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Stop the EU from Prohibiting Herbs and Vitamins

Next April, the European Union Parliament will vote on the free trade of medicinal herbs, natural vitamins and medicine. They call this "market harmonisation of maximum permitted levels (MPLs) of nutrients in food supplements".

What does this mean in normal language? If they vote YES, you won't be able to freely choose what natural herbs you use when you're ill, or what natural vitamins you add to your daily meals. You can't even grow herbs in your own backyard no more. They want you to use the damaging pills that Big Pharma sells for Big Money. The lobbyists of the pharmaceutical industry are already working hard to convince (and probably more than that) the Members of Parliament to pass this law.

Stop the EU from Prohibiting Herbs and Vitamins
We need to act now, in the simplest and most effective way there is: stand up against them. Let them know we're watching them and we don't want this corrupt and useless law. We want to choose freely what we eat and heal ourselves with.

There are three petitions, one HERE, one HERE and one HERE. Please sign them all and spread this message far and wide.

More information and the option to make a donation here and here.

Ten proven medicinal herbs that scientists have tested in clinical studies here.

A list of pharmaceutical companies and the profits they make here.


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