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Matthew on the Norway spiral

Yesterday (12-09-'09), a stunning light phenomenon was visible in the sky over Norway.

Today, Jean Hudon from Earthrainbownetwork.com wrote some interesting comments about it and also asked Suzy Ward, Matthew's mother, what his thoughts were.

Here is Jean's message:

Hello everysoul!

Something ABSOLUTELY EXTRAORDINARY happened today, December 9, 2009 which I know is a portentous sign of GREAT global changes of unprecedented magnitude now underway that will significantly transform our world and our experience of life in many wonderful ways, especially for those of us who pray/meditate/demand from our hearts and souls that such changes are globally implemented for the highest good of all.

I've received numerous emails today about what happened this morning in Norway where President Barack Obama is scheduled to give tomorrow his Nobel peace prize acceptance speech, and many, many people are very excited about what this stunning phenomenon potentially means. To find out immediately what it is, just read Spiral UFO puts Norway in a spin and See the 84 related news articles on this today

After reading all the related information I found on this (gathered below in the "Worthy of your attention" section), I've decided to share with all of you something I had only shared with a small group of kin souls yesterday and which I did not intend at first to share widely. But to me what happened today is perhaps not coincidental and could very well be related to something that I heard last Sunday during the global meditation focus... Here is how I described this experience yesterday:

"I heard, out of the blue, while I was in a very high state of soul/God attunement with all other souls reaching out together to welcome our soul family from abroad, near the end of this past Sunday's focus meditation a voice suddenly popped into my consciousness and stated firmly: "Access Granted" which - in a nutshell - I understood as being the response from our larger galactic soul family confirming that we have reached collective mass awakening in sufficient numbers and quality to be formally acknowledged as ready for first global contacts with and integration into the Galactic Light Federation - it was also signaling our global ascension process is well underway. It felt like an important threshold had been crossed..."

Of course, if anyone else experienced something similar during this last Sunday meditation, I'd love to hear about it...

So this feeling as too important to wait, I've decided to send out immediately this Special Addendum to Turning Tide of History #30: Reaching Critical Mass For Real Global Change. You'll also find below a wonderful suggestion by David Spangler - see Peace on Earth below - who recommends that we all join to overlight him during his speech that is to take place this Thursday December 10th at 1:00pm Oslo, Norway time (CET) - that's December 10th at 4:00am PST. 7:00am EST (New York time).

If you cannot join in meditation during his speech, you can project your Light right away towards this moment and even do it after to sustain the momentum of Light expansion that is now firmly underway.

Finally, at my request, Suzy Ward asked for Matthew's perspective on these wonderful new developments and she just sent me back the following:

"Matthew says this is the most profound sign yet from our brothers and sisters in other civilizations that the time is nearing for their presence to be properly acknowledged -- there is no way that those who do not want that to happen can explain away this dramatic sign.

The overall spiral represents the unbroken interconnectedness of all souls from our Beginnings in the light -- the intense light at the center -- and the blue spiral aimed at Earth is the most forceful evidence to date of their desire for us to consciously connect with them in the same spirit they have come.

The timing and location are significant, selected to mark the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Obama for his vision and dedication to achieving world peace and to indicate that they are here to assist us reach this goal."

Please help in circulating this widely if you feel this is indeed a momentous Earth-Shift in the making...

Love, Light and a bright future lie just ahead!

The Norway spiral

The Norway spiral

The Norway spiral

The Norway spiral

The Norway spiral

Comment from one of our readers:

"I just read that this is a russian missile test that went wrong. What do I believe, humm?=

Wilfredo." (12-10-'09)

Comment from one of our readers:

"The 'missile test gone wrong' theory sounds like a desperate attempt to come up with a rational explanation of this incredibly beautiful phenomena. However, to be fair, let the proponents of the missile theory strengthen their case by providing the matching radar tracking and telemetry data etc. that would unquestionably exist if this was indeed a failed missile test. We need to ask ourselves if such a rational explanation is remotely plausible... and in my considered opinion (as an aeronautical engineer) it is not.

A Truth Seeker." (12-11-'09)

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