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Matthew on angels

From Jean Hudon's EarthRainbowNetwork.com:

NOTE from Jean:
In preparation for this Meditation Focus, I asked Suzanne Ward to see with Matthew if he would like to share with us all his perspective about angels. Here is the message he gave to Suzy on November 22, 2010:

"Jean dear soul, it is with great delight that I accept your invitation to speak about the angelic realm as a meditation focus-what an excellent way to respectfully and gratefully acknowledge these beautiful souls! Although only in the United States is a specific day designated Thanksgiving, there is ample reason for everyone to give thanks for blessings every day and it is especially appropriate to include the angels.

Guardian Angel
Let me tell you a bit about them. They were co-created by the archangels and Creator and are the only souls who never separated spiritually from the Oneness. As collective energies of light whose missions are safeguarding, assisting and comforting, they are constantly vigilant so they can instantly respond as needed. Although a guardian angel, or gatekeeper, is assigned to every person as the primary constant unseen and silent protector, helper and guide, most angels are free agents, always available as reinforcements for the guardian angel whenever the need arises.

Of course you can call upon the angelic realms for assistance at any time, but even when you don't, the energy of your anticipated need shoots out into the divine communication system and instantly God's emissaries respond appropriately. Many people in life-threatening situations have been saved by angels' intervention in accordance with soul contracts, but if the consequences of dire circumstances are within the souls' chosen experiencing, the angels cannot interfere. They are, however, permitted to relieve extreme mental or emotional anguish. Without that angelic buffer between clear thought and desperation, wise behavior and irrational action, or miscalculation and its results, many physical lifetimes would be much shorter than soul contract choices.

Contrary to common opinion and depiction in art, angels do not have wings. They can manifest them if they wish, but the energy is so intense in life-threatening situations that some individuals see the angels' etheric bodies and perceive wings where none exist. At times angels may appear to be as solid as your bodies seem. They can work through entities in a human form but with suprahuman capabilities, and some of the lower angelics can spend a lifetime in Earth's density. They manifest a human form and, with great diligence and tenderness, serve wherever they see the need-if you think of someone as being an angel, you may indeed be right.

Another extraordinary angelic service is making the music that is referred to as "the sounds of the spheres" or "choirs of angels." The vibrations of their majestic tones reach you at soul level and uplift weary spirits and help heal broken hearts.

Angels are not your only unseen helpers-spirit guides and souls in spirit or physical realms also are God's emissaries and are at your beck and call-but the angels are exalted by all the others, and rightly so. As beings of light, they are of a purity that is rare outside their realms and their love for humankind is unconditional. By all means, these glorious souls deserve your meditative thankfulness for their contributions to your lives."

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