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Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - December 1, 2023

Energy of the season; divine grace; soul contract choices vs actual experiencing; importance of thoughts; two major categories of thoughts; unity consciousness

Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Especially as your year nears its end and the season of holy days draws nigh, it is natural to think of the many souls who are homeless, grieving, injured, hungry and frightened.

Always what is most beneficial for those who are suffering, for you and for your world is to live from your heart. Feel compassion for people and animals in need and grateful for the blessings in your life that enable you to share with them. The high energy of your gratitude and the fulfilling sensation from giving sends forth expanded light into the world to all who are downtrodden, and their thankfulness for the kindness of gifts of money or time, food or other help lets their light shine brighter. That isn’t just a nice arrangement this time of year, dear ones. It is the science of the universe now and evermore.

Joyfully prepare for heartwarming religious celebrations and festivities with family and friends. Participate in the kind of spiritual observances that fill your heart with peacefulness, rejoice in the majestic tones of stirring music, hug the persons whose presence in your life is so valuable. The high vibes of those meaningful experiences provide upliftment far beyond you and those who are dear to you—love’s bountiful streamers flow naturally wherever needed throughout your world. That also is science.

We have been asked if everyone who dies or is dealing with extreme conditions in Palestine and Israel signed up for these experiences. Life span and sudden departure fit in some soul contracts and others include adversities to overcome, but most of the souls affected did not choose death at this time or the harsh circumstances and desperation of living in an embattled environment.

Divine grace steps into these kinds of situations. Soul evolvement comes from balanced experiencing and, except for evildoers, attaining balance is the goal of every soul in every lifetime. By giving full credit for incomplete karmic lessons, divine grace bestows a state of balance on persons whose lifetimes are cut short or their hardships are greater than they chose or need to experience.

It is not that those beneficiary souls evolve with an unearned graduation diploma, so to say. They anchor an infusion of light that lets them assimilate expanded spiritual and conscious awareness, and they did indeed earn this advancement, just in an alternate way.

Many of Earth’s residents have experienced greater challenges and more difficulties than soul contracts call for. Dear family, if you feel you have dealt with tougher issues than you expected when you volunteered, probably you are right, and the peoples you came to help have struggled more than they expected when they chose to wind up third density’s lessons.

Souls in spirit worlds who are planning their next physical lifetime feel confident they can handle the conditions that will balance their experiencing and let them evolve. That may be especially true of the many souls who rushed to incarnate on Earth to take advantage of the unique opportunity to complete all 3D karmic lessons in one lifetime instead of many. Eventually we all learn it is much easier to boldly, courageously choose harsh situations than it is to deal with them once we’re in bodies.

And, there is more underlying formidable situations than what the dark ones are doing. There are the dense-energy reactions to whatever that is, from chaos and confusion to fear and outrage even from individuals who are not directly affected.

In every waking moment, every person is thinking, thinking, thinking, and because thinking, like breathing and blinking, is automatic, it happens without thinking, in a manner of speaking. Who thinks their thoughts are a series of words and words are powerful emitters of vibrations all along the frequency spectrum from high peaks to sluggishly low? As billions of thoughts shoot out into the collective consciousness, who thinks their thoughts are weaving the fabric of their life and the tapestry of the world?

But knowing, or remembering, that universal truth is essential so you concentrate on what you want to happen instead of what you don’t want to continue. Divest yourselves of thoughts that are trivial or frustrating—they are a waste of energy—or are of guilty or resentful nature. Nurturing those kinds of thoughts prevents the healing that comes with apologizing or forgiving, two immensely important yet often neglected aspects of love. And please take time to think lightheartedly, dear ones, so you can sparkle with the high vibes of smiles and laughter.

Despite the Illuminati’s penchant for initiating or exacerbating turmoil wherever and whenever they can, Netanyahu has failed to arouse much interest in a world war against groups he ironically designates “terrorists.” By masterminding conflicts and always having operatives on both sides, the Illuminati are the terrorists. But even if he had gained allies in such a venture, universal family would not have let it get off the ground.

After eons of violence, Gaia is so very war-weary, and more than two dozen battles already are being waged around the world. When their fuel, the energy of low vibrations, significantly decreases, one by one those will peter out and reconciliation can begin.

Along with gaining strength from destruction’s low vibrations, the dark ones’ power comes from controlling information and the global economy. So it is mightily heartening that many world leaders are tiring of being embroiled in turmoil, fewer and fewer folks believe mainstream media’s misleading reports, and the Illuminati are grasping at straws in the world’s money supply.

Everything they do requires money—manipulating stock markets; setting global banking policies; buying mercenaries; bribing national leaders, individuals in legal and justice systems, corporate management, and other influential individuals; controlling established medicine and all the affiliated alphabet agencies; owning mainstream media and Internet censors. To them, losing the means to pay for all of that and more is paralyzing.

Now then, we have assured you that progress is smack on target with the Divine Plan and many of you are feeling the excitement of ever-intensifying light. But some of you are feeling discouraged by the violence and suffering in the holy land, as if progress took a long step back. Compassion for all those souls helps diminish the stressful energy around them, but becoming emotionally drawn into traumas anywhere sends out low vibrations that match and prolong the dreadful circumstances.

Let us tell you about the two major categories of thoughts we are seeing in Earth’s energy field of potential, which mirrors activity on the planet. The category with steadily growing momentum shows a healthy peaceful world where people are loving, kind and helpful, life is prosperous and meaningful, animals are treated humanely. These kinds of thoughts—you could call them prayers or meditations—are the most plentiful of all categories and they vibrate in high frequencies.

The other major category, which has considerably increased in momentum since the incursion of Hamas into Israel, is the low energy of fear, anger, grief and divisiveness. Its subdivision of thoughts with intentions to destroy life and the environment emit rock bottom vibrations.

The polarized fields reflect the conflicting emotions, attitudes and political and ideological perspectives of Earth’s peoples. Many of the feelings and outlooks have been dragged from one century to another for millennia, but they still pertain to what goes on today and they’re hindrances to the society getting on with transforming their world.

So we hasten to say there is good news, too. Amidst that clashing energy are thoughts about a world whose building blocks are love, the richness of diversity and humanity’s close relationship with animals and Nature.

Those are the thoughts of the awakened and awakening movers and shakers among the peoples whom you came to help in that way and inspire to transform Earth into a land of peacefulness, love, health and joyousness. Together you are a fine complement of industrious visionaries, imaginative artisans and craftsmen, and you will have splendid helpers—universal family members are eager to introduce themselves and work alongside you. You all will be participants in the most dynamic action on the planet since God, Gaia and Sol co-created it!

We don’t see the threshold of Earth’s Golden Age at the end of the battle between the light forces and the dark. Rather, at this juncture we see a heavy mopping up process, cleaning away the debris of long ages and constructing new to replace what was devastated in a planet-wide cyclone, then a series of uplifting and enlightening measures in accordance with what is needed by groups in all regions of every country.

It would be an exciting process for peoples who have no conscious memories of life in a serene, harmonious world instead of one with continuous warring, cooperation instead of cutthroat competition, health and kindness instead of illness and strife.

In the process the civilization will be growing toward unity consciousness, which vibrates at the benevolent end of frequency spectrum. Unity in this regard does not preclude independent thinking, reasoning, questioning and honoring differing perceptions—quite the contrary, it includes that independence and much more in the power of love that permeates a population’s entire beingness. Only an individual or a civilization of fifth density or higher in spiritual and conscious awareness can resonate with the light of unity consciousness.

When you are on a mission such as the one now, you don’t remember the unity consciousness of your homelands, but, beloved brothers and sisters, the light you radiate always distinguishes your evolutionary status. As a child of God, you are a powerful fount of love, a tower of strength and wisdom, and you stand tall living in accordance with your soul’s guidance—conscience, intuition, instinct, inspiration and aspirations.

You have the honor, unconditional love and supportiveness of all light beings in this universe.



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