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Blossom Goodchild - November 29, 2014

Hi my friends. There is an issue regarding the last channelling that I would like to clarify. Entirely ‘our’ fault, as I FEEL ‘we’ knew what we meant, but a little unclear to readers in the way it read. It’s about The Greys being in cahoots with those controlling the planet. It read as if The Greys were the E.T race that were captured. Whereas, I do not believe this to be the case. I felt it another race of E.T’s that are being held. Can you clear this up for me please?

Welcome Dearest Souls, to the cause of moving planet Earth into her Higher position. We are aware of the issue mentioned Blossom, due to your thoughts. Many readers feel so saddened by what they learned regarding the captivity of E.T’s that came to help. We will speak of this later, yet, for now, let us clear up the matter in hand.

It is not The Greys that are held captive … although … this is not entirely correct … as ‘some are’. You see, like in your world … there are ‘split factions’ of those who wish to do good and those who wish only to benefit themselves. This is the case with the race of The Greys.  Some have ‘gone over to the darker side’ and some remain in their original Truth of Love. This would not be a rare case on many planets. Yet, in comparison to the number of planets there are … very few.

So, yes … there are some ‘non-conforming Greys’ to the wishes of the dark side that have been ‘used and abused’ and there are others of the same race that … as we say …  go along with those that wish harm … in order to have their needs met.

We are VERY aware Blossom, that you have chosen not to go too far into these matters. We respect this, yet, we shall give a little information in order to satisfy the questions concerning our last channelling.

Thank you. I am not being a wuss … I just don’t think it wise to focus on this kind of stuff. Many do … and that’s fine … yet, not here. I personally do not feel it benefits the lifting of the vibration, which, after all, is what we are here for. So, can you tell us who ARE the E.T’s in captivity?

They are from non-conforming gatherings of different ‘breeding’s’.  That is to say … they are a mixture of Beings from many places … that were ‘searched out’ for their aptitudes and when asked to assist … naturally agreed to go. So, we could not say that they are all from a particular place.

As you can imagine it was a huge mission.

That turned sour, by the sound of it.

In the eyes of Earthlings.

So, what? With all respect, you are saying this too, does not matter?

The ‘does not matter’ aspect is not how YOU FEEL it.

What happened in this particular plan ... happened. Like your lives … opportunities that are presented to you, for your growth … can be viewed one way or another. You will still grow from the experience, yet, which road you choose to walk is entirely up to you.

Your ATTITUDE towards ALL THINGS is entirely up to you.

Our beloved friends in captivity … as we stated last time … are not ‘in the same boat’ as you. Therefore, it appears differently to you, than it does for them.

In what way? For, you said they experienced pain when tortured ... as we do.

This is so. Yet, how may we put it? They experience it from the KNOWING/UNDERSTANDING of a Higher place. Therefore, the acceptance of what is happening to them, although not the best scenario … is ‘taken for the team’ … as we believe is an expression. It is part of the experience that is laid before them … in order to serve as The Light … for The Whole.

Have not many in your world done the same … in the name of their total faith in their God?

Yes. Yet it all seems so ‘nasty’. Many wonder how they are continually allowed to get away with it … these rogues!! Which leads me on to the next question, and I feel there is quite a lot to get through … the matter of the underground bunkers. Again, much dismay from folk, to hear that they were not all destroyed.

We can only come from OUR TRUTH Blossom. These things that we speak of are continuing to take place in these hidden ‘warrens’.

Were many cleared out and just a few left, or, (hopefully not) … the other way around?

We would suggest that you consider the possibility of these ‘rogues’, as you have light-heartedly called them …

Only to keep the vibration up.

to be very astute. For indeed, if they were not … they would not be in the position they have worked towards accomplishing. They are from a race of Beings that will stop at nothing to have their needs met. We would go as far as to say … that they do not FEEL as you do. They are so obsessed with their greed and needs … that emotion is devoid from their Beings in many cases. And yet … we still choose to call them ‘lost souls’ for indeed, this is what they are.

Ok, so … back to the bunkers.

Yes. There are major ‘housings’ still intact.

How many?

We do not know exactly.

Would you care to speak of the ‘clearing out’ of some? This is something I know very little about.

In OUR TRUTH… we would say … it is not our department!

Yet, you must know about it … being the Overseers of the Overseers … or did you ‘overlook’ this one?

We are aware of aims and protective insurances.

Actually, I have to be honest here … I am struggling a bit with all this, because I am holding back. I feel awkward about perhaps ‘knocking’ that which has been spoken of by other channellers and indeed non channellers, regarding these bunkers. I do not wish to open a can of worms. Especially as I am not that cool with this topic in the first place. Yet, we started, so we must finish. I will TRY and get out of the way ……………..

Ok, I am just going to have to stick my neck out here and my heart is racing … but I am wondering if ANY OF THEM have been blown up or cleared out … and while we are ‘going for gold’ … I also heard that most of the ‘dodgy folk’ have been taken away to another planet/space/place and are being held there … to ‘think about what they have done’. YOUR TRUTH on this is ...?

OUR TRUTH on this is YOUR TRUTH on this.

Oh poop! That’s what I was afraid of. That's what I thought I was picking up on.

You see, Blossom … we FEEL your thoughts about ‘others’. Yet, we cannot protect others for the sake of keeping them in a bubble. Have we not said many times before … that one must be discerning and discover their own Truth? We can only give ours. If it does not resonate with one that is reading … we do not send them scorn or judgement. We send them Love and well-wishing thoughts, in order for them to follow their pathway home.

I have no idea whose ‘Truth’ you have just blown out of the water. I do not know who mentioned these things in the first place. I can only go with YOU because I TRUST you. Our relationship wasn’t born yesterday. So, to confirm and move on … the bunkers … the removal of the baddies?

We would tell you, that much which was told in transitioning expectation … was done so out of this very thing. Expectation.

I heard there was proof that these bunkers have been destroyed.

 No more proof than we have … that we are speaking with you.

Steady Neddy. Meaning what exactly?

You are taking us into your heart and YOUR proof is the FEELING we offer you. There are not photographs … is this correct?

Hey! If I had some holiday snaps of you and I drinking Pina Colada, lounging around a pool in Hawaii somewhere … many who are ‘unsure’ what to think of you … would suddenly FEEL a whole lot better!

In the same way … have you seen proof of these excavations of these underground facilities?

No. Yet, I haven’t gone looking. There may be some. As I say, I haven’t looked into any of this very much really.

When you do not have physical evidence … then your only outlet is your FEELINGS. If you cannot Trust these … what can you Trust?

Good point. So, may we move on now?  Many would like to know how they can help those that are in captivity, in these tubes?

We are aware of the heartfelt responses from many regarding this. And just by those responses … so much upliftment OF ALL/FOR ALL took place. To assist these souls is no different from assisting a soul of Earth in the same situation.


From the deepest level of your existence … take time daily to uplift YOUR SOUL and ALL SOULS.

I believe you are aware of a gentleman who is working so hard to get Global Togetherness at given times to meditate? *Please see note at the end of this message.

We are very aware of this FINE gentleman and his ongoing, never relenting, persistence in transforming humanity back into that which he KNOWS IS THE LIGHT OF TRUTH. We take this moment to honour his work and all he HAS done … in both rough and smooth times. This, which he is offering is indeed a wonderful opportunity to bring humanity together. For it has been often proven that ‘the more the merrier’ makes such a difference to the raising of the vibration.

When you join with each other … it is like … we would give an analogy of your ‘joining of the dots’ … all on one page … looking like random dots. Yet, when joined up … what a different picture they present. Strength in numbers.

We choose to finish todays ‘chat’ on an uplifting note.

Lah! Oh, not that one!

Although from one perspective of ALL that takes place on your planet … things may appear rather bleak … from another, things are really ‘stepping up’. Rays of sunshine are brighter and stronger and offering more Light to your world … which in turn assists the Energies and transforms the heavier … into the Lighter.

All within the plan … The Divine Plan … is still very much on track.

We are in Great Joy.

Learn to detach dear friends. For all is not as it seems.

There is the dark side of the moon and the Sunny side … both present, yet, it depends on which you choose to focus on.

When you are no longer of this planetary vibration … you will smile and say … ‘Ah, NOW I get it’.

Looking forward to ‘Getting that’ … very much indeed. I will close for today. Thank you … for opening  up. I do hope it’s not a big can of worms. I simply am not up for it … to be frank!

We too, have been frank … We can be no other way.

We LOVE you. WE LOVE ALL LIFE … and we desire to assist in its unfolding.

Well, if it helps, from my point of view, you are doing a GOOD JOB! In Love and thanks.

Next day
Hello, once again my friends. I wanted to add a little extra time this week, just to keep abreast of everything. I appreciate your frankness yesterday and although I struggled with ‘bravery needed’ to send it out … regarding YOUR TRUTH of the bunkers etc. … I accept that I must. So, I will.

One other issue though that some are writing in about, is regarding your statement given some time back … (20.10.13)  and I quote …

"Actually, someone suggested to ask you if you could give a percent of likelihood of The Event taking place in 2013, 2014, 2015 … and then at least we had some idea as to how close you actually mean … would you consider giving us an answer to that?

We would say in all ‘safety’ … that the likelihood of us showing up before the year 2014 is over is very strong. "

Now … I would dearly Love to ‘skip’ this … yet on behalf of readers … that would not be right. So, in LOVE and TRUST and the very good mood I am in … what would you have to say about this?

Is this not one of the very reasons you were accepted for this role Blossom? To make sure, without doubt that ‘nothing’ gets overlooked or slipped under the mat?

Maybe so … You know me well.

We do. You know us very well, also. And regarding this matter, we would connect with you strongly, in saying that we only offer you Truth.

So, is there a very strong likelihood that you will show up before the end of 2014? Far out … I can pick up on the answer already … you are going to say …


Here’s a spade … start digging.

We understand your sentiment.

Don’t get me wrong … I am not cross … maybe a little confused and keen to know what explanation you have for this answer, this time, that won’t put many off reading your words next year!

Blossom … as we have stated many times … this is not a popularity contest. Those who resonate with our words KNOW from a deep place within … that we come in Love and we offer Truth. For those who do not FEEL this way about US … we do not FEEL we MUST change their thought pattern. That is not for us to do. They must find Peace and Truth within ‘their’ Beings about such matters. That is all that is important.

Yep. I know that. That’s why I ‘m still aboard. Yet, the reason that showing up is now unlikely, is?

Is because we choose to renege on this that we offered, because it is no longer compatible with the continual process of moving forward with the plan in hand.

Ooooh Lovies! Some folk will not be pleased with that statement! I double checked the word ‘reneged’ and came across ‘Withdraw from’ … which sounds much nicer than 'to go back on a promise’ or ‘fail to honour’.

And we thank you for your research … for does not ‘withdraw from’ appear more suitable?

To me … in your defence … yes. So, pass ME the spade now, if you would … Why is it no longer compatible to do so?

Because ‘EVENTS’ upon your planet are not conducive to such a happening.

Are we/were we … talking here of the GRAND EVENT ... or, just a Petite Grand Event, as in, YOU making a celebrity appearance?

We are not/were not … talking of THE EVENT. Yet, we were hoping for the opportunity to present ourselves in a manner that would give those of Earth good reason to believe.

You see … with your intelligence and technology … I have to question WHY … once again … moan moan, moan … you are unable to do something? What did the councils say about this? Once I had accepted ‘this’ actually goes to council?

They appreciate your willingness to persevere. Yet, they cannot follow through necessarily, with a plan that you of Earth would like, because it may severely interfere with the OVERALL plan.

You know … don’t you? I know you do. That so many are tired of waiting and the longer this goes on … whether we accept your reasoning of being unable to show or not … the more folk are just plain fed up, of what they consider to be excuses. With respect … do you see the damage you will have done to many people’s expectations; by saying there is a strong likelihood of you showing by the end of 2014? Yet, now it is here … you’re not going to be able to! It doesn’t bode well in the eyes of us Earthlings, chaps … It REALLY doesn’t.

Let us once again be frank.

Franks a busy boy today!

We use time frames to try and assist … because that is what you are asking. We have mentioned many times that ‘time’ does not exist. It is a matter of fragmentations … one in *concession after another. Should it be that these fragments do not happen within the ‘time frame’ expected … then the following fragment cannot occur … unless the one preceding it has ‘taken its place in the scheme of things’.

Yes, I was having a discussion with someone about that recently. What would you say ‘should’ have happened, that hasn’t … so that you cannot show?

There has not been the coagulation of companies. By that we mean … gatherings of necessary important political Beings … that live on the sunny side of the street, shall we say … that have been able to put into place certain documentations … for want of a better word once again … that would fall nicely into a position, that would then allow us to ‘fly into your skies’ at will … without possible attack … or, influences that make us appear to be something we are not.

After so long of waiting Blossom … it would seem such a shame to ‘blow it all apart’ … because patience of those … who do not fully understand the bigger picture had run out … and we felt we needed to score some ‘brownie points’. We do not need to do so. We would not consider doing so. It would not be fitting to rush … right at the finishing line … when we are so close to ‘bringing the TRUTH to your door step’. There is too much at stake … and we cannot compromise.

We are aware of the needs on Earth and the struggles undertaken trying to keep one’s head above water at times. Yet, we KNOW you are strong and shall keep afloat. We simply KNOW this.

You have a choice to TRUST in our word or not. As we say … we do not hold you to ransom. We do not insist you TRUST us.

We … from our Loving form … ask you to ask yourselves … YOUR TRUTH … and follow it. We ask of you no more and no less than that.

That all FEELS good to me. And I , more than anyone have had my fair share of questioning of TRUTH between us. And do you know what? I am going to lay myself on the line by saying … that I wouldn’t put it past you to ‘send us a little Christmas cheer’ in some form or another. And you know me … I wouldn’t bring that up unless I felt it!


Oops, I think I just shot myself in the foot! Doesn’t matter either way, does it? It all simply … does not matter! Yet, as you say … We can certainly do our bit by keeping the vibration High. This is my pledge to you … To ALL. We are done I feel, for today. Many thanks … many thanks indeed for your TRUTH on this matter. That’s all you can give and very grateful I am for it.

Our thanks to Each One for your LOVE also.


*  GLOBAL MEDIATION COMMUNITY --- "GGF Factor" --- The daily meditative GOOD FEELING FACTOR. Contact Russ Michael Age-Reveral@aon.at

** Concession (contract) (sometimes called a concession agreement): a contractual right to carry on a certain kind of business or activity in an area, such as to explore or develop its natural resources.

*** The Federation Of Light speak of LOVE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmsCqVjqSss

**** An Invocation from Feb 14th. Always good to do when you FEEL like it . It all helps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqmukxqt2rU

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