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Meet...Inelia Benz

Bill Ryan and Inelia Benz

Just finished watching an interview of Bill Ryan (Project Camelot / Project Avalon) with Inelia Benz. Hearing this remarkable lightworker speak was a pure joy. The way she affirms the divine plan that's taking place on Earth right now, how well the millions of lightworkers are doing their job, her unusual life story... Well, I couldn't introduce her any better than our friend Steve Beckow did earlier today. Enjoy!

Steve Beckow
by Steve Beckow

OK, I'll make you a deal. If you absolutely don't have time to watch the full 1:43:27 of this video, then start at 34:00. You'll miss out on some fascinating insights, like how you operate a human body when you've never been in one before, but you'll get right down to why Inelia Benz is here and what she's been doing all her life.

But if you have the full amount of time and promise you won't turn it off because the first few minutes didn't necessarily turn your worldview upside down, then watch the whole thing.

How to capture a story as unusual and mind-stretching as Inelia's?

For starters, I'll bet right now that you didn't know that there are beings like Inelia "alive" on this planet.

Inelia Benz
Inelia was "born" in Chile. She has always known her mission though she didn't have words to describe it early on. At age three, when she realized what timeline she had been assigned to, she had a nervous breakdown and cried for three days. This is one tough place to be. Why, people here make wars on each other!

Inelia is one of millions of beings (her own number) who are here on Planet Earth to help with the upcoming Shift. The Shift is assured. But whether it happens with a minimum of disruption or a great deal of it depends on the collective. And on beings like Inelia. Inelia has never had a lifetime as a human being before. She may never have another. She is here, in her words, for one purpose only:

"I only have one job and that's to raise the vibrational level of the planet, including the human collective, which is part of the planet, to a critical point that will allow a transitioning to the new paradigm, the new level of awareness for everything, for the planet and everything in it, every rock, every insect, every person.

"And that's my only job and I will do anything ... to achieve that. If it means helping somebody who's already awakened and aware and enlightened to reach an even higher level of vibration, then I will do that.

"And if it means waking somebody who was previously asleep, and that will raise their level of vibration, I will do that.

"If it means going to a geographical area and cleansing it so that the vibration can come through properly, I will do that.

"I don't have one attachment or.... The only thing that I'm here to do is to raise the overall level of vibrations and that's it."

The most riveting part of this riveting video for me was her account of being with a man so evil that she had never contemplated the things that he had done - child sacrifices, satanic rituals, wars that killed millions of people, on and on. Through her merely being with this individual, in the midst of the thickest, most palpable atmosphere of evil that she has ever encountered, he asked for clemency and was released from their ... I believe she said ... thousand-year immersion in pure evil. This person evidently was one of the chief evil beings on the planet.

Inelia Benz
Move over every saintly figure you've ever heard of or imagined. Inelia is indicative of who is here on the planet to see that we successfully enter the Golden Age. With beings like Inelia with us, who can stand against us?

Like so many of you, Inelia had to wear blinders for a good part of her life, though, unlike us, she knew what she was here to do.

"I was always working in the background. I was told very early on that I had to wear a mask and I mustn't show what I was or who I was for many, many years. And that mask, I was asked to remove it in 2002 or 2003."

She would visit whomever she was directed to and raise their vibrations. That might mean simply sitting beside a young girl for a half-hour or it might mean working with a person for years.

One man she cured of a severe disease and, according to the man, did it by simply talking to her and in a language which she denied speaking but which he affirmed. She is a Spanish speaker; he was a Portuguese speaker and he said that she talked to him for an hour and a half in Portuguese.

To do her work, she had to incarnate as a human - and she explains why.

"The reason why it's necessary to [incarnate as a human] is because to influence things on the planet and especially with regard to human affairs you need to be human. Otherwise you're interfering. But as a human being you can actually do things to influence and to [intervene] within humanity and within the collective. So it's like a little loop in the interfering law, like a clause that one can use to make things happen."

She is a lens through which spiritual energy is focused to raise a person's vibrations, to remove a block or knot, to remove negative influences that are preventing free choice, etc.

"On the other side of that lens is the other being and that being has to have a free-will connection with me. I cannot force myself on somebody, either negative or positive, whatever you want to call that, the color of their work here.

"I can't force that connection with somebody. There has to be a willingness on the other party to engage with me at some level. ...

"Normally the agreement is at a higher level. So she would have agreed to have some sort of help at that moment. And she may have even asked for help, prayed for help, and that help arrived. ...

"On a physical level, especially if I'm dealing with a lightworker who is fully aware, I'm can only make it known that I'm there. And then they have to invite. They have to ask me or agree with the interaction."

Bill Ryan and Inelia Benz
Inelia no longer does personal or individual work with people but will now be starting the public phase of her career.

She confirms everything you want to know about the road to Ascension, timelines, free will, Earth changes, and Ascension itself. I know of no other video that I can think of that is at once so revealing, so affirming, and so suggestive about all that is happening on Planet Earth at this moment as this video.

So for heaven's sake, don't put it off. If you have any questions about whether God loves you or whether She has provided help just for you, watch this video. If you're asking yourself, are these things about 2012 really true? watch this video. Or if you're asking yourself what should I be doing? watch this video.

If you're not asking yourself anything, but want to see how mysterious and carefully Source has planned this era, and what a genuine messenger from God looks and sounds like, ensconced in the flesh and ready to help each and every human being, watch this video.

Thanks to Roth for sending it and thanks to Genie who got me over my rebelliousness toward giving 1:43:27 of my time to watch it.

A transcript of this interview can be found here.

Website Bill and Inelia: Bill and Inelia
Website Inelia Benz: Inelia.com / Personal And Global Ascension 2012 - 2017 are you ready?
Website Bill Ryan: Project Camelot / Project Avalon

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Kees and everyone,
It has been a few months since I last contacted you; it was then a time of despair for humanity and 'when are they coming?!' My how much has changed; I just watched Inelia Benz, what a wonderful energy I received and am still feeling, and now with Disclosure I feel 100% confident is literally round the corner, I realise I am living in love within and without me that can only manifest goodness and positivity wherever I walk and with whomever i interact with. This is really to say thankyou thankyou and thankyou again for your help in this by allowing me to view all of the Lightworkers communications.
God bless you always,
Kath" (May 25, 2011)

Our reply:

"great to hear that, kath! how nice that inelia's energy had an uplifting effect on you, just like she said it would. yes, we get more and more signs that the energies are actually shifting now, that we've reached critical mass in our collective consciousness, and a breakthrough is just around the corner. i feel it won't be long now!
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (May 25, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Good morning Kees,

I have just watched the interview with Inelia Benz, thank you it was incredibly insightful and reassuring for the work I have been doing as you are aware.

I felt an interconnection so powerful I have again been motivated to contact you.

Thank you Inelia, thank you Bill, what a wonderful speaking voice you have, your questioning and intelligence was incredibly balanced and so respectful thank you.

I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells,
I honor the place in you which is of Light, of Love, of truth and of peace,
When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me,
Then We Are ONE.

Kindest regards to all

Love and Light
Steve" (May 27, 2011)

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