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Please help our fellow lightworker Ron Van Dyke

Ron Van Dyke's Facebook page

Dear friends,

Our friend and fellow lightworker Ron van Dyke, to whom we already paid some attention before (here and here), needs our support right now. Otherwise his home will be taken away from him, in a completely illegal way. He stands strong, which is good, but he can't do it alone.

So everybody who lives in Florida, or who knows a good pro deo lawyer, or who has access to the media, or who can otherwise help, please jump in. If we help him, we help ourselves. We have to do it together.

For those who don't know the details, Ron has become the next victim in the ongoing foreclosure scandal in the USA. People who don't even have a mortgage on their house, are being taken to court by the banks and then corrupt judges put them out of their homes. Ron was interviewed about this on the radio yesterday.

I think we need to stand together, because that's the only power we have in this corrupt system. Ron has a heart of gold and wants nothing else than the best for everybody and to see our world ascend. So I think he deserves our full support. The least we can do is to send the sherrif of his residence Melbourne in Florida, an e-mail (admin@bcso.us) asking him to not put Ron out of his home and look at his case first.

Ron's YouTube channel is here. His Facebook page is here.

Kees, GalacticChannelings.com

Update February 18: Ron found a new court that is willing to take this case and hopefully isn't controlled by the bank as much as the first court was. Ron needs $5000 for this, which he doesn't have, but he's reluctant to ask for donations. If you can help him in this way, please contact him through Facebook or YouTube.

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