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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - January 5, 2024

Mike Quinsey

Over many years we have been given so many indications of expected changes that are very near to materialising, and I feel it is the right time to highlight them. I wish you all a Happy New Year.

20th March 2016. Grand Second Wave of Ascension – Archangel Michael through Michael Love.

The New Earth will be inside Wave X and the Event Horizon will pierce the Great Void and we will perceive the new Earth, and move into the “Crystalline Light”. Gamma Light can in an instance evolve the DNA of any species. We then cross the Great Rainbow Bridge and become the New Human with the New Earth.

5th January 2024.

Greetings from our side of the veil for a wonderful New Year that is full of promise. Matters are moving at a faster rate and although your destiny is written in the stars, we caution you to hold tight to your positive reasoning. Whatever you experience in the coming years know that it is on the path that leads to your release from the dark Ones. They are pressing on with their belief that they can conquer the world, but are going to be disappointed as greater powers than theirs have your future in their hands. So keep positive knowing that all will be well and your future is assured. As the vibrations continue to rise they will gradually come into prominence, so much so that that they leave the lower vibrations behind.

You face another year of many changes that are spreading across the planet as Mother Earth continues her cleansing, it will clearly be very uncomfortable for many people but the Earth must be ready for the coming of Ascension. People will unavoidably experience great losses depending on where they live, but ne assured that in the long run you will benefit as much as anyone else. A new life beckons that will be totally without the problems that you are experiencing, or expecting at present. Whatever situation you find yourselves in understand that you would have been aware of it before you took this incarnation.

Many souls have no memory of it at all and the idea of being reincarnated is beyond their understanding. However, like all souls they review their life to establish what lessons are unlearnt and decide the next challenges for a further life upon Earth. The need for continual lives will last a long as further experiences are necessary to ensure you continue to evolve. Once you sufficiently raise your vibrations to a higher level, it will reach a point whereupon you have no need for further lives upon Earth. You take your place amongst the higher vibrations for a very acceptable life where the dark Ones are unable to exist.

So take the hard knocks in your stride and know that nothing happens without good reason. Sometimes it is karmic planned as part of your needed life experiences but more often is the result of the actions of other souls. Regardless of the reasons you should at all times try to act in a sensible way, that does not harm other people. If you do instant karma may result so accept it as such. As we so often remind you nothing of importance happens by chance.

There are bound to be occasions when things do not work out as you have planned, but realise that your life plan takes precedence. Your Guides are kept quite busy ensuring that you do miss an opportunity to advance your vibrations, meaning that their influence can help you take actions that are positive and to your benefit You are to be commended for taking on the challenges that life upon Earth presents you with. Sadly some souls cannot cope with the demands upon them and choose to end their life even after they have discussed it with their Guides. At the end of the day it is the soul who has the last word and will understand the consequences of not completing their life plan. There is no punishment and a further opportunity will be presented to them to overcome their problems.

Dear Ones, we appreciate your determination to see through each lifetime and ensure your evolution continues to advance. The dark Ones have concealed many truths from you and try all kinds of tricks to make you think each life is your only one. They do not want you to realise that your freedom is in your own hands and deny you where possible the upliftment the Light can give you. Indeed they will try to keep you in the dark as to your true self as a Being of Light. They cannot keep it going because you will still lift your vibrations up as you become more aware of the truth.

We have mentioned your karma and obviously as you evolve you incur less and less of it because you have reached an advanced state of being. Your understanding of the truth broadens and your progress speeds up. The truth becomes more recognisable and you are well versed in passing it on to other souls. Some who are still seeped in religious teachings are not ready to make strides into the higher teachings. However it is for many their chosen path and you may be assured that it will eventually lead them to the truth.

Souls find the teachings that serve their needs at the time, so there is no need to be concerned about their future. You have all the time in the world to seek and search for the truth and can be assured that with the help of your Guides you will find it. In reality you cannot judge another soul based upon one lifetime, as when they take a new life upon Earth they are prepared for it and have a life plan that will cover their precise needs. That is why you cannot truly judge the level that a soul has reached. The Royals are a separate group of souls especially equipped for the tasks that are peculiar to their lifestyle, and it is why they are against “outsiders” joining their family that has a specific blood line they do not want broken.

Much planning goes into each civilisation so that the souls ready to move on get the opportunities they require to achieve it. Rich man poor man, it makes no difference to them where their evolution is concerned, as the most important aspect is to get the particular experiences that will help them evolve. That is every souls aim whether they realise it or not and with help they are given every opportunity to succeed.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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