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Ker-On, August 5, 2009

The intensity of the Light upon Earth is becoming higher, and carrying many of you with it. You are beginning to live your life on a pathway you have created, one that leads to Ascension. There will be no going back, as you are moving beyond the pull of the dark energies. Providing you keep focussed on your intent to ascend, there should be happiness and fulfilment in your life. You have built your own protection around you, and nothing is more powerful than the Light. You have one foot on the Earth and one in Paradise, because there is no other way to describe the levels of beauty and peace that await you. Try to forget what happened in the past, that is already history and has no meaning for you unless you so wish it. Live as you envisage life will be in the higher dimensions; be free with your love as a blessing on all those who may walk with you on your journey. You have something to show for what you have gained by uplifting your vibrations. Allow others to share your happiness, and they too will be uplifted.

Your expectations about the future as a civilisation are very mixed but a consistent belief centres on the changes, with varying degrees of understanding as to the extent they will affect you. Some believe that dramatic changes will sweep the Earth as God’s curse on the disobedient race of Man. Others see physical changes as necessary to cleanse the Earth, and that Man will be protected by one means or another. What all agree is that Man will ascend as this cycle draws to a close, and that freedom of choice will allow for others to follow their own chosen paths. Do not get hooked up on the arguments that may follow, as even now future events are still fluid. Yes, you have an outline of what is expected to happen, but the timing is decided upon by factors that are not necessarily evident to you. You could take the view that it does not matter how you arrive at the completion of the cycle. In so doing, you are likely to experience a less stressful period leading up to it, as your eyes will be on the finishing line.

As always make your own mind up as to what you believe the future holds for you. In this way you also help it manifest, as your power of creation helps set out the path ahead of you. Now more than ever before you can call upon the Light to empower you further, as it is beamed to Earth from many different sources. The Universe is playing its part in ensuring your successful completion of this cycle, and continues to send ever-increasingly powerful rays of Light. The plan is magnificent and you can rightly conclude that you are the centre of attraction. You are special Beings who have to some extent sacrificed your high station in the realms of Light, to take part in the experiment that you know as duality. It was a courageous decision on your part, to allow yourselves to become immersed in the dark regions. Now that experience is drawing to a close, and you are rising up to take your place once more in the Light realms.

Most of you are old souls of extreme wisdom and love, and your presence on Earth has attracted the attention of other ascended civilisations. They desire to help in these last few years, and you shall not want for assistance or guidance. The Galactic Federation heads the teams that wait to be called to Earth. They consist of many who have had dealings with you in the past, and other civilisations will be allowed to contact you after we have set up our own bases on Earth. Busy times are ahead and our coming is nearer than ever. It will be announced, as it is not our way to force ourselves on you. We know we are welcome and that our arrival will be warmly greeted. We find your perception of us is now much more accurate than the science fiction images that often made us appear grotesque.

There is so much activity going on at present that is pushing hard to bring out long concealed truths. Ones that will alter your whole understanding of how you have been mislead for such a long time. Matters that should have become public knowledge long ago, and expanded your awareness of your own place in the world. The time is approaching when the floodgates will be opened, and no amount of denial or attempts to conceal the truth will work. You are to become enlightened as to your true selves, and your destiny as this cycle reaches its end. Can you not feel the air of expectancy around you and the driving energy that is bringing out the truth? It is happening right now, and once people gain the confidence to speak their minds, there will be no stopping them.

With many high points coming over the next few months when the energy quotient will increase, the feeling of being uplifted will increase. There will be a surge of Light that will see a powerful response to the dark forces, as they try in vain to re-establish their authority. Even in the theatres of war there are doubts surfacing as to the purpose of it all. Peace is becoming a word that resonates with happiness, and although brave men and women serve their country in a patriotic way, they are questioning their resolve and sense of duty. Changes are inevitable that will see a totally different outlook where war operations are concerned. The changes are coming from within and when people lay down their arms, a new era of peace will begin.

We wish to openly come and visit you, but there has to be a certain level of peace already achieved. So we carefully watch the developments, and where possible help you through our allies. We want to see you already at a level of higher understanding which will bring the people together, as that is where your power lies. You are a formidable force for good when you have the same objectives in mind, and particularly when the Light inspires you.

I am Ker-On from Venus, and I am a member of the Communications Centre on board one of our Motherships. It carries many small craft suited for use in your atmosphere, and many times we have given you displays of our ability to do seemingly impossible manoeuvres. We have unlimited availability to such craft, and any emergency would see us in action within minutes. We patrol the Earth as a matter of routine, and we are well aware as to what is going on. It is with much love that we look after you, to ensure the fulfilment of the plan for the end-times.

Thank you Ker-On.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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