitudes change upon Earth. You have been led to believe that you have enemies waiting around every corner, but in reality they are your brothers and sisters who seek a similar life to yourself. When Man allows others to express themselves and fulfill their desires, no longer will there be a threat to their beliefs. You have learnt that it is futile to force your views and opinions upon others, as it is non-productive and can lead to wars. When the truth is known to you all about the purpose of your lives, you will take a far different view of each other than you have held previously.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank all of you who work for the Light, as you are the Ambassadors who came to Earth for the very purpose of uplifting others. You can feel well satisfied with your dedication to your roles at this time, as you have achieved what you set out to do. Many souls trapped in the dark have found their way out with your help, and more will do so.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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