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SaLuSa, April 1, 2011

Let love be your guide in all circumstances, and make no exceptions as every soul responds to such a powerful energy. It may take time with some souls but they will eventually be lifted up. Humans sometimes have a habit of looking down at people, that have been unable to find their place in the world. Yet like those who have gone astray, they need every help to find their real selves. It is time to be forgiving and set aside any judgmental feelings. All of you have gone through such periods traveling the corridors of darkness, but have eventually been successful in finding your true path. More and more souls will awaken to the wonderful opportunity this period presents, and with help will be able to forgive themselves and start anew. In the deepest recess of their heart no soul desires to permanently cut itself off from the Light, but the darkness can be overwhelming. Without prejudice and all the love you can muster, send out your highest energy to those who perpetrate criminal acts upon the people. If you can, it will be one of the most earth changing acts you can take part in.

Ascension is very much an individual experience, but at the same time it is of a Universal nature and in reality every soul would like to be part of it. Some however, cannot yet respond to the love that is being sent to them. They are weighed down by the baggage they are carrying, and have little idea of how to release it. You who have gone before them can help show the way by your example. Do not add to their troubles by surrounding them in negativity, as that is what they normally attract and it keeps them down. Be kind, be love and see the godspark in everyone, as it is indestructible and will always remain so. Each soul still has Guides and Angels traveling with it each lifetime, who work patiently and with unconditional love to turn their face towards the Light. When you think about it, it could not be any other way.

When you seek changes on Earth and your desires are sent out with Universal Love, they are carrying so much more power that they will inevitably bring about a successful conclusion. In this way you have achieved so much already since the last century, and it is your willpower and determination that is giving your love that added strength. Each day the energies are becoming more powerful, and it spells the end of the Illuminati. They are no match for the growing mass consciousness of the people, and it is quite clear that they will settle for no less than a complete victory to restore their rights, freedom and peace. Chaotic it may be but within all the turmoil the way forward is becoming clear, and we of the Galactic Federation and many other higher groups and councils are aiding and abetting your push for victory. The future may be known, but it still has to manifest through you and your intent to determine how it comes about.

You are doing wonderfully well, and your success is rapidly creating the conditions that will lead to our coming. What is necessary to bring us fully into the picture is again down to you, but you are not without immense help. We are excited at the prospect of our coming together, and delighted that you have earnt the right to leave the cycle of duality. You are truly immense and powerful Beings, even if you cannot yet grasp these facts for yourselves. For so long the dark Ones have kept you in a position of believing that you depended on them for your existence, whereas you have recently discovered the power to determine your own future. Use it wisely and for the benefit of all, and nothing more could be asked of you.

We have referred to it previously, but will not tire of mentioning that you must let each soul decide for themselves where their future lies. We know that many are concerned about the fate of their loved ones, but be grateful that you have come together to create links of love. These will no doubt bring you together again on some future occasion, as they cannot be broken. There is always a purpose in such experiences, but you will not yet know what it is. You are possibly one of a quite close-knit group that often incarnate together, and so it will proceed well into the future. You will best help others by allowing them total freedom of choice, as it is indeed each soul’s privilege.

In recent months we have been true to our promise to make our craft more observable in your skies. Clearly it cannot be much longer before disclosure comes about, as we see opportunity is approaching and our allies will do all they can to use it. We know now that our presence will be well received, and those who deny us will have to face facts that cannot be ignored for much longer. Throughout your history we have never been far away from you, and the evidence is there to read if you have the desire to do so. Even more conclusive are the monuments and buildings that still exist as proof of the help provided by us. All of it will be referred to and included, as part of the knowledge that will be passed on to you to set the records right.

Over a long period there has been a plan to gradually enlighten you as to your true ancestry, and help you pave the way to being a Galactic Being. It will be a return to your real home, as the present Earth has only served as a planet for your 3rd dimensional experience. However when you ascend with Mother Earth, all of that will be left behind as you enjoy the beauty and wonders of the higher dimensions. With our help you will also become the creators of much of what is needed by you, and advanced technologies will be made available to you from us. Since you will have ascended and the lower vibrations cannot exist at the same level, we know you can be totally trusted to use them for the right purposes.

You are coming of age and will be treated as such and invited to share our knowledge, as we keep nothing for personal gain. Our outlook and attitude comes from being at a level where we have mastered the ability to treat all souls with Unconditional Love. Absolute perfection is for those souls that have returned to the Source, but even so you will have little or no problems avoiding any issues that still involve karma. Be aware that Universal Law still exists that covers what you may call errors of judgment, where there is no intention to deliberately break them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bless you all in the name of the Creator.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"What a wonderful message. Ful of pure love. Amazing. Thank you!
Love and Light, Juliet." (04-01-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank you Mike and SaLuSa! Your message today was inspiring and deeply fed my soul. Thank you!
Adrianna" (04-01-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Always is a great satisfaction to read SaLuSa messages!!! but this one is plenty of Love and tender!!! Thanks SaLuSa!!!!!!!!!!!
From Uruguay,
Shanti" (04-01-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

Thanks for the message SaLuSa, look forward to catching up when it all happens ! Glad I'm on earth at this time to witness the events to come. Love is the way.
Nick" (04-02-'11)

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