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November 28, 2010

Good evening to you. Well, twice today I have sat down to communicate yet to no avail. The only reason I am trying again is because my head feels so 'off with the fairies' and it FEELS like you are about. So thought I'd come back for one more try. Is there something you wanted to say?

We are indeed close by to you Blossom. This feeling of 'space' with in your head is due to changes in your vibration yet again.

Oh good , its not as in 'space' because there's nothing in there!!!

Many of you will be experiencing this same feeling at this time. There are exchanges coinciding with changes and this can leave one feeling rather out of sorts we believe.

What are the exchanges?

It is that we prefer to interact with many in this way for the moment. It is confidential to each as they connect with others not of Earth. In this fashion that which is needed to be explained is kept dormant until such a time when it is sensible to be revealed. If it was to be 'understood' before time , then it may cause unnecessary upheaval due to the misunderstanding of the situation . For what is taking place now is different from what shall be taking place when this information provided is awakened within each one. It would not make sense to many at this point and may cause alarm and confusion.

So would it not be better then, to pass this information on at the correct time? Why is it necessary to do it now?

Because the soulself understands it and is getting the human self subtly prepared. It is in the preparation that will allow all to go smoothly at the appointed time ... for this information to 'reach' the part of the self that will be able to interpret it correctly when one is under 'starters orders'.

Well, I have to say , it does make one feel rather 'off planet'.

That is because much of 'you' is integrating with 'off planet'.

I am finding it hard to remain grounded. Any suggestions?

Allow yourself to breath.

Always a good thing I find!

We mean in a deeper way. Breath in deeply and out again deeply. As you do so you will be conscious of a difference within this taken breath. It is of a Higher depth.

Higher depth?? Love it , because I understand it.

All that we have been speaking of to you is coming about. It is happening NOW. You feel that you are tired of waiting. Yet there has been none. For with each moment the changes are happening within and around you. This Higher energy that we tell to you of, it is now merging with your Being. YOU are breathing it in. YOU are becoming ONE with it. YOU are becoming part of it. These changes are not minimal. They are vast. There is not anything that can be done that could let this change slip by unnoticed. Some will recognize it for what it is, others will consider it simply another ailment. So quickly NOW is this change taking place. The minds fleeting thoughts of many memories are releasing past. The way ahead cannot be cast when attachments are demanding attention. With each thought that comes in this way, let it go . Let all things go that are affecting you in some manner. It is NOW that you will find, if you do so, that the thoughts will be removed. Thoughts that no longer serve and your spirit shall begin to feel cleansed and renewed. There shall be confusion as this particular shift is occurring. LET IT BE. Simply LET IT BE. May we advise you, that by simply accepting the process it shall be made so much easier. It is programmed to work it self , if you allow it to do so. Do not question, just allow.

But we are human, we always question ... don't we ???

Yet, we are asking you to TRUST this process. This means of course, that you must TRUST yourselves. This above all is the key. TRUST YOURSELVES in the process. If you let go of fear ... if you KNOW that this is the shedding of the old, then you will find it less exhausting. By not asking the questions you will find that there are less questions to ask. It is beneficial to you all to go with the flow. Stop the struggling within. Accept. Accept Accept. What is happening to you is necessary. If these changes do not take place it would be very difficult for you to exist in the NEW WORLD. When you look at it this way, does it help you to see how close you are? How dramatically everything has to transform?

When you say dramatically ... how dramatic are we talking?

Enough to give your world a good shake up.

Mmm! That's what I thought... and are you talking a physical shake up here?

We are. And yet, we wish you to acknowledge that this is part of the process. This is necessary in order for things to take their new position. The NEW WORLD could not come into play is this does not take place.

So I guess at this point I would say that many may feel a little unsettled by this news. A physical shake up. This of course could mean many things. Poles shifting, earthquakes ... not exactly a joy ride to look forward to.

And yet we would say differently. You are looking at it with naivety. We are KNOWING of it from another perspective. These are the very reasons we are offering you information as we spoke of earlier so that at these times there will be understanding. How you 'imagine' things to be played out may be displayed completely differently from how your minds at this point choose to perceive it. Yet when the 'stronger' transformations take place, YOU of Earth will KNOW from within yourself that there is nothing to fear. May we express our difficulty in explaining this matter? This is exactly what we were speaking of when we said, that you would not be able to understand it 'NOW'. Yet we say in all Truth ... you shall. And again we say ... there need be no fear.

I will take your word for it.

Another matter if I may? ... I do not know if you are aware of this or not, but a lot of people write in asking me to ask you to help them communicate with you. Many feel you will know who they are individually. Some feel they must be failing because they feel so strongly towards you, they feel so connected with you and as if you are trying to connect with them, but they don't know how to master it. What advise would you give to these souls?

First of all we would say that we are family to all. There is not one, not one upon the Earth who is not part of this vast FAMILY OF LOVE. It involves many things when connecting through the veils. And yet the most important factor is the vibration of Pure Love. It is by allowing the heart to speak and not the mind. The mind can complicate issues on an energetic level. Interferences are easily detected and can sway thought patterns so that what was even a faint link is dispersed.

Some people ask why I am able to do it and not them. I tell them I have no idea! I mean , how come I am able to connect up with you so easily? I know I had the whole illness thing for years etc and circumstances took place that I have been since been told were necessary for my body to adjust to being able to do what I do. I get all that bit, but you know, why me exactly? Why others that can ? How is is that some can and some cant? Is this something that is arranged before we come down here? Is it to do with our developmental skills once down here? What exactly?

All of these things. Like many questions ... there are many answers. In your case yes, it was pre-advised.

I thought you were going to say 'prearranged'.

We used the word 'advised' because of its interpretation. It was/is advisable for you to be our messenger, and yet if you were to change your mind on this 'arrangement ' once 'under pressure' of the Earths density then this of course would be fully accepted also.

And obviously there would be others that had been 'preadvised also', incase this scenario was to occur.

This is so. Yet it seems at this juncture it will not be necessary.

Eh ... is now a good time to mention the wages???!!! It is interesting though and I am sure many messengers feel the same, as to how come we ended up doing what we do. It wasn't exactly something the schools careers officer mentioned! Yet when all is said and done ... I wouldn't change it for the world. Even when the world changes!

And that will be a different communication all together. There will be a time to come when the vibration of 'earthling humans'

as opposed to ?

Non earthling humans ... will have no trouble at all in making conversation with us. Telepathic skills , teleportic (?) skills, skills that your human understanding even at this late juncture would find it impossible to comprehend shall be everyday normalities. So we ask you not to be of disharmony if you are unable to 'hear' us. There is not one of you that is unable to 'feel' us in your hearts. This in itself is a sign of how well you are carrying out your involvement within this Divine Plan.

It would be so good if you could send us a little DVD of what the future holds for us. We surely would be amazed at our potential.

And yet it would not be potential. It would be transparent. It would be how it is to be. Potential is that which lies within awaiting to come out. That is your NOW. The DVD would show you at your best. At your fullest capacity. When all is remembered of who you are. Much of your science fiction as you well know, is not fiction at all. We have stated this before and we shall reiterate with you ... within each one of you lies the Truth of who you are. Where else would it/ could it be placed? The time is upon this Truth to rise up from its dormancy and present itself to itself.

Mmm! Present itself to itself ... what does that actually mean?

It means that it shall appear as it Truly is to the soulself which in itself is and can be only of itself ... The Truth.

Need I have asked?! That's is it isn't it for today? Right on cue, I just always 'feel ' that last sentence when you give it. Well, considering I didn't think you were there tonight, we haven't done badly. We haven't cracked the meaning of life itself or anything like that, but its been nice to chew the cud as they say. Until next time ... Many thanks my friends. In Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays ... Me! xx

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