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New White Cloud video from Blossom

Blossom Goodchild
Hi there oh anchors of the Light!!

Well, talk about ‘Living in my Truth’, because to be honest I find it a bit daunting to put myself out there in this way. White Cloud and I in this latest set of videos allow another ‘Light Being’ to come through and speak. As White Cloud explains afterwards, you decide if this is your Truth or not. I know it is mine … It has to be … otherwise believe me … I would not be putting myself out there in this way! It is odd to watch myself change as I channell other beings, and let it be known that I think to myself … ‘Bloss, you are one weird dude!’

So anyway, decide what you think, see if it resonates with you. I feel this maybe White Clouds plan, to introduce more as we go along. (Oh Lord Maud! Yet is it not what I signed up to do? Why oh why was I not content to sign up to do something a little more ‘normal’?)

Be of

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays.



White Cloud: A very warm welcome to each one of you. And I am most happy that you came to listen to the words that I desire to impart to you. It is that I shall straight away open of the eyes, so please just bear with me one moment while the energy takes place. That is fine. It just takes a few moments for the vibration for me to look into another’s eyes.

Do you know my friends what a wonder it is for me to come and speak to you? Will you know of the LOVE that I have for you? Do you understand of the LOVE that I have for you? To be able to come and speak in this way when I am no longer of your Earth plane is nothing short of spectacular for me. And when I speak of the LOVE that I have for you do you think that I have more LOVE for you than I do for you? The LOVE that I AM is all that I give to you.

There are many, many, many in my realms who have the same amount of LOVE. Offering it to you every moment of your day. Every moment, should you choose to feel it. And then I say to you my friends, when you choose to feel the love that comes down from above, shall I say, when you feel it, then I ask you to feel that same amount of LOVE that we bring to you within side of yourself. Your LOVE that you are. And in that way there is a mighty union of LOVE. As we connect with one another in LOVE no matter where we are, I could not possibly begin to explain to you for the amount of planetary involvement within universes upon universes. And all the LOVE that is within those universes. We are all one in LOVE.

And I would say to you that it is a good place to start by connecting the LOVE that you are with the LOVE of those in your immediate vicinity. Start there. And like the stone thrown upon a lake allow the ripple effect to spread outwards. LOVE those on the other side of your planet. LOVE those who have alms in their hands and who use bullets to take the life of another. LOVE those souls as much as you would LOVE a little angel child singing in a choir. There is to be no distinction my friends between the two. Each soul upon this planet is experiencing a part of themselves. A part of you. A part of you. It is one huge experience that is segmented up into tiny particles of experiences to make the whole.

It is not easy my friends, I am aware, to find within your heart that LOVE to give to another who may be this close to you who has maybe annoyed you about some matter or other. The anger builds inside sometimes. That is alright. Do not beat yourselves up because you still get angry and you are not yet with a halo above your head and wings sprouting out of your back. If you could do that you would not be here. You would be a little out of place. And yet, my friends, your soul, the LOVE that you are, is exactly that, with the halo and the wings. It has just got submerged a little within the density of this planet. You who chose to be on this planet might sometimes say that you need your brains testing. Why, why did you choose to come down here when it seems so hard at times. And yes you know what I am to say, you came down here to be LOVE, for you are of it.

I spoke before, in another evening that you are here to raise the vibration of yourselves and of this Earth plane. An easy way to do that my friends, is to Laugh. There is not enough Laughter there upon your planet. We can tell you for sure. Everybody’s so serious. Find humour in most things. Even when you feel it is not perhaps appropriate. Find it within yourself because it will change as long as you have respect for that circumstance. If you pop a little humour into that circumstance, immediately it changes the very atmosphere and the energy around you. It uplifts that situation. Do not be so serious. You may say upon your planet at this time, there is much to be serious about. But as I have spoken before, by being serious about it as well, what are you doing? Making it even more serious. You are feeding that serious energy and making it worse.

When you sit in front of those boxes and then the news comes on and you say ‘oh dear oh dear oh dear, give me a drink;’ you may say to make it all go away. But my friends it is proven that instead of saying ‘oh dear oh dear’, send your LOVE. Send your LIGHT to everything that is appearing to be of darkness. That is how you will change your world. That is how you assist the situation. Not by sitting with one another mulling over, time after time, the same the same the same scenario. Put more soil on it, put more soil on it, put more soil on it until you are under ground. That is not good. Rather than continue in that way, listen to yourselves. Catch yourselves out and say let us stop. Let us instead spend two minutes sending LIGHT and then change the subject.

You came here, and there are many ways in which we from elsewhere try to explain this to you, you came here to be of LIGHT. To be of JOY and you knew before you came that these times would be upon you my friends. And you said to yourselves, ‘It is alright, we will recognise them and we will laugh our way through’ you said. And you forgot. And you arrived into the density of this beautiful, beautiful Earth. Take some time instead, as I continue to say, instead of watching that screen as you call your television, go outside, look up at the stars, think beautiful thoughts of LOVE and LIGHT. Give it out to your planet.

What are you gaining my friends sitting in front of that screen listening to, may I say many things that are not uplifting to the soul? And yet there is an expression that ‘one is glued to it’. Wake up. Wake up my friends to the beauty that is around you outside. You are missing so much because you have fallen into the habit of watching a box with people inside of it telling stories. Be discerning. Choose wisely as to that which you feast your eyes upon. And if it does not serve your soul, turn it off.

Go and find a pencil and paper and create. Write. Talk to your Higher Self and say ‘may we have a conversation?’ And see what happens. Experiment with your friend, who is your soul. See how close you can become, because many of you could be worlds apart from your mind and your soul. And it is a time now to reconnect in a much deeper fashion. There is not one of you that can do it better than another. Sometimes one needs to practice more than another but that might be the same said for a game of tennis. Keep up that search. Keep searching. Because I tell you my friends, although many of you are aware, that you are in/ with/of, the LIGHT, when you connect on a deeper, stronger level you would not consider even walking into that front room where that box resides. It would go in the dustbin because the LOVE and the JOY and the STRENGTH and the COURAGE to serve each other, yourself and your world will be all consuming. In LOVE and in LIGHT. You know of it and when you find it you will be being like… I am showing to Blossom of a little leprechaun jumping up and down in the air with glee. Keep searching my friends for that higher connection to be with you at all times. Because in these days ahead this is how it shall be. When you look in another’s eyes you do not see sadness, you do not see stress, you do not see pain. You see LIGHT. A refection of yourself.

Wait one moment. Then it shall be my friends, and Blossom has just agreed, to something, which she had said that she was not quite ready again to do. And yet we know that she is. And she has just agreed and this is the surprise. And with all LOVE and with the agreement of all in this room it is that we would like to introduce you to another energy that would come and speak through Blossom. Now please understand this energy Blossom does not know who it is to be. It will be a Being of GREAT LIGHT. And Blossom has not, when I say ‘allowed’, that perhaps is not the right word, but it has been put in the background for a long, long time. And so now if it is alright with everybody we will bring this being of LIGHT through. And for Blossom, when this takes place, the energy changes and it takes a little while …we are used to working together Blossom and I, but for another energy to … and Blossom is laughing at me saying ‘that is a strong word’, Blossom has a bit of a ‘phobia’ about, concern of the time it may take and what you out there are thinking whilst waiting. So we are putting everything on the line here to explain it takes a little while. And also before this takes place to say that Blossom, when she opens her mouth does not know what kind of voice will come out. And so now my friends please send your LIGHT and your LOVE and your ENERGY.


Light Being: We greet you for there are many of us merging with you in this place of this evening. This is an opportunity that was granted to us. We are not from your world and yet we know of it well. For we spend energy assisting your planet because we LOVE you. We ask within this window of opportunity as the known energy of White Cloud has spoken, not to keep your LOVE limited to those within family. Not to just those further afield across your planet, but to offer your LOVE to those not of your planet. To spread your loving energy so much further afield. Out there. Out there, where there are worlds, upon worlds, upon worlds, and Beings such as ourselves that also belong to the whole. We, as is said are your family of LIGHT. And we LOVE you. Do you understand? We LOVE each individual that is One whole, that is how we LOVE you and we ask that you consider to do the same. For in that way beloved beings of the Earth plane, the changes that you desire to happen upon your planet shall take place at a quicker rate, and we say that worlds shall merge and be friendly. Next door neighbours if you will, and each shall accept another for who they are. We do not appear as you, yet we LOVE just the same. That is the message throughout worlds as simple as that. To LOVE one another. And you would find that other beings that may speak through other souls shall come through with exactly the same message. To LOVE one another. That is the point of everything. The point of it all. If you take a few moments before I retract to feel the LOVE that we bring to you this night, for we are giving it to you this moment. And we understand that we are receiving it also from you.


White Cloud: My friends, sometimes, new experiences occur and it takes a little time for their truth to settle within. There is only one truth and that is your own. Follow your truth in all things. You may wonder why I have skipped to what I am speaking of, but each one of you in this room, and each one of you that gets to listen to these words must find their own truths about matters that once upon a time they would not have considered a truth. But your truth can change as you evolve and you understand more. And may I say to you that for some that found what just took place, for those who found it difficult to understand, let me say to you if this room was filled with little pins, what took place just now would be maybe one pin that you are learning to understand of what is out there. And this room full of little pins is a room with in a mansion, and a mansion is a house within a town, and a town within a country and on and on and on. That is how much is out there for you to grasp and if I may say with all respect, awaken up to.

There is so much more than your little Earth plane, so much more that you are a part of. You may feel segregated at times, you may feel so removed from your Higher Self and all that you know you are once you are down here, but you are not. And I say to you that as these days ahead become quicker and quicker and quicker, these little pins will be presented to you, and you will think’is that the truth for me or is it not?’ And the fact is my friends if it is not, it does not matter because you are following your own truth and that is what you must do. . I would just therefore like to finish up this night with words of encouragement for yourselves. Blossom is laughing at what I am about to say. Hang on in there brothers and sisters. You are not alone in all of this and you are playing your part so very, very well; the part that you came down here to play in this little movie. What lies ahead of you my friends is so wonderful. The LOVE that you will feel in the days ahead will help you to understand that all of this was so worthwhile and it was you, each one of you that made it happen. So hang on in there because from where I am we are all so very, very proud of you.

We LOVE you and we come through in this way to help you because you were the ones that came here. We are the ones that stayed elsewhere, so we see things very differently, and if you could see it from how we see it your souls would not feel so downcast at times. When we hear your laughter do you know of the colours that burst forth from your being? And we have a party up there because we say ‘look, look at the colours’ and we rejoice because it lifts everything and we see it happening literally in that way. We like to see rainbow colours. We do not like to see grey for it saddens us to know what that greyness is making you feel. So be uplifted my friends, truly, truly you are coming through the worst of it and you are walking into a New World that will show you colours you have no idea exist from where you stand at this time. But you are all rainbow warriors and we from elsewhere are with you all the way. Many thanks my friends. We give thanks to the Divine Ones for allowing this meeting to take place. We ask always that we may remain humble in order to serve and to receive and that we may continue to walk boldly as the LIGHT and the LOVE. Adieu my friends. Adieu.

End of the channeling.