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SaLuSa, July 1, 2009

You cannot take your friends and family with you on your personal evolutionary journey. What you do have however, are souls who are part of your spiritual group that frequently join you as part of your Earth family. You help each other through one life to another, taking different roles according to your karmic attachments. Such groups are usually very close to each other, as the bonding of the souls has already taken place. There is love and understanding that enables them to stick together regardless of their experiences. What is also strong between them is their ability to help each other on their spiritual path. You have what you might call, a level of family consciousness where their knowledge is shared and expands with each incarnation.

Sometimes for different reasons souls are linked without having had prior contact with each other. Again it is karmic, and can relate to their individual levels of spiritual attainment. They are chosen as the best ones to work out a particular challenge together, where their joint levels of experience are suited to it. You could for example take those who naturally involve themselves in criminal activity, and have a life plan that involves being caught and imprisoned. No, Dear Ones the dark forces are not exempt from karma anymore than you are, because they are nonetheless spiritual Beings. No one chooses not to evolve, but can be caught up in the lower vibrations and not realise they are trapped. In rare instances they can be so overwhelmed by the dark that they cease to evolve, and it can be extremely difficult to bring them back into the Light. For these “lost souls” Angelic Beings move amongst them in the depths of the astral regions, looking for signs that show a change of heart.

It is a fact that those souls who have stepped onto a new path after overcoming lives in the lower vibrations, are often the most ardent and forceful Beings against those who reflect what they were. Reformed criminals may want to police society, but because they carry sub-consciousness memories of previous lives are still vulnerable to the lower energies that they work in. Be assured whatever life situation you find yourself in, it has been carefully planned to ensure that you experience in a way that is beneficial to your spiritual progress. You may of course fail, but even in that one lifetime you can return to your karmic responsibilities, with another opportunity to be successful. As we often take care to point out, punishment is Man’s way of dealing with problems, which shows a lack of spiritual understanding. Rehabilitation is however to be applauded, as it gives a person an opportunity to make good their mistakes.

We see right down to the roots of darkness and how you get involved. We understand the intricacies of karma, and for this reason we do not interfere with your freewill. It is your choice as to how you experience duality, and we would not attempt to take that away from you. We can appeal to your Higher Self, and place spiritual messages where you might come across them. However, what we will not do is compromise ourselves or you by being too forceful. Hence, you can better understand our caution where First Contact is concerned, and why our existence is gradually eased into your consciousness. We have been making ourselves known for some 60 years or more, yet today there are many who are still skeptical, and many more that hold us in fear.

Preparing you for our contact has not been easy, as for quite some time you have been misinformed about our Space Craft that have been seen in your skies, on land, and in the seas. We can come and go as we please, but are careful to approach it with consideration to the effect on your lives. Too much too soon would disrupt them, and you presently have much to do in keeping your eyes on what is going on around you. Be aware and support those who show clear signs of being of the Light, as there is an army of different workers doing their bit to hasten the changes that will bring about major turning point. Our allies continue to erode the ability of the dark forces to maintain their hold on you, and it is disrupting their plans to tighten their controls.

We can keep a track on you in the interests of your well-being, but we do not intrude and are more concerned with the activities and plans of the Illuminati. Such knowledge gives us a distinct advantage over them, and they cannot stop us monitoring them. It is in observing your collective freewill that we must allow certain things to take place. Show us your Light however, and if you put out your thoughts to us we can come to you. We cannot always do what you want us to do, but through us you can be walking in the Light with more confidence. You will also have more self-protection against the dark energies that are forever around you. Remember that “like attracts like” and you can dig your own hole if you are not careful.

When you first came down into duality, it was with the total freedom to do as you wished. There were times when you lived in realms not unlike the beautiful ones you left, but over the course of millions of years the vibrations dropped. It seemed that you forgot your true origins, and became immersed in the physicality of the lower dimensions. Fortunately after touching the depths you still held onto your Light, and with help overcame the negative energies. It has a been a long journey back, but always deep in your sub-consciousness you knew these days would come to release you from this cycle.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation are fully primed and prepared for First Contact. We know that you are now so close to those final days that will bring you great joy and happiness. We also know that you tire of the constant battles that take place in your lives, and yearn for peace and the opportunity to live your life as you choose. That dream will come true, and the suddenness of your transformation will be quite astonishing. Your future is in the Golden Age, and beyond your present imagination. However, even if you cannot visualise what it really means, feel within what it is like to experience the absolute harmony of the spheres, the continual peace and Light and Love that is never ending.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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