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SaLuSa, September 3, 2010

You are moving so far ahead of the dark Ones, that they have no hope of altering the outcome. They have no answers to the growing Light levels, and can only persist with their attempts to stop you reaching Ascension. Their nature is to follow what worked previously, but you have become much wiser and are no longer easily fooled. You now have the power and it cannot be taken from you, providing you continue to keep your focus on the Light. You will be helping create the conditions that will lead to the changes destined to give you to victory over the dark Ones. Already there is confusion in their ranks as it becomes obvious that they are losing their way. There is also a global revolution against them, as the truth about them is becoming known.

We would ask you not to relax your efforts to bring more Light to Earth, as the more successful you are the sooner our Allies can come to the fore. Although the main focus is upon activities in the U.S., the fact remains that there are other countries that will play an important role at this time. They have had to work in unison to face the might and power of the Illuminati, and have made a stand against them. Fortunately for all concerned, we monitor such events and are able to give assistance when needed. In reality we always have the edge, because of our resources and advanced technologies. We have had to smile at times because of the audacity of the Dark Ones, believing that we would allow them to develop a Space Wars System. Off Earth we have the last word in matters such as this, and we have prevented weapons of mass destruction being positioned in Space.

We are able to keep one step ahead of the dark Ones because we know of their plans. They have no real answer to the predicament they have landed themselves in. All they can think of is how to escape the inevitable time when they will be ousted. Be assured that there is no escape, even although they have the benefit of advanced technologies that you have little knowledge of. One day they will answer for all of their actions, and it is no different for them to anyone else. That is why we urge you to allow matters to evolve naturally, as your prime concern should be upon your Ascension. You are going to join the company of Beings similar to your ascended selves, and will leave the old dimension behind for good. However, some of you may choose to drop into the lower level again in the interest of serving others, and service is the criterion for all who move into higher dimensions.

Meanwhile, you try to make sense of what is happening on Earth as you see the old ways still in place, yet you hear of changes that are starting to manifest. It is what is to be expected as the new energies create the opportunity to bring the changes about. As you see so much breaking up that was considered a permanent part of your life, it is simply creating the space for the new era to begin. For those of you who seek change it does not come as a surprise, but for others less well informed it would seem chaotic and out of control. No individual can see or grasp the whole picture, but part of our role will be to gradually pass onto you as much information as possible. There is truly so much that you need to learn before Ascension, and we shall acquaint you with quick learning methods to speed up your education.

Our main means of communion will be your television services, until we can equip you with a personal unit that you can take with you. Even now some of you meet with us in out of the body meetings, and you return to Earth to carry out your mission. Some remember such meetings, and by its very nature seems dreamlike. In time there will be a more open contact and we will be happy to invite you on board our ships, as a pleasurable visit. Our Motherships are immense by your way of thinking, and they can accommodate hundreds of you at a time. Some of them around your Earth at present are a hundred miles in diameter and stationed in the outer ring. In our much smaller craft that are for use in your atmosphere, we visit you on Earth and we are seen often by you. However, a lot of our activity is carried out with the craft invisible to your eyes, but seen on your radar detection units. We prefer to keep out of sight, as the least your dark Ones know about our work, the better it is.

The disclosure announcement is hardly necessary when it comes to proving we are real. So much evidence about us has been amassed, that it is no longer a matter of the proof of our being. It is however the outcome that will ensure that we are accepted by you, and have permission to land openly on Earth. The sooner the better as we have so much to get started, and we know how much you desire our presence amongst you. We come in peace as your family with the authority to help you and Mother Earth prepare for Ascension. It is a privilege to serve in this way, and we offer you our experience gained from seeing other civilizations through a similar period. We can say no more than that we would like to see matters get underway by the end of this year. That would be a great boost for you as you enter 2011, with such a relatively short time to the end of the cycle. Indeed can you believe that it is so close, as time accelerates even faster than before?

Some people are very skeptical when we talk of having prevented you from destroying your Earth. However you have come close to doing so on more than one occasion. Yet you are beginning to understand how dangerous nuclear weapons are, and their potential for massive destruction. Then there is the lasting damage to your ecosystem that can remain for many, many years. The Earth is your beautiful home for your physical journey through life. It grieves many that such lack of care can occur, but that is the whole point – because the Illuminati planned your demise. You can now consider such things as history, because Mother Earth will not be subjected to such uncaring again. She is to be restored and cleansed through both of our efforts, and that will be ongoing until Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you could already be with us, but that time will soon come and you will get to know much about the Galactic Federation. There are a number of Federations that serve the Light, and beyond them many Councils of Light that directly serve God.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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