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August 29, 2010

Hello there. It feels like months since being in touch, yet only a fortnight. This time thing sure is strange. Even yesterday seems so very long ago. What wisdom would you care to impart this fine morning for the upliftment of our planet earth.

We would ask you to take note of your fundamental resource.

Good start. And that means exactly? I mean … I know what it means … but what do YOU mean?

We simply beseech you to look within in order to unfold matters that seem conflicting and of confusion. Your entire universal knowledge is locked away within you. And yet how many times does one say ‘oh I don’t know’ about so many many things? We say to you that you DO know. You KNOW everything about everything. It’s just that you do not know it!!

Yes, many of us can accept this, but what we don’t know is how to access that knowledge. With all respect, you ask us to tap into these things, to return to the Truth of who we are  … to remember … to  recall … and well, I, for one, just don’t know how to do it. HOW? How do we find the answers we are looking for? You say we KNOW everything. Great! Truly … I KNOW we do … so what is stopping us from accessing those halls of knowledge. I personally feel I am nowhere near the entrance.

Dearest souls. You accept that you are of greatness do you not? You can comprehend the vastness of all that is.

Actually before you go on … nope … I can’t. How can I? Trying to understand how big our planet is , is mind boggling , let alone space, galaxies , universes etc, so not really sure why you would suggest that we are able to understand how big the ‘allness’ is.

But we say to you … you can.

And I say to you … we can’t.

Glorious Lights that you are … you are moving into a time when all this shall change. When the veils of confusion shall be removed and once again you Truly see what IS.

Not trying to be smart … but what is that IS?

It IS.



Ah  … it’s now so perfectly clear! The thing is chaps … all this ‘ISness’ … all this … you will know stuff … I mean … what are you really talking about? Is it me? Do I just not get it? Or is it that from where we stand in the present vibration we are unable to ‘get’ what you are talking about?

And yet we would say that you do get it.

Ho Hum. Golden Rays!! And I would say I don’t, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this seemingly ridiculous cycle of conversation. Although it is making me smile.

There are times when those of your world have ‘left it’ for a short while and ‘GOT IT”. Within a moment they have understood everything. All made sense. The entirety of EVERYTHING in that one moment fell into place and was understood. When returning, they were unable to bring with them that full knowledge. And yet nobody took it away. Because it is impossible to do so. Because that knowledge is not something you know … it is something YOU ARE! YOU ARE THAT KNOWLEDGE. You are EVERYTHING. Do you see? … Even just a little? This entire creation of absolutely EVERYTHING … IS ... only ever ONE THING … LOVE. Everything that IS … Everything that exists, every thought, action, that ever was and that ever will be … every knowing of everything … is ONE. And you therefore ARE THAT ONE. PART OF THAT EVERYTHING THAT IS. This is what we try to explain about the ISness. EVERYTHING … IS.

You are doing well here … I am following you  … but still no further forward in ‘knowing’ how one taps into that ‘all knowing ‘ISness’. I get that we are part of the Oneness … an ocean wouldn’t be an ocean without every drop of water in it … and I get what you are saying that because we are part of that everything … we KNOW EVERYTHING … but it seems to me , that from where I reside as a human Being on planet earth … that I do not know how to find my …

Fundamental recourse!

Precisely! So how … as you asked at the beginning … can I possibly take note of it?

By connecting up.

I know this may seem odd … am I correct in the visual I am getting through?

Indeed. We are showing you as if sitting on an ornate high-backed chair. We ask each individual who reads of these words to embark upon the same journey.

Sorry to interrupt … and I DO TRUST YOU … but I already have an insight to what is about to take place … and it all seems so very ‘Matrixy’! So very Star Trecky. So very … Science ‘FICTION’.

And as you know … through the minds of those willing to accept, we were able to download all ‘science factual’. But it was necessary for filtering through to unaccepting minds, for it to be called ‘fiction’. NOTHING is impossible. And certainly that which we are about to ‘walk you through’ is as much an acceptable concept as any that you take as ‘normal reality’.

Ok … Let me strap myself in … chocks away!

Visualise yourself firmly within this ‘throne’. Feel comfortable. Any anxiety you may experience is simply the hearts preparation for what is to come.

Imagine that on the armrests where your hands are placed are metallic finger plates for each digit of each hand. Sensitively place your digits upon them.

 I really am so sorry to interrupt again, but now I am seeing a metal plate on the chair around the back of the neck area … and I guess I doubt myself because it is so like the movie the Matrix and I feel that maybe I am calling upon that recourse.

We are aware of your energetic field regarding this. We have no concern about your questioning of the authenticity of what we are relaying. Yet, we would express once again regarding the filtering through to your world such profound insights to your ‘science fiction’. Especially many aspects of your ‘Matrix’ impression upon the soul.
Are you fine for us to continue?

Yes  … and as far as I can say at this point , I will try to keep quiet and not interrupt … but I might … depending on what you are about to ask us to do!!!

Resume position. It is as if you are to feel these plates …

(titanium came through in my thought quite strongly)

are magnetised to energy points within your fingers and at the back of your neck. As you are watching Blossom, you see that we are adding these plates down through the back of the chair as if aligning with your chakras also. Yet you only see four, evenly spaced. This is correct.

I then knew to stop writing and to assume position in the chair I was sitting. I knew to put pressure on my finger tips. And I felt myself ‘shift’. Yes. I had an experience … short and sweet, because I didn’t fully allow myself to go with it due to ‘questioning’ this whole procedure and wondering to be honest … how many people reading this will either try it or unsubscribe!! Also I know when the ‘activation channelling’ was given, because I had given my experience, others were expecting the same. So if I don’t say what happened to me (and it was nothing huge … but maybe could have been, if I’d have gone with it) there won’t be any expectations and each individual can simply go with the flow.

Oh dear! I feel this is one where it’s a bit all over the place. Not really sure where to go from here. Although I have to say I do feel very spacey.

May we ask you again dear Blossom? Do you TRUST US?

What do you think?

We would not like to assume. There have been past experiences with us that have left you feeling a little frustrated and we pick up this is of the same.

Well, I have to say I am going to feel a little concerned about posting this channel. And yet … I know you are with me … so do I simply … once again … lay myself on the line and do what I have to do.

That is your choice.

And if I didn’t’?

The world would not end. We suggest you read over that which is given this day and your heart will know instantly what to do.  We ask you too, to think about the fact that there were many who were able to have a wonderful experience through the 'activation process' that was given, and yet some felt nothing or very little. Perhaps you would be depriving many of having a wonderful experience, because this day, your mind was in a place of being unable to recognise the Truth of what we were asking of you.

If … I had actually been sitting in a chair with metallic plates … maybe it would have been different.

And yet have you not been taught that visualisation is your most powerful tool? What is real and what is not? What do you chose to create for yourself? You create your reality. It matters not to us wether that chair is of your material energy or of your minds energy. For everything that is materialised cannot be done so unless it is created in thought first and foremost. Therefore, from where we are sitting … the chair exists … whether it is in the mind or in your so called reality.

Yep. I understand. Perhaps when I read this back I will ‘accept’ the concept of ‘plugging in’. And perhaps I will give it a more serious attempt later on. Please know I do not underestimate that which can be accomplished. It’s just now and then it all seems a bit ‘unreal’. A bit farfetched. And it’s me that has to send these messages out there. And … If I  feel a message is a bit ‘extraordinary’ when I’m the one who speaks with you … my ego wonders what everyone else may think.

We do not have these concerns.

 Nor do I usually!!!

We are only concerned with the upliftment of your planet and assisting the souls upon it. This is our mission. This is our joy. We would not offer information on such matters unless we KNEW your world was ready for them. May we say, with respect Blossom , we thought we would see how you felt regarding our offering today as it was prearranged. Perhaps a little premature to be accepted.

Maybe by me … maybe not by others. You can’t generalise by my reaction.

Wise words. We now pick up you are a little downhearted. Do not be. This is not required! You have learned that often when things may not make sense at the time … at a later date you skip and jump for joy at an outcome that you least expected.

You are right of course. And I am fine. I know our time has come to an end today. And I will take a deep breath and go back and read this through. And without fail I will find time today to try again and allow myself to fully trust the procedure , which of course will take me further down the rabbit hole!

I am picking up too, that this little joyride is also connected with the activation process. It’s linked somehow.

 Correct. And we chose to leave it there.

Thank you my friends. Each day we draw a little closer … to KNOWING … you and ourselves. Love ya!

Each day we too draw a little closer.

I heard ‘Adieu’ … White Clouds sign off. One day I shall know his place within The Federation but only when it is correct to do so.
Good luck everyone. Fasten your seat belts!!

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