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A New Forum is Born!


Dear friends,

Ever since we started out in 2009, our website has grown explosively. With thousands of visitors every day, over 3,500 facebook friends and lots of e-mail coming in daily, we thought it was only natural that our next step would be to create a forum. A platform where everyone can come together, where we can share experiences and opinions, and where we can experience the countdown to December 21, 2012 together. In short, a place where We Are All One!

Our team member Inkratas worked hard for the past few weeks and created a fine looking forum which is very easy to navigate. All you have to do is register, and you're ready to go. We have very few rules on our forum, but the most important thing is that this is a place where we treat each other with love and respect. If you can live by these rules, All is Welcome Here!

Our new forum will also be the place where the new channelings will be discussed. Until now, all comments on our channelings were handled through mail by me and I decided if it was worth adding to the channeling. But from now on, everyone can have their say. You will still find me and other member of our team on this forum frequently, and if necessary, we will invite the channelers too. The moderation will be done by Inkratas and Mike, to make sure that our forum stays the place of love and light that it was designed to be.

We hope you will all come!

Without further ado, let me hand over the microphone to Inkratas, who will show you the way :)

In love and light,
Kees, GalacticChannelings.com

Introducing the GalacticChannelings Forum!

In the channeled messages on our site, we are often reminded how the coming times will bring many exciting experiences for humanity. As such, the idea was formed to introduce a new forum that invites all of our GC readers to come together to discuss their personal experiences, ideas and opinions relating to the channelings and spirituality in general. We are very excited to finally launch this forum on the auspicious date of 11/11/11.

While the forums are brand new, we understand things may move a little slowly at first. But don't let that stop you from introducing yourself and reaching out to your brothers and sisters who likely share many of the same interests you do!

Please have a look around, and enjoy. If you have any questions, you may contact Kees or Inkratas through the forum's private message system, and we will be glad to help in any way we can.

Love & Light,

You can find our new forum at http://galacticchannelings.of-the-light.com/community/. Drop by and say hello!

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