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SaLuSa, November 2, 2009

There is a sense of relief amongst so many of you who have been following the path leading to Ascension. You have become aware that whatever personal beliefs you have as to how it will proceed, that there is a point where we of the Galactic Federation must fully enter your lives. It has been known for quite some time and the scene has gradually been set for open contact. That is only the commencement of many more that will ensure the purpose of our presence is fully understood. Many already know what is planned, but the vast numbers of people with little or no knowledge will need to be gently informed of what is to come. There have been so many disruptions to your lives already, that our intentions and the authority by which we come needs to be clearly stated. Whatever your personal beliefs, those who believe in a god should be able to accept the idea of the Creator as the ultimate intelligence behind all that exists. Even those who have denied such a possibility, will in our opinion find it easier to accept than those with a set of rigid beliefs. The reason is that the Creator is not tied to any religious organization and simply stands for all that is the Truth.

We are those who have gone before you and we come back to enlighten you in all matters, and represent stages of evolution that you are to achieve with Ascension. Consider what drives us to serve you at this time, as it is certainly not for gain, except for the satisfaction of doing a job done well. We are the Creator’s representatives carrying out the plan for your deliverance from the dark Ones. Their time as the dominant force has come to an end with the closing of the cycle of duality. If there were no force for good you would continue to live in chaotic conditions without relief. The Divine Plan is perfect and allows for your experience in duality, whilst at the same time limiting its ability to totally overcome you. Subconsciously you know it to be so, as you agreed with the plan when you first volunteered for the experience. You might ask the reason that you should be prepared to undergo such a dramatic change, from the peaceful and happy existence that you left in the higher realms. It is Dear Ones to fulfill that driving force within you, that propels you ever onwards and back towards the Source of All That Is.

What we tell you is only a fraction of what we have to pass on to you. The Truth must be made known to each one of you, if you are to have the opportunity to make an informed choice as to whether or not you follow the path of Light. Freewill is your most valuable asset, and we come not to cajole you into doing anything other than what is your choice. However, it comes within the Laws of the Universe, and according to your vibration you will find yourselves exactly at the level where you are entitled to be. Now you will understand that when Ascension takes place, that it can only be for those who have lifted their vibrations sufficiently to be part of it. Not every cycle ends in this way, but this one is the end of a solar cycle that moves you into a new vibration. Because it is universal in nature it means that everything in your Universe must change, and that affects each and every planet, its satellites, their moons and the Sun.

The preparation for the great changes has been going on for such a long time, not least of all for your awakening so that you would be ready to accept the wonderful upliftment that would carry you onwards to Ascension. You will observe that so much emphasis is put on this aspect of your experiences, as you are a most important part of the plan. We cannot help but admire your great tenacity to overcome so many obstacles that have been placed in your way, as the dark Ones have tried by all means to prevent your success. It has always been a battle between the dark and the Light ever since your present cycle began. You have all touched the depths of darkness, yet you have arisen above them and now your Light shines out brighter than ever. You have gained strength and purpose from your experiences, which will serve you well in future times. Let no one feel that they have been a waste of time, and any damage to your psyche will soon be made good in the higher vibrations. There is much coming to you in the way of healing once we can safely walk amongst you.

Music has proved to be such a remarkable outlet for your emotions, and a great tool of healing. Dear Ones, sound will be one of the most used means for healing and bringing about a balanced and healthy body. Music is a means of expression that can excite you, or bring calmness and peace. It can also have a disturbing effect, as in duality you have the whole spectrum of different levels. As you become more of the Light, you will find that you are drawn to the more pure sounds and these are largely found in classical works. Composers such as Mozart were spiritually inspired, which is why he often awoke from his sleep with a composition already in his head. Raucous and loud music that is a cacophony of different sounds damages your auric body, and can even lead to physical or mental illness. There are two sides to most things that you encounter and that my friends is duality in action.

All the guidance you need is within, if only you will listen – but often you dismiss that small voice inside you because it gets in the way. That “small voice” is your Higher Self trying to get through to you, and you would be well advised to listen. You can call it your conscience or intuition; it is a part of you equally important if not more so, than your waking mind. As more of the truth surfaces we note that people are standing up and declaring their Truth, and it will continue to grow as the Light steadily becomes more powerful. For your part you need only be discerning and you will know what to make part of your belief system.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and with time we have been able to be more outspoken, and take you onto higher levels of understanding. It is all part of your education in the higher truths, that you will need to know to understand who and what you truly are in your relationship to the Creator. We are you, and you are us on a never-ending journey through life until you become One with the Source of All That Is. Allow yourself to merge with the Light and Love that surrounds you always, and you will open your minds and hearts to the truth.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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