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SaLuSa, July 2, 2010

Ever since the Millennium commenced you have been tossed one way or the other, by events that have been contrived to place you under firm control. Situations have been engineered to force issues concerning your future, not to release you from constraints but to take away your last vestiges of freedom. When it seemed that you were close to becoming prisoners in your own lands, a revolution of the mind occurred and the grand awakening commenced. It increased exponentially until the energy for change become so powerful as to halt its progress. Consciousness levels rose substantially, and opposition to the dark Ones became more open. Today you stand at the door to victory over them, and their ambitions have been trampled upon by your resistance to their plans for your incarceration.

Your natural inclinations move towards peace for all, and given true representation at government level you would achieve it. It is therefore important that such changes occur without delay. Together with our allies we are plotting the downfall of many corrupt groups, and their replacements are chosen for their proven support for you. You have sent up an ever-increasing plea for your release from the dark Ones, and it has empowered us to act in response. The suddenness of changes will undoubtedly surprise you, and so they shall continue until your freedom is fully restored.

Do you sometimes wonder what is about the Human Race that gets so much attention, particularly at this time, and why it is that every soul has many Guides, whether you are aware of them or not? Firstly your evolution is extremely important, and it must where possible reach a level that makes Ascension possible. Also, your protection is necessary as there are Beings in the lower astral regions, and even Earth bound entities that would “attack” you and interfere with your life plan, unless they were prevented. However, your Angelic doorkeeper is there to keep them away, and normally you have no knowledge of it. Possession and psychic attacks do sometimes take place, in spite of attempts to prevent them, but it can be part of your intended experience. Countless people can relate to the presence of Angels, and many of what you call miracles are carried out by them. Often what you call a lucky escape from danger is due to their intervention, and indeed the nature of your “luck” cannot be explained any other way. Talk with them, and call for them if you are in need, and they are more than willing to help you with even quite mundane requests. Their service for you is their love for you, and it is totally unconditional.

Living in duality your experiences are so different to those of the higher dimensions. Every step you take now could bring up another challenge, and many are in direct contention with the dark Ones. You have to be continually on your guard, as you never know when you might slip up in spite of your Guides helping you along. The wrong decision could temporarily put back your evolution, but fortunately it can often be corrected in the same lifetime. Life is about learning lessons, so that you do not have to face them again. It is about awakening you to your true Self as a Being of Love and Light, and acknowledging your god spark within. Knowing that in reality you have unlimited power to decide your own future. These messages are getting through to people, and together you are creating the pathway out of the darkness and walking into the Light of All That Is.

God cradles you as a Mother would her baby, watching over you and helping you every step of the way home. God picks you up when you fall, and is ever present wherever you go. God whispers in your ear if you but listen, and answers your prayers. Indeed as we have often told you, you are very special and we say that not to feed your ego, but to tell you how it is. You are Spiritual Beings first and foremost; the Sons and Daughters of God, and we are no exception. All life has its immutable link with God, regardless of what form it takes. It is all evolving ever onwards and upwards as you are now. Such an understanding should enable you to overcome any doubts about Beings from other planets that are unlike your selves in appearance. Only those that have risen to the higher levels will be able to visit you on Earth, and you will readily accept them once you have experienced their peaceful emanations.

You may recall that it is our expressed intention, to first introduce to you those members of the Galactic Federation that are the most humanlike. As it happens, they will include many of those who have had a hand in your evolution and are your true family. In time memories of your links with them will return, which were only blanked out to allow you to move through duality without distraction. We know that most of you are fascinated by the possibility that you are Space Beings, and in time you will meet us. There will be many re-unions and celebrations, and more than a few tears of joy. Doesn’t all of this lift you up and make you realize that your future is assured, and give you more strength to sail through the remainder of the cycle of duality. It is merely a passing phase of change that will lead you to Ascension.

The Gulf oil spill is naturally still uppermost in your minds, and will remain the focus of attention for quite some time to come. It will go a long way to moving you out of your reliance on fossil fuels, and already alternatives are being prepared for announcement and production. It will quickly move on to more general applications that will go worldwide. It takes a disaster of the magnitude of this oil spill; to wake people up to such dangerous and unnecessary practices, when clean and safe alternatives are already known and secretly being used. Have no doubt Dear Ones, the changes are going to happen and once more your beautiful Earth will be restored.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you we are very active at present. There are opportunities likely to present themselves very shortly, which will give our allies a breakthrough. We are ready to move into action when our presence is needed, and be assured that the desired outcome will be quickly achieved. We know you are anticipating a great move forward, and it will certainly take place. Remember that nothing will deter or stop your ultimate Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank you; thank you - from the deepest point of heart! Pleas help us persevere......

Love. & Peace

Douglas" (07-04-'10)

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