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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - March 1, 2024

Mike Quinsey

All around you the changes continue to take place that are necessary to rid the planet of that which is no longer serving you. In general terms it is a clearing that has become necessary because of the misuse of the Earths bounties. You are seeing the result of many years of lack of preservation of all that has served you well in the past, but no longer because your needs have changed. The New Age is upon you and it awaits your response so that all may reap the benefits that are possible, if you understand what will move Mankind beyond the present times into a much more beneficial position.

So much has been hidden from you that would have overcome the many problems that you encounter now. You have in a manner of speaking stood still when you should have been taking advantage of many new ways of doing things. The dark Ones preferred to keep you under their control but no longer, as the time has come to be released from their clutches. You have seen advancements all around you yet very little that has improved your quality of life. However, that is all changing as souls of a greater understanding of your needs are now with you and will advance matters so that improvements can be made.

In many ways these are difficult times and much hardship is being caused, and we are sad at the multitude of deaths and destruction that has taken place. However, all souls involved were aware of their life plan as you are now. So many of you volunteered to be on Earth at such an extraordinary time, and many were pleased to help out in such violent times. They are however due to run their time as the changes have been necessary, largely to rid it of negative energies. Matters are progressing as expected and the actions being taken upon Earth are clearing old energies that have long served their purpose.

Some wonder why souls have to remain on Earth at such a time and naturally it is for their advancement, much can be learned from such situations. After all karma is still being worked out and in the present time as many opportunities exist. Overall it is about gaining experience that will serve you well as you continue to evolve. Some hard lessons are being learned at this time that will assist a soul’s evolution. It never stops although it is clearly obvious that it will never be as pressing as at present. However, all experience is of value so be aware as you travel through life.

No matter how hard the going is for you, try to take it in your stride and know whatever challenges confront you, you will never be expected to handle more than you are capable of. Look upon them as tests of your ability and determination to deal with them successfully. Also remember that your Guides are always with you and helping you through the difficult times. You may also have “out of the body” meetings with them during your sleep periods when useful ideas may be planted in your mind. Often you will wake up with “ideas” that are in it so take note of them as they will prove useful to you.

Being on Earth can be a lonely time, but those of you who have undertaken spiritual work are well rewarded when you know you have helped others on their journey. It is what life is about and at many stages you meet just the right person to help you move on. It is a matter of following your intuition or as you might call it “that little voice inside you”. Sit quietly and relax if you want to invite your contacts to come to you and thy surely will, they do a lot more for you than you could possibly imagine.

Life is meant to be an exciting adventure and normally it is, but there are times when it can be very trying and unsatisfactory. Look upon these times as testing your ability to stay calm when they occur as it is very rewarding when you can. Helping others on their journey is commendable and ensures you keep your vibrations as high as possible. Doing so also helps keep your body free from health problems and that is surely a bonus. However, we come back to that word “Karma” as it can come into your life at any time but not all karma is negative, some is rewarding.

Mother Earth is most busy at this time trying to restore the earth to its original pristine condition. At times it means that major changes are taking place, and even involve massive earth movements. The warning signs are always there to give you time to re-locate to a safe place. However, some changes are so great that Man has little chance of completely avoiding the consequences, clearly it is wise to move more inland but perhaps it is easier said than done. Normally you get ample signs of what is to come so it is best not to ignore them.

The wars that continue and look like spreading are unlikely to last very long before higher powers will be authorised to intervene. Those who prefer war to peace will be stopped in their tracks at an appropriate time to prevent excessive damage to the Earth. It will then signal a massive change for the better and ultimately your Protectors will take charge. Bear in mind that peace will have to have already been achieved. As the vibrations continue to rise up so shall peace on Earth become more widespread.

So regardless of how serious matters become bear in mind that your future is assured, and you have everything to look forward to once the activities of the Illuminati are curtailed and finally overcome. We know that you would be delighted if we could tell you exactly when the changes will happen for the better, but because of the freewill factor there is always a chance of problems remaining for much longer than anticipated. However, we see major changes most likely occurring within the next two years. By that time you should anyway be more aware of the path ahead that will become much clearer.

You have been looking forward to this time of change for a long time and what a relief it will be when the dark Ones are finally removed. They have almost had their time at the front and as much as you would like to see them removed now they still have a part to play in enabling much karma to be cleared. The fact that you reap what you sow ensures that you take responsibility for your actions, which is the only way that lessons can be learned. Humans are very resilient and come bouncing back after upsets, they have a way of successfully overcoming their problems.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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