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Blossom imposter on Facebook

Blossom Goodchild
Good morning everyone!

It appears that some bright spark is posing as me on face book! They have taken a picture from my youtube with White Cloud and have put up a fake channelling saying I have been in contact with a 'being' who says that there is to be a landing on 20th of this month. THIS IS NOT ME!

Thankfully I awoke this morning to alerts from my mailing list as they were questioning it, as it didn't seem authentic. IT"S NOT!!!

I do not do face book at all. So anything that is up there is not me!

I shall get onto facebook straight away, but please would you be so kind as to spread the word about this on any sites that you know my channellings go on.

Many thanks ....

Lets send that little prankster so many Golden Rays he/she will sprout wings and fly ...... far away from facebook!

Lets be of

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays


Our comment:

This is the Facebook profile of the Blossom imposter. Anyone reading this who has a facebook account, please use the "Report/Block this Person" option on the left of your page to report the imposter. Hopefully this will get Facebook's attention quickly.
Thanks, in love and light - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (10-17-'10)

Update 10-18-'10: The account of the Blossom imposter has now been removed.