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April 9, 2009

Third density energy playing out; Earth's ascension progress; simpler lifestyle compatible with advanced technology; evolving human nature; "time" in the continuum; life in the Golden Age; multiple lifetimes for balanced experiencing; psychics' information sources; recap of messages' content

1. This is Matthew, bringing you loving greetings from all souls at this station. We see your consternation about events and decisions that seemingly are irreconcilable with the continuously intensifying light on and surrounding your planet. There is growing evidence of reformation in various countries around the world, but also it is business-as-usual or the same hard line in some governments; and brutality, killings and legal injustices still abound. Our beloved Earth family, it can be no other way at this juncture, as third density energy streamers are lashing out with their last gasp of forcefulness as the energy plays itself out.

2. On the world stage and in personal lives, you are seeing and experiencing the effects of everything in acceleration plus the magnification of human characteristics and behavior in action. The combination of these universal forces is bringing into public view the hold that the darkness has on some individuals at the same time increasing numbers are opening hearts and minds to the light. The ultimate outcome will be lighted souls living peacefully and sharing Nature’s bounty in a wondrous world. This is what you have been promised—what already IS in the continuum is coming to pass in your linear time.

3. Even as we rejoice with all who see the light of the Golden Age “at the end of the tunnel,” we see that others feel discouraged because reforms are not coming more swiftly. A process the magnitude of transforming a low third density world into a full fourth density world does not happen rapidly. Progress doesn’t follow a direct line from the starting point to the destination—it is a very long zigzagging process as the advocates of change become more powerful and the opponents of change step up their efforts to keep the status quo. In the case of Earth, some in the latter camp have recognized the influence of the darkness in themselves and shaken loose from it while others have not yet accepted that their resistance to global reform will be futile, thus the zigzagging progress will continue until the last tattered remnants of darkness are gone and light beings are victorious.

4. Let us put this into a linear timeframe. Many civilizations’ evolutionary journey from third to fourth density spans thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of your calendar years. Earth’s starting point was only 70 years ago, and the myriad changes since then that are propelling her into fourth density will be completed by the end of your year 2012. With everything in acceleration, which includes your sense of “time” passing faster and faster, you are almost there! Earth’s ascension has been at a uniquely phenomenal speed, without precedence in this universe!

5. And fourth density is not her stopping point—her destination is fifth density, and life along the continuing journey will become more and more glorious. With this perspective in mind, patience can come much more easily as events steadily unfold in these last transitional stages of vanquishing the lingering darkness. And, just has been the case all along, the most far-reaching objectives and achievements are happening out of the public eye. Recognizing and feeling grateful for all signs of progress, from grassroots movements on up to the international scene, is to your great benefit—the light in gratitude has an amazing ability to uplift the spirit.

6. And now replies to several specific questions that we are happy to answer.

7. Since people are planting gardens, forming small cooperative farms and strengthening community ties, how will this simpler lifestyle fit in with what you have said about long-suppressed technology coming out and more will be brought here by space beings? A simpler lifestyle is a choice some are making as they follow their inner voice, and others are discovering that it is an excellent way to deal with the economic situation. But embarking upon a simpler, cooperative lifestyle is much more than either a choice or dealing with the economy in satisfying ways—it is evidence that the light is evoking fundamental changes in human nature.

8. The most basic qualities inherent in the soul are surmounting half a century of relentless advertising that led many to acquire, acquire, acquire, while mainstream media was suppressing the plight of billions living at bare subsistence level or as slaves. Now there is fast-growing emphasis on humanitarian assistance to impoverished peoples and stopping the slave trade as “keeping up with the Joneses” is losing its momentum. Mainstream media and many entertainment forms have been strategically designed to promote violence and at the same time create numbness to it, and to glorify war and instill fear of “aliens.” That multi-thrust aim is missing its mark now: More and more people are calling for an end to war and other killings, distrusting media reporting, and beginning to believe that benevolent civilizations are nearby. Religious dogmas are giving way to the emergence of true spirituality—the conscious knowing that all peoples at soul level are inseparable from God and each other. All of these changes are evidence of the spiritual renewal that includes the desire for a simpler life, and absolutely there is a place for this alongside technology! As linear time marches on—and it is doing so at an incredibly swift pace as your collective consciousness approaches the universal continuum—you will see that the choices dearest to your heart will be perfectly aligned with technology so far advanced that you can hardly even imagine its speed and effectiveness.

9. I have combined and summarized readers’ comments and questions that relate to temporal situations. We are told to live “in the now,” but to learn from experience, don’t we need to keep the past in our “present” thoughts, and isn’t it practical to plan for the future so we can be proactive rather than let the chips fall where they may? If we are supposed to visualize a better world so we can manifest it, but the “Golden Age” already has been created, how can what we do now affect it?

10. Because the cellular memory embedded in your DNA is constructed with the concept of linear time, that is your only frame of reference for what your history has recorded and what you have experienced to date, what is going on in your life and your world in this moment, and looking ahead to the outcome of plans. In a recent message, we spoke about the altering of DNA to “dumb down” Earth humankind, and programming the cells with aging, death and linear time was part of that. Until your cellular memory is restored to its original state, which is being accomplished via light absorption, it has no capacity to comprehend the universal continuum, where everything that ever was, IS.

11. The best explanation we can offer is this: In the continuum, what you think of as past, this moment and the future actually is a series of events that you are creating with your every thought, feeling and action; and what is termed “reincarnation” is a soul’s multiple lifetimes that are occurring simultaneously. That is why some people can “remember” another lifetime, why experiences in other lifetimes can affect this one, and why your present choices can and do influence other lifetimes.

12. You did understand this when you chose in your most recent pre-birth agreement to participate in Earth’s transition into the Golden Age. It was exactly this understanding that motivated many billions of souls to ask to reincarnate so they could contribute the strengths of their composite experiencing. Those who were chosen to become part of the master plan were certain that in this Earth lifetime, their thoughts and feelings would lead to actions that would help wind up third density on the planet and usher in the Golden Age.

13. Nevertheless, in their great wisdom, the master planners anticipated that once confronted by the difficulties of actual physical experiencing, some people would courageously adhere to their soul contracts by following their intuition, instincts and inspirations; and others would falter due to closing their minds, which would prevent the consciousness-raising they had felt in spirit they would achieve when embodied. That is why the master plan includes other civilizations’ help in many different ways to assist Earth humankind who instinctively are following their soul contracts to create the better world of their visions.

14. At this stage of your consciousness-raising, linear time still is firmly in place, but how you use it can change. For instance, learning from past experiences need not be a matter of keeping them in the forefront of your thoughts so you can avoid foolhardy decisions; this can be an automatic reaction that is wiser than the previous reaction to a similar situation. Always, following your intuition—the immediate reaction to any situation that is presented—is far more to your advantage than analyzing which of your previous experiences is most applicable to the new situation.

15. Since we are the ones creating the “Golden Age” by our thoughts, etc., and there are so many different cultures, ideas and beliefs, how can you be so sure that everyone will be satisfied?

16. We are sure not only because we see that world from our vantage point, but we visit there! For further assurance, we also say that only those who absorb the light can physically survive in the high vibrations of the Golden Age, and those vibrations are of love, peace, harmony and respect for all of Nature. Although we cannot imagine that anyone could be dissatisfied in that idyllic environment, we suggest that this writer and any who share his interests read about life in that world. [“Essay on 2012,” December 31, 2007, in Matthew’s Messages on www.matthewbooks.com]

17. Please explain how both of your statements can be correct: “In balance there is only light” and “Balance is the reconciliation of light and dark.” Also, please explain what is meant by “The goal of every lifetime of a soul is to achieve balance and reintegrate with God.”

18. God—by whatever name one calls the Supreme Being of this universe—is a part of Creator’s balanced pure light-love energy essence, and every incarnate soul in this universe is a “personal” part of God in an experiencing form. Thus each soul comes into a physical lifetime with balanced energy, which contains full awareness of its Beginnings, and the goal of each is to retain that balance as its “self” follows its soul level guidance. However, a “veil” of forgetfulness falls between the soul’s awareness and the self’s conscious knowledge as the infant adapts to expectations of parents and later, other authority figures, peers and society.

19. The veil is by divine design, so that each physical lifetime can offer the advancement in spiritual and intellectual growth that comes with greatly diversified experiencing throughout the universe. With Creator’s cosmic law of free will and the immense spectrum of conscious choices, each time a soul incarnates, it has unlimited opportunities to attain the balance needed to evolve into the next higher state of being. This evolutionary pathway is available to every incarnate soul in every station throughout the universe. Because the collective consciousness of Earth’s residents had spiraled downward for millennia, as generation after generation succumbed to the influence of the darkness, her peoples who are embracing the light are on their way back to fourth, then fifth density.

20. Now then, all participants in pre-birth agreements choose their respective roles, which are based in unconditional love for all others in the shared lifetime. Agreements are designed to benefit all the participating souls through their filling gaps in a third density physical lifetime or completing unfinished karmic lessons, which leads to balanced experiencing. By necessity, the role of some souls is within what is most commonly called “darkness” because it appears to be the opposite of light; but darkness is the absence of light, and since light and love are the same energy, simply expressed differently, darkness is the absence of love. The only way to heal individuals who have been captivated by dark persuasions is by filling their “absence” with love, the original ingredient of all souls. I know I digressed, but that is an important point.

21. Now back to the souls who agree to play “dark,” or heavy, roles so other souls in the agreement have the opportunity to achieve balance. As an example, when in one lifetime a person is a warrior who tortures and kills an enemy warrior, in another lifetime the two switch places to allow both an opportunity to achieve balance in that respect. And since at soul level, each willingly chooses to play both roles in different lifetimes in order to assist the other, there is reconciliation of the light and the dark. This not only pertains to every one of the billions of souls embodied on the planet, but the countless souls living throughout our universe. When you consider that every celestial body also is a soul, you can understand why the universe is in a constant balancing motion.

22. Reintegration with God is simply a return in full consciousness to our inseparable Beginnings in the Oneness of All. Although civilizations in higher densities know this, third density consciousness precludes that knowledge and instead, there is widespread belief that every person is separate from every other and everyone is far removed from God. Or there is no belief in God.

23. A few of a psychic’s predictions about what would happen in my life were accurate, but more were not. Where does a psychic’s information come from and why is some right and some wrong?

24. Highly spiritually evolved souls with psychic clarity do not make “predictions,” and what I shall explain pertains only to persons of that caliber, because many who offer this service are not that highly qualified. Some individuals may think they are clearly “reading” for the client, but their ability is not well developed or they may give a reading under stressful circumstances that preclude clarity. Other individuals, who know they are frauds, give a reading based on information they cleverly elicit from the client and then embellish.

25. Now then, your request for information is the “key” that lets the psychic reader, or psychic intermediary or medium, enter your Akashic record—information about all your lifetimes—which otherwise is securely “locked” against entry even by your soul. This is a safeguard so that never can a record be altered in any way by any self-serving soul. Because of the energy in love bonds as well as some souls’ mission to help wherever needed, many others may come into a reading: family or friends in spirit, your guardian angel, spirit guides, or souls in physical civilizations with whom you shared other lifetimes. Also, the psychic may receive information about you from her or his special sources, and in extraordinary cases, may go directly to the universal mind. All of that input is in addition to what the psychic sees in your personal field of potential—the energy of all thoughts, feelings and actions of your life to that point. The energy momentum in the various areas of your life at the time of the reading indicates possibilities, probabilities and certainties; and a clear psychic can distinguish which is which. Now then, your free will choices and energy focus subsequent to the reading keep on affecting your field of potential. Therefore, what appeared to be a certainty at the time of the reading may have become only a possibility or vice versa, which you think of as “inaccurate predictions.”

26. Personal information imparted by the kind of psychic I just described indeed can be very helpful to individuals. If this were not so, there would be none of these specially gifted persons on Earth, as everything there is for a purpose, and what I am about to say does not pertain to that source of information. Readers have been requesting more frequent messages during these times when so much is transpiring in your world, and some have suggested weekly updates. It is important that you understand why this cannot be.

27. Always the purpose of these messages has been to explain in a universal context what is happening on Earth and the reason for multiple lifetimes, to offer spiritual guidance, and to give glimpses of the world you came to Earth to help create. We have told you why you are magnificent, powerful souls, about the opposing energy forces of the light and the dark and the crucial importance of light absorption, and the essential ways members of our universal family have been assisting you. We have described life in spirit worlds and physical civilizations in densities other than third, why religious dogmas were developed, and the power of thought and the power of fear.

28. Some messages have included parts of the “Matthew books” for wider availability of vital information, such as God’s explanation of “who I am” and the full story of NESARA. Although the messages are not forums for nations’ politics or economies, those topics have been covered to the extent necessary to show their prominence in the Golden Age master plan. In offering hope, optimism and encouragement, we have assured you that there will be no nuclear war or drastic changes in Earth’s land and sea masses; and during the transitional period leading to 2012, there will be an end worldwide to all that is harmful, from environmental destruction to vaccines, low frequency wavelengths, unjust laws and all other kinds of pernicious controls.

29. This comprehensive information and much more that is provided in almost 90 messages is timeless in its enlightenment value, and much already has been repeated because everything is interrelated. So in that respect, you could say that “our job is done.” But in this way it is not: One of our primary objectives has been to wean your dependence on external sources for information and motivate you to go within—the answers for you lie within your soul. You receive those answers by developing your innate ability of discernment and trusting your intuition, and we have given guidelines to attain this essential stage of soul evolvement.

30. In short, giving frequent updates is the job of current events reporters, which never has been our intention—it would belie our spiritual information mission objectives. At soul level, and hopefully now at conscious level too, you know we are here for you in the ways that all of us agreed: Our loving, healing energy is with you in every moment of your lifetime journey of self-discovery.



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