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SaLuSa, June 3, 2011

There had to come a time when more people became aware of the changes in their consciousness levels. That time has arrived and the numbers will continue to grow, as the energies that are being sent to you are increasing in strength. It is the help you are getting to ensure you have every opportunity to reach the optimum level to ascend. You must understand that it is not being forced upon anyone, and it is your decision entirely as to whether you accept. However going with the flow and taking it into yourself is comfortable, and very calming. It will eventually bring about a separation of people into two distinct groups, one that will ascend and those who have rejected the opportunity and chosen a different pathway.

It is also time for more appreciation and attention to your own requirements, as you adapt to the new levels of consciousness that will take you forward. Knowing them is one thing but putting them into practice is another, but by doing so you are also helping the Collective Consciousness to grow. The material realms tend to encourage possessiveness and service to self, whereas if you are to tread the path of Light service to others becomes your natural way forward. It is also establishing a reality that you are creating through your vision. You do in fact have more power in this connection than you may believe. However, as you ascend the growth in your responsibility for your creations comes with it. With a greater level of consciousness you would expect to acquire such an understanding, and your intent is to be in harmony and balance with all life.

Everything else that is going on in your life and around you, is to put right the mistakes and errors that have led to conditions that are unacceptable and belong to the old paradigm. Things must change and the cleansing completed before you can ascend with Mother Earth. As the old disappears so the new is coming in to take its place, and at times it will become quite confusing if not chaotic. Part of the reason is that people find it hard to let go of that which is familiar and comfortable to them. It is why we emphasize the upliftment that comes with the changes and give you details of what to expect. It is also why we speak of a quantum leap forward, as you will effectively benefit from what may otherwise have taken another 100 years to be introduced. We are not of course overlooking the deliberate policy of the Illuminati to deny you advancement, and but for that you would have clearly progressed further into the New Age some 50 years ago. One of the biggest advantages that have been kept from you is free energy, that would have solved so many serious problems you live with today.

Whatever fears some have about our coming, the fact remains that without our help your civilization would have collapsed long ago. What to us are the simple acts of cleansing the Earth would be beyond you because of the size of the problem. Indeed your efforts to clean up the Gulf Oil problem have only created more problems that could still prove devastating to the environment. Do not however fear the consequences, as we will be with you before it becomes too serious. We only mention these matters, so that you are aware of the how important it is that we arrive on Earth at the earliest possible time. Disclosure is near to happening, and it is becoming difficult for the authorities to hide the truth much longer. The amount of information coming out grows all of the time, and more people are prepared to go public with the knowledge they have.

Almost every day you are hearing something new that appertains to the changes, so you are clearly being given strong indications of the level of activity involving our allies and us. Most of our work is still going on behind the scenes, and it is not yet the time to reveal too many facts regarding our intentions. It is sufficient to say that we have always given you a broad outline, so that you know the direction in which we are heading. The pressures upon the dark Ones are driving them to despair, as they are unable to prevent their ultimate capitulation and surrender to the Light. Yes Dear Ones, we say the Light because it is the power that you have brought to the planet that is breaking down and transmuting the lower vibrations.

Eventually nothing of the old energies will exist, as everything will have been lifted up. Similarly only the souls that have raised their vibrations can take their place in the higher vibrations. It is Universal Law that operates in these circumstances, and it is totally fair and justified through the Divine authority of God. Man’s laws do not always reflect the Light in the way they are handed out, so this is yet another area that must change. As we have indicated previously, as soon as we can those people who have been unjustifiably imprisoned will be released. Death Row will be closed, as the taking of life in retribution for crimes is totally against Universal Law. You might well ask, what happens to the inmates in such circumstances, and we will tell you that they will be rehabilitated until they are fit to take their place again in society. Love can perform miracles as you would call them, and there is not a single soul that would not benefit from its power to bring harmony and balance into being.

Love, and more love is the medicine to cure most ills, and each of you are potential healers. Your reluctance is often caused because you do not have belief in your own abilities. Try healing when the opportunity arises, and remember that you are capable of self-healing. Your beliefs are extremely powerful which is why sometimes you attract to yourself the very things you reject. For example some people are so frightened of getting a serious illness and worry about it so much, that they actually bring it into their being. This is another example of how powerful your thoughts are, and why you need to be careful as to what you focus them onto. By all means concentrate on all that is good and wholesome as it is of benefit to you and everyone else. When you do so en masse the power is increased exponentially, and this is how major changes are brought about. You can now see how your input is so important to the outcome of what is happening on Earth right now.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can assure the Galactic Federation is ready to go full speed ahead when the occasion calls for action.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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