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SaLuSa, December 3, 2010

As time progresses you will find that groups with different beliefs about the end times, will surface in their determination to be heard. It is necessary therefore to be strong in your own beliefs, and not be deflected from them. Indeed the nearer you get to the final months, so a degree of fear will surface. The so far unenlightened are likely to panic and there will some confusion. With your understanding you can help bring some calmness into being. We of course will have become well established by the latter stages of Ascension, and will have done much to placate people and calm them down. The whole issue will present difficulties to those who have had little or no interest in life beyond Earth. The suddenness in which everything would have taken place, will be too much for some souls to take in.

There are at present some plausible websites that are set up to cause confusion; yet can seem genuine unless you are already awakened. As with any source of information, you are advised to be guided by your own intuitive feelings. Some of the most unsuspecting sources are within the governments of the world. They have programs of disinformation that are intended to keep you confused and under their power. However, your trust in such sources has been broken many times, and we know that many of you no longer believe in them. It is certainly good practice to question all sources of information, and ours is no exception. Be discerning all of the time and trust your own inner promptings. Do not be put off if you find your beliefs leave you as a minority, as although recognition of us is growing it is another matter to accept what we represent. We are you as your future selves, and with our guidance you will be prepared for the changes and the process of Ascension.

The most likely source of fearful predictions will come from religious groups, who are guided by biblical passages concerning the end times. As one who has moved beyond organized religion, it is easier for you to be discerning where they are concerned. Our view is that the truth centers around your idea of God, and whether at all times you see God as being beautiful and loving. If you do, there is no place for the anger and punishment some attribute to the biblical God, It should therefore be an easy decision as to what exactly you can accept in this connection. As a loving soul you do not condemn others with a different set of beliefs, but send out your love and Light to help all those who are seeking the truth.

Obviously once we are announced to you and people can accept our peaceful presence and intentions, we will go to great lengths to make the truth fully known. It means that if people prefer to ignore our messages, they will as always have freedom of choice to make their own decisions. That is to be respected and we would not interfere with them. The truth is often something that only comes to you after you have experienced many versions of it. However, you will gradually eliminate that which you have found to be unacceptable, and all will one day see the truth for what it is. There is no time limit to such an understanding, but if souls now want to ascend in the manner we have advised you upon, then you do need to grow in consciousness. You need to become the soul that you envisage is able to take its place in the higher dimensions. If you live to your highest vision of yourself, then you are placing yourself firmly on the path to Ascension.

We of the Galactic Federation have such love for you all, and desire to do everything in our power to guide you successfully to the end of this cycle. However, we cannot just turn up and rescue you all as some have believed. Our God given responsibility is to ensure that you safely reach the point of Ascension that is going to give you a major upliftment. In the course of it we will be able to work openly with you, and all of the projects to propel you forward will be completed. By the time you reach that point the quantum leap we often refer to will have taken place, and you will be once more the sovereign Beings that you really are. Matters will proceed at an amazing speed and the foundations are in place so that no time is lost. Most of that revolves around our own preparations that are fully advanced and ready to go ahead. Our allies are positioned where they can assist us and also ready to take action when requested. So Dear Ones, we have made immense progress since those early days, and completion as planned is assured.

We note that as our craft are seen more frequently in your skies, the dark Ones are also coming out more into the open. Their secret craft are not in any way like the conventional ones you are used to seeing. They are similar to some of ours, but as a guide we would suggest you reserve your judgement where triangular craft are concerned. Perhaps a give away sign is the system of colored lights used to identify your own, which are not to be found on ours. Yes, we do sometimes have circular craft that are lit up on the rims, but these usually run all the way round. You have no need to be concerned about any craft you see, as we monitor them all and know with what intent are within your earth’s atmosphere. Bear in mind that we come in peace, and are to protect you from any other intrusion and possible attack upon you.

Dear Ones, we have watched over for thousands of years, and in bygone times have had very close contact with you. Periodically we have landed on Earth to meet your leaders, and have used our knowledge to advance your evolution. We have given you ideas that have speeded up your progress, and it has been done in such a way as to not overwhelm you. We know your history and were present in Atlantean times, but like now although we could see the outcome that led to their demise we had to allow them to fulfill their own destiny. Most of you probably know by now that they destroyed their civilization due to the misuse of advanced technologies. You are very much in a similar situation where the dark Ones would think nothing of endangering you and your Earth. Let us however stress once more that total destruction will not be allowed, which is why we are authorized to stop any attempt to use nuclear weapons. You are safe with us, and you will complete this cycle as planned ready for Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and trust you accept our assurance where your future is concerned, and that your journey that will end totally successful.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello, this is Helen and I live in Sweden. I´m not too proud of it today because the swedish prosecutor got Julian Assange wanted all over the world. I have never heard of someone who was global wanted for a rape. Most rape-cases are not often solved in Sweden anyway, so why making such a huge thing out of this case? I just don´t belive that Julian is guilty. I´m sure this is about something else.Never before a journalist has been hunted like this because of his profession. There are many big magazines giving out the news as well without beeing hunted like an animal. Shame to the hounters! My opinion of Julian is that he is a very brave man!
My question: Is Julian Assange protected by the Galactic Federation? I indeed hope he is. It woult be such a great victory to the Light if he coult make it through. I don´t want the Dark ones to win this time!" (12-05-'10)

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