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Help Us Keep the PAO Alive!


Well over two full years have flashed by since Sheldan was targeted by a DEW (Direct Energy Weapon). During that time, Colleen and I have worked diligently to keep the PAO’s message vibrant and informative by presenting activational Webinars and providing you with timely newsletters.

We are grateful for all those of you who have remained loyal to the PAO. On several occasions, we reached out to Lightworkers to help spread Sheldan's messages and to encourage more Webinar attendees.

The Planetary Activation Organization relies heavily on Webinar attendance and archives, and activational material purchases. Unfortunately over recent months, our Webinar audience has greatly declined. And with so many other compelling New Age messages competing for listeners’ ears, Sheldan’s unique and vital information about our inevitable journey to full consciousness is in danger of being lost.

Right now, PAO is at a crossroads.

We are struggling to keep the PAO financially afloat. Sheldan’s condition and the cost of his recovery have considerably increased Colleen’s day-to-day expenses. Little is left to maintain the PAO. Yes, the Galactics are working to restore Sheldan’s cognitive skills, but vibrationally, the gap between 3D and 5D demands painstaking techniques that need time to bring about his final healing.

In the meantime, while we await that moment, here are some ways you can help:

  • Tell your friends about the PAO and our monthly Live Activational Webinars.

  • Post information about Sheldan and the PAO on your social media.

  • Purchase Webinar archives and books.

  • Help PAO’s cause by donating what you can.

While Sheldan completes his recovery, please help us keep the PAO alive!

By Miles Simons
Webmaster, Planetary Activation Organization

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