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Matthew Ward — August 11, 2011

Stock markets; Murdoch's media empire; plight of Somalis; riots in England; US Congress; duality's last gasp; US President Obama; lightworkers' readiness, missions; changes ahead; aspects of the Golden Age; explanation of densities; unseen helpers

This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. For several decades there was so little evidence that Earth’s very life was being saved that no one had any idea something that momentous and unprecedented was underway. The first decade of this millennium, however, was filled with occurrences that motivated thinking people to start connecting the dots, so to say, and by now the signs that significant changes are afoot are unmistakable.

Stock markets’ two wild weeks is because the Illuminati no longer can control them, one means whereby they have amassed unimaginable fortunes. Their manipulations still have some impact on transactions as prices rebound in one country or another before plunging, then rising again, but it won’t be long before their former stranglehold is removed totally and a new basis for banking and commerce can begin operating.

The exposure of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire’s influence in government circles and underhanded methods of obtaining information will lead to breaking the back of this kind of mass mind programming. Through lies, distortions and strategic omissions in mainstream media reporting, the Illuminati have been publishing or airing only the information they want you to know and think about—they, just as you, know the power of thoughts.

The plight of millions of Somalis who are on the verge of starvation has been forcibly brought to the world’s attention by light-filled individuals. Other lightworkers are assisting the refugee population, but governments that could alleviate this unconscionably grave situation are bogged down in bureaucracy or corruption and pledges of aid are not being honored.

Rioting and large scale destruction in London and other cities in England is likely to spread as deep-seated anger and discouragement about conditions that are making the poor poorer so the rich can become richer. While looting and burning doesn’t touch the root of the problem, without the means to take necessary corrective measures, the participants are using available methods to express desperate feelings about their lives and future.

It is that same desperation that led to the fierce battles in countries where dynastic or despotic regimes have long oppressed the peoples. The difference is, the freedom fighters have a semblance of organization, weapons, and official recognition from some other countries; and they are willing to give their lives to change intolerable conditions they no longer can abide.

Recently the United States held the world’s attention as the members of Congress bickered until the eleventh hour about raising the debt ceiling, and now they are in recess instead of resolving the country’s critical problems. This government is beset with unyieldingly-partisan politicians who seem to be focusing on ideological differences instead of working in the country’s best interests; that they are, but many also are acting out of self-interest and egotism.

As disparate as those situations may appear to be, they are closely related—all are prime examples of the duality in humankind. One side wants to maintain all systems and policies that are their power base, the other side wants changes to uplift their lives and offer a brighter future for their children. Duality prevents individuals from seeing a situation from others’ perspective, so instead of reasonable, rational discussion that results in a sensible conclusion to benefit everyone, blind stubbornness prevails.

Another aspect of duality is blaming others for unsatisfactory circumstances instead of accepting responsibility for contributing to them and taking determined steps toward prudent, positive changes. People in the United States and other countries who are blaming President Barack Obama for the economic unrest in his country that affects other nations too aren’t recognizing that his essence is not of duality, but of unity. While most leaders who speak about wanting to unify opposing blocs within their countries mean everyone accepting whatever the leaders themselves want, President Obama’s vision and leadership is to unify hearts and minds to achieve harmonious cooperation for the betterment of all.

It is far easier to choose or accept in pre-birth agreements a mission of major importance than it is to carry it out once in third density, where darkness abounds. President Obama has been up against the darkest of the dark ones ever since he took office, and even though his light has not diminished one iota, the stress of relentless opposition to what he wants to accomplish for Earth and all of peoples has noticeably taken its toll.

Although some members in this government and other country’s governing bodies also have retained their light, they too are swimming against the formidable tide of the Illuminati and those they control through bribery, blackmail or death threats. The momentum of the light is turning that pernicious tide, and both the dark backlash and the many souls who still are unaware of Earth’s ascension are causing confusion and upheavals.

When the populace can’t understand what is going on, they rely on political and financial analysts to make sense of it, and those “experts” unwittingly are adding to the confusion because they don’t know either why things are happening as they are. They can only base their various diagnoses and projections on the past, and history will not be repeating itself—the long era of duality has served its karmic purpose in your world and is coming to an end. What you are seeing is its last gasp, with “good” reaching best and “bad” reaching worst, and as Earth continues her journey into higher planes of vibrations, those extremes will be reconciled by the light, wherein there is balance.

We have alerted you that there would be bumps in the road in these last stages of world transformation as everything based in darkness is brought to light, as systems immersed in corruption and deception fall irremediably and new systems devised by individuals with wisdom and spiritual and moral integrity are instituted. Also we have told you that the Illuminati have managed to keep hidden the truths that let them become so powerful, and this has prevented disclosing those truths and initiating reforms slowly so people can more easily assimilate them. The multitude of revelations and profound changes that will be emerging before Earth enters fourth density at the end of your year 2012 means that bumps are going to come faster than many people can easily handle.

You can! Along with experience in overcoming obstacles in this lifetime, your innate wisdom and the readiness spiritually, emotionally and psychically of collective lifetimes have prepared you to successfully manage whatever upheavals you may encounter. The many who still have not awakened don’t know that they also have this fortification, perhaps to a lesser extent than you, but they wouldn’t be on Earth if they were not equipped to handle adversity—helping to triumph over adversity is why they chose to be there! But in their slumbering state, they are letting their intuition lie dormant too, and they won’t understand that the disclosures and reforms that will be coming rapidly are final steps leading to Earth’s Golden Age, and they will be fearful. Fear is what will make their road bumpy, but they won’t understand that either.

When the highest universal council planned the Golden Age, it was anticipated that some souls that clamored to embody during the transitional period would succumb to third density limitations and forget their eagerness to be a part of it. Primarily the forgetful souls are those who wanted to complete third density karma so they could evolve with the planet into fourth density, if not physically, then in Nirvana, your spirit world that is ascending along with Earth. Knowing of that possibility, the council wisely included in the plan many volunteers from spiritually and intellectually advanced civilizations to be the vanguard and help the forgetful souls to the extent they are receptive.

Your foremost assistance as lightworkers is to lessen fear, so do not hide your light under a bushel, so to say, but let it shine brilliantly. The energy of your calmness and confidence will emanate to those nearby and help them in that respect. Sharing your knowledge with whoever is willing to listen is important as well. Some will ponder it, those on the verge of awakening will embrace it, and others will react negatively, as close-minded persons do rather than consider that new information may be valid.

Individuals whose rigid beliefs are founded on false religious dogma and flawed science will be the most resistant—their beliefs are the very foundation of their lives or their livelihoods. And when the facts about “9/11” and the reasons for wars in Afghanistan and Iran—ALL wars!—are revealed, families and friends of all who died may be disbelievers because knowing why their loved ones died could be overwhelming. All of these people need compassion and understanding—they will be able to accept the truth after they transition to Nirvana.

Please do not feel sad if persons dearest to you are among the non-receptive. Spiritual evolvement comes at a pace that is as unique as each soul itself is—when the time is right for your beloved people to have conscious awareness of universal knowledge and grow spiritually, they will.

The more evolved a soul is, the more inspired it is to help others evolve, and by doing so, it also keeps growing. The unified purpose of some civilizations in higher densities is beaming their intense light to lower-density populations to help them progress, and some of you came from those civilizations specifically to radiate your light to benefit less evolved souls on Earth.

While lightworkers with many lifetimes of experience in vital fields are in positions of influence, most of you are fulfilling your missions to simply BE the light you ARE. Let your life exemplify the peacefulness inherent in trusting your inner voice’s assurance that the Golden Age is on the near horizon, and in the continuum that Earth is fast approaching, you already are joyously living in that love-filled world. What a thrilling time to be on Earth!

Now we shall address other issues being questioned, and for the many newcomers to these messages, we are happy to include brief comments on topics previously covered. [For more extensive information on topics of interest to you, use the index or type key words in the search feature at the top of “Matthew’s Messages” on www.matthewbooks.com, or scroll down the page to see the main topics under each message date.]

Serious unrest in the world will ease as the planet continues its course into higher energy planes, where the light is so intense that persons with dark proclivity cannot physically survive—the ones who are responsible for massive suffering no longer will be on Earth.

Not only national economies, but the global economy is headed toward collapse; honorable individuals will take the helm and keep disruption to a minimum.

Governments are not going to confiscate individuals’ gold—it is the multi-trillions of dollars in gold illegally accumulated by the Illuminati that will change hands.

It isn’t within our province to give financial advice, as many of you have requested, but we can say that it is sensible to have some cash on hand as well as the kinds of supplies you would need in case of a power outage.

During the months ahead, all unjust laws will be stricken and proposed laws with dark intent will not go into effect.

No mysterious Planet X or any other celestial body is going to collide with Earth or come close enough to have any effect, and the photon belt is so far distant from your planet that its meanderings are inconsequential.

The bombing and massacre in Norway was not a “false flag.” The perpetrator is an example of what we said about “bad” in humankind being its worst.

The Illuminati’s long-time suppression of free energy developments will end within months and so will their use of HAARP to the detriment of humankind and the planet.

Current wireless communication instruments that are harmful to brains will not operate in higher vibratory planes, and harmless instruments with the same capabilities and more will become available.

The elimination of pollutants in your soil, water and atmosphere will include depleted uranium and radioactive nuclear waste. Nuclear facilities will be dismantled.

All warring will end incrementally and troops in foreign countries, whether in combat, occupation forces or simply because military bases exist, will return to their own countries.

Unemployment and poverty will cease being of concern when money and the planet’s natural resources are fairly distributed; doing so is a paramount goal of the light beings who lead the way into Earth’s Golden Age.

Animals in the food chain agree to this at soul level, and the brutality they now are subjected to in life and death will change to kindly treatment and gratitude for their service to humans. All animals will be honored and respected as the souls they are.

Neither light absorption nor life in the Golden Age requires a vegan diet; however, as you move into lighter density planes, your bodies will become correspondingly lighter and many no longer will find animal flesh palatable.

If we knew when our universal family will land en masse, it would be a grand delight to tell you! We cannot give a specific date for that or any other major event because of all the variables involved, most notably free will choices, that can change a time projection in the twinkling of an eye.

Fourth density is not a single “condition” or soul evolvement station separated from third density by an immutable barrier—no density is. Everything in this universe is energy ebbing and flowing, or more scientifically, expanding and contracting, and energy has no confined compartments. Densities have been numbered only for your understanding that as souls progress, they move forward to vibratory levels that offer new opportunities to learn and evolve, and each density holds many such levels. Furthermore, a fourth density soul can regress to third or lower, depending on the lifetimes of its personages. [“The Cumulative Soul” chapter in Revelations for a New Era comprehensively explains a soul’s many personages.]

Third density is especially arduous experiencing because it encompasses so many levels, and the difference between its lowest and the first level of fourth density is as dramatic as night and day. The evolutionary process from third to fourth could be likened to countless similar objects—let us say dominoes for your picturing—some at the foot of a mountain and others climbing it. Observing closer in, you can see that not only are the dominoes moving at different speeds, but some are going straight up, others keep moving a tad to the left then the right as they climb, and some are falling behind the dominoes they used to be in front of.

Using that analogy, when this era of spiritual renewal and world transformation started some seventy years ago, the vast majority of Earth’s residents was huddled at the bottom of the mountain. Since then, many have done so much side-stepping that they’re barely halfway up, some souls have fallen so far behind that they can only see the mountain in the distance, and many others have climbed so fast and steadily that they’ve almost reached the mountain peak—and to this last group, we say, “Hooray for you!

You will be able to communicate telepathically in the Golden Age, but speaking aloud still will be important and pleasurable. When telepathic conversations are commonplace again, you will be able to communicate telepathically with people whose languages are different because a translation process is an inherent aspect of telepathy.

Karma is not necessarily different for each lifetime. At the evolvement level where karma exists, most often reincarnating is for another try to successfully complete the very same lesson that in other lifetimes, the soul’s personages chose to do but failed.

All souls have free will regardless of their evolvement status, whether living in spirit worlds or physical civilizations, or their location in the universe. The free will choices of all who live in Earth’s Golden Age will be in the light because no darkness can exist in those high vibrations.

The Golden Age has been so named because life in that world is such a phenomenal contrast to the past many millennia of life on Earth. Not all the glories of that Age will be heaped on its threshold. Everything based in darkness will be gone, but as you and your planet keep journeying, you will keep discovering wondrous “new” knowledge and capabilities. “New” is in quotation marks because your souls have all knowledge and capabilities, you just need to get in touch with them consciously—and you shall!

In addition to the light steadfastly beamed from lighted souls in spirit worlds and physical civilizations, technological help from crews in thousands of ships in your skies, and the beneficial influence of your universal family members who are living among you, you are surrounded by unseen helpers: your guardian angels or gatekeepers and the angels who reinforce their efforts when needed; angels in lower realms who embody briefly to guide and protect; spirit guides, whose specialized experience often is the difference between your being stumped about something and later, suddenly “getting it”; and the Nature people—the various kinds of souls that you call the Devic kingdom—who may help you find misplaced car keys or earrings—that they mischievously hide things is a fallacy!—or nudge a reminder about something you had meant to do, but forgot. These myriad souls, all emissaries of God, are ever-present helpers.

Continue your journey joyously knowing that you are Oneness in the Christed light, the infinite, eternal unconditional love essence of Creator wherein all souls have their Beginning.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books

Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com

[Note from Suzy: Heartfelt thanks to all who have written appreciation for the books and these messages and/or sent wishes for my well being. I am doing well and so is my fur family (three very old dogs, like me, and an exhuberant young three-legged German shepherd). I’m grateful for your understanding that there’s no time to answer most emails and why my few replies may be appallingly belated.]

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Comment from one of our readers:

"Just thank you to the Wards for their beautiful work!
T." (August 13, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"For the times that we are now in, this was a very comforting message.Thank you to Matthew and Suzy for the messages they give us and the other work they do for mankind. I look forward to the coming months and what wonderful new benefits they will bring for mankind.
Angelfriend, Kat" (August 13, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I read the updates on galactic channelings regularly, and find them encouraging, yet, I check ‘within’ as well to establish whether a channeling resonates for me. When a channel alleges that Barack O’Bama is a man of the “Light” it is an enormous red-flag! First, it has been thoroughly researched and established that he is not an American Citizen at all, and the 3 different birth certificates he FINALLY released after nearly 3 years in office were phony as $3.00 bills! One must ask also why he has kept not only his birth certificate hidden, but his college transcripts & diplomas hidden as well. It is a fact who spends over $2,000,000 on lawyers to maintain secrecy of these documentsII?? Further, his SS# is stolen from a deceased man from Connecticut! These are established facts, the main-stream media won’t report, but which have been so deeply & well researched by patriotic citizens who have no reason other than truth-seeking to go to all this trouble to discredit O’Bama (aka Barry Sotoro – his given real name)

The British Monarchy is at the head of the faction which organized O’Bama’s election…THE BRITISH!! Our constitution makes it very clear that eligibility for President requires both parents be naturalized citizens. Couldn’t we have found an American Citizen of the “Light” to run for president? O’Bama ignores and now has decimated the Constitution with his 12-person, hand-picked committee now replacing congress. O’Bama now has more ‘wars’ going than any president in history, and started them with the UN’s permission….NOT the congress! There is nothing about this fraud & fake person which gives him 1 iota of credibility as an advocate of free society. He could have killed the Patriot Act, but chose not to, and now we are a police-state. He is helping the bankers rape & pillage our economy and American citizens. Not ONE promise he made to America has been implemented. He is not a citizen, has no right to be president, and has done absolutely NOTHING to keep us free…but you channel..”he is a man of the Light”? If he’s a Lightworker then I’m on the wrong path!

Our paths in the Light to ascension require pure trust in our inner guidance, but that doesn’t mean blind trust in information which is provably & obviously untrue. I will be a Ron Paul supporter if we have another election as he is first, an American Citizen, and his voting record for the Constitution has never wavered…that’s a Lightworker!

In acceptance of your right to convey your belief in what you channel, but in hopes that you will look deeper into entities who allege that this man stands in the Light.

Paula" (August 16, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi paula, thank you for your comment. obviously, you have a point. i think all of us watched obama take office with great expectations, but his behaviour so far has been "not very enlightened", to say the least. when i see him speak on tv, i hear nothing that would give me the idea of this man knowing about the GF or planning to lead us into an era of peace. the only indication for that is because matthew, SaLuSa and many other channeled beings say so.

so that's quite a tough choice to make, isn't it, what to believe? for now, personally i just choose to not make a choice yet. i leave it open. i hope the channelings are right, but clearly the divine plan hasn't worked out entirely the way it was planned so far, so obama could be no exception.

but this hasn't diminished my faith in a good outcome of this process at all. ascension will happen, whether it's obama leading us to it, or the GF, or somebody still unknown to us.
the good news is, we don't have to 'wait and see' much longer, because in just a little over four months, 2012 will already be here!
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (August 16, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"At this time of extreme turmoil and suffering Matthew´s messages always bring a soothing reassurance. His clarification on President Obama´s situation and his assurance that he is holding to his vision of peace and unity, despite vast opposition, were especially welcome. Bless you Suzanne and Matthew for your priceless gift through these messages.
Carole." (August 16, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"This is in reply to Paula's reply to Matthew's August channeling....

It seems Paula watches waaay too much Faux...er...Fox News! Not a single thing she stated about President Obama is truthful (aka "a fact"). It would be a waste of time for anyone to refute with *actual* facts or evidence -- neither of which she can produce, since neither exists -- some of the utter nonsensical statements she makes about him. Scrutinize at the *factual* voting and governing records (and on-the-record statments) of both political parties and their members since January 2009 (and the 8 years previous to that) in order to determine which one appears to be working to spread the Light and which is working to further the aims of the Illuminati.
~Reece" (August 23, 2011)

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