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Matthew Ward - December 31, 2009

Special Peace Vigil for the Middle East

"Dear souls Jean and Lou, we are acutely aware of the potential for lethal attacks and retaliatory strikes as the tumultuous energy of duality is playing itself out. We wholeheartedly endorse your ideas of collective prayers, meditation, thoughts and intentions to shower the entire Middle East with love to transmute into light the darkness that is building.

Because it is your world and you are there to assist in its liberation from the light-resistant souls who are taking desperate measures to hold onto their power, lightworkers as individuals and in unity sending forth love with a focus on peaceful resolution is the key to easing the tension.

Nevertheless, however the blows come in that region, a massive and spreading conflagration will not happen. Although it is inevitable that some deaths and damage will continue in the short term, in honoring Earth’s desire, God has authorized nearby civilizations to use their technology to prevent wholesale destruction of life and property.

This needs to be known to eliminate or at least greatly diminish the feelings of fear that the dark ones want to engender in peoples. Fear is their fuel and armament; lightworkers’ fuel and armament is LOVE." - Matthew Ward, December 30, 2009


What follows is a complement to the current Meditation Focus #207: Transducing Heaven on Earth and will remain in effect for as long as the situation in the Middle East warrants it.

It is suggested that you dedicate a portion of your moments of prayer and meditation, particularly these coming three Sundays, at the usual time – 16:00 UTC (see your local corresponding starting time HERE) – towards assisting in the achievement of the collective mission outlined in the summary below.

Please help network this call for a Special Peace Vigil for the Middle East to as many people as possible.

Jean Hudon
Focus Group Facilitator



As we enter a new decade which holds many promises of a better future for all, the current global situation is fraught with several difficult challenges that need to be resolved peacefully and for the greater good of all before we can collectively move ahead towards establishing the conditions that will ripen in the near future into the manifestation of a Golden Era of Peace, Love and Harmony on Earth. The more immediate challenge we face is the deteriorating situation in the Middle East with the ongoing struggle for the establishment of a just and sustainable peace between Israelis et Palestinians, and with the increasingly violent political turmoil in Iran. But most importantly, there are many indications that, in light of an apparent impasse in the international efforts to secure the collaboration from Iran to ensure that it does not contribute to nuclear proliferation, there could be a heightened and imminent risk of inconsiderate military action, with potentially devastating consequences. The simmering energies of hatred that have plagued the Middle East ever since the state of Israel was created in 1948 are now deeply entrenched in the hearts and minds of countless souls, thus forming a cloud of dark thought-forms that is being used by ill-intentioned forces to further increase the level of fear and hatred that now feeds on itself like a giant vortex. This psychic tornado is wrecking havoc in the very fabric of Life on Earth and until sufficient spiritual activity is generated to address the root cause of this phenomenon, which is the state of profound delusionary ignorance of our common spiritual nature as soul fragments of the Omniversal One, much will remain on hold—a situation which cannot continue for very long because of the growing evolutionary pressure to catalyze a global awakening to and remembrance of Who We Are.

As co-creators of our Destiny and as guided from the place in our soul that Knows the Will of Creator Source and the true purpose of our existence in this physical field of experience, it is incumbent upon us all to take responsibility for healing this rift in our collective understanding, so that all souls still entrapped in the tenacious consciousness of duality may soon be freed from the dark influence of fear and hatred and from the pervading sense of separation from All That Is which those thought-forms breed. It is in our power as One global soul family to close and seal the door in our global consciousness that allows the dark influence from past miscreations and from all that is devoid from the Light of Love to further tyrannize the souls of our spiritual brothers and sisters in the Middle East and elsewhere, and make them into mere puppets of the devious fears and torturing hatred implanted in them.

To enable them to exercise their freewill to choose better Life-nurturing options, they need to know and feel at soul level that we love them all unconditionally, no matter what past learning experiences they may have gone through or initiated, so they may see beyond their current prejudices and distorted perceptions, and hear the songs of Peace and Love emanating from our souls. To do so, we need to first heal within ourselves all such prejudices and perceptions towards all actors involved into these karmically enlightening experiences, in the Middle East of anywhere else on Earth, including our neighbor next door, so as to start the healing process in all. Herein lies our immediate responsibility. Then, through demanding, in humble acknowledgement of our need for assistance, to our innumerable allies, both in other dimensions of Life and from other locations in this universe, to magnify and channel precisely where it is most needed the healing Light of Love we will all co-manifest, we will set in motion the closing and sealing of the symbolic door mentioned above, and, in so doing, set the stage for seemingly miraculous openings of hearts and souls that both in the Middle East and around the world will trigger the changes for Peace, Love and Harmony we are meant to collectively accomplish, for such is our Mission, Here and Now... for the Highest Good of All as One.


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