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August 28, 2012

It’s me! Straight to it today … as I have a couple of things to ask you about. First thing … are you there?

We most certainly are ... and happy for you to begin your line of questioning.

Thanks. Well I knew the time would come when I would bring up the Pillars of Light again. There has been a few sightings of large pillars (rather like that which you showed in my mind when first speaking of them ) One in Japan and to be honest ... not too sure where the others were … but I wondered if you would care to speak of these and are they indeed the pillars that you were speaking of?

We have been aware that you would ask about such matters and in all our Truth we would say that these are not the pillars on which we were speaking about.  

Oh sigh!!! What are they then?

They are international spectrum that is occurring due to a phenomenon that is caused through electrical current. By this we do not mean that of ‘your’ electricity … we would say … more of ours.

As opposed to ‘natures’ do you mean?

Here we may confuse by saying that it is a conglomeration of the both.

So they are not the Light pillars … yet you have something to do with them?

We would continue on in thought patterns of coincidence with electrical circuits coupled with Earth ‘electrics’ that when ‘married’ produce such a sight.

Lets try that in Swahili shall we? So is there any real purpose to such a display?

Oh indeed. For the current that they produce in this unity of above and below ‘sparks’ off a form of radiant energy which in turn has an effect on that around it and for many miles in the vicinity.

In  ‘my terms’ its purpose would be?

To expel local contingencies and therefore prevent certain events taking place that would not be suitable for the betterment of your race.

Glory be and hallelujah! Wasn’t expecting that. Are you sure? I mean … there was I thinking if it was not your spoken of Light pillars … then it was simply a trick of the light or nature ‘doing its thing.’

Yet you seem to dismiss the fact of the LIFE of your Mother Earth. Life … all that is life can communicate and it was necessary to combine efforts in order to undergo such a ‘spectacle’ … yet as we say ... its reasoning has a lot more to be desired other than ‘a pretty column’.

So … may I be so bold as to ask … what your good deed prevented?

We would strongly advise you didn’t.

Oops … I just did.

Again … it is a matter of not revealing that which is not of benefit to you to know. We would prefer to keep it at that. And in the progression of time … as you know it … there indeed will be an understanding of this and once again an ‘ah ha’ moment will settle peacefully in one’s Being.

Fair enough. I am wising up and accepting/trusting your response. For I understand there is so very much that simply is not comprehensible to me at this time .Thank you for your answer … even though it took me by surprise because I thought you were going to say ‘yes indeed … these are the pillars of Light we spoke of’. I still look forward to those then!  So, onto my next question. I am sure you are aware that a gentleman wrote into me asking why I had mentioned crop circles at the beginning of our last communication and when replying I felt compelled (yet startled) to find myself asking if he would like to ask YOU a question about them … as he is an expert in this field. I felt you had a hand in this. Keeping in mind too of the recent crop circle in Hackpen Hill UK ... and your message way back in 2009.  ( * See info below ... Just a matter of time for all things perhaps.)

Here is the question.

"What is the most appropriate and relevant thing you can share, with regard to the crop circle phenomenon and how it relates to the waking up of humanity"

We would begin by stating that not all that is ‘set’ before you is produced by ‘Offworlders’ as some choose to call us. Yet it is as easy as ‘pye’ to sort the wheat from the chaff!


It has been presented to you before that the encoding embroidered within the works of the genuine circle is not necessarily for your eyes only. In fact we would go as far as to say that much of it is deciphered by many who are not of Earth and they can easily and readily understand the ‘messages’ left for them.

So are you saying that they are not really for us Earthlings?

No, we are not. For indeed the ‘rumpus’ that they stir ... aligns many a contrived mind to ‘see outside the square’ and allow for what would be new equations to be indulged upon and within.

Meaning what exactly?

Meaning that there are those of an understanding in human form that indeed may calculate that which is encrypted in order to ‘solve’ certain anomalies. Yet … as to how much these discoveries are ‘heard’ and acted upon is another thing altogether. We would say to you that there is purpose behind the ‘planting’ of such works into your fields of gold. We would go so far as to say also that there are many governmental ‘workbooks’ continually at play in order to find out their codes and meanings. Yet … we know exactly what we are doing and are not ‘daft’ enough to blatantly be overt in that which we choose to divulge within.

So why the need to ‘put messages on our soil’ for other ‘planetary Beings’ to pick up? Surely you have quicker means to relay that which is needed to pass on?

Our communication systems are beyond the capacity of the human mind to comprehend. Yet … we do not place such images on your ground for our amusement and out of boredom. There are ‘spectacles’ within ‘spectacles’ and the energy alone that they carry has much affect upon the pulsating area. 

One cannot define exactly what it is that brings such ‘joy’ to those who visit these areas. Simply we would say ... it is our Love that one is being infused by/with.

So … how does this fit in … if at all … with the waking up of humanity?

Many aspects … yet the more obvious being the actual phenomenon itself. For those who choose to look within at these prophetic imageries they will find that it is an impossibility for ‘most’ to be manmade. Therefore one must ask the question ‘who made them?’

A wake up call upon the realization of such a question when searching for an answer.

Thank you for this although it seems to be all a bit scattered.

We advise that the metaphor given by your advisory White Cloud is most fitting and we ask you to include it. For it states matters regarding that which we speak … particularly concerning the necessary communication for others to ‘pick up on’. These crop circles have many enlightening aspects to them and are most beneficial for all who are intended to take note of them.

Ok. Because many on/of Earth wonder what the point of them would be if most of us have no idea what they mean.

Oh … there is great reasoning for them. We would add that when one is looking at them from a ground perspective the ‘whole’ picture cannot be seen … yet … look at it ‘from above’ and things become much clearer!!!!

Riddle me ree!

Not so. No riddle.  Perfectly straightforward. You see Blossom … these messages we bring through you suit many. They ‘work’ for those who have almost genius within and they suffice accordingly also for those who are more of simplistic understanding.

Like my goodself!!!

The way in which YOU choose to interpret everything written here may be interpreted quite differently by another. There is no judgment at all regarding this. This is its design. Very much like the crop circles. There are codes within codes which can be read by those in need of participating in their part of the plan. Yet for those who have ‘other plans’ they have what they require also within these words.

All of which I have no idea about. Makes sense as to why you have an ‘innocent’ bringing these words through for you I suppose. Someone who was bordering on genius or ‘up in that bracket’ would be analyzing each sentence as it came through and disturbing the flow. Yeehah! Another break through as to ‘why me’!

OK … heard the bell ring … Not literally. That’s it for today. Thank you. In Love and Light and a billion starlet drops of Golden Rays.

Shining down upon each one. Our Love and thanks also.

Over and out until next time.

Below is an extract from The Spirit of White Cloud' that I was asked to include.

Q. White Cloud, recently in Australia we have experienced what we call a crop circle formation up here in Queensland. I would just like to ask what effect that has had on our land here and if it was a genuine crop circle formation?

WC.It was. It is a very complex subject to even begin, my friends, because much of it has to do with microcosms that are out of the vibration of your realm. I show to Blossom a vision of a very large magnet that is in the shape of a horseshoe. As one Knows it would attract pins and certain metals to itself. Imagine a magnet of vast size, and placed all around in many scattered areas are large piles of pins. It is a question of how this magnet is conducted and what pattern it takes to attract the pins from each place towards it. One is aware that when one sees on your screens for example . or in a picture book . the layers and different shapes that the grass or the fields have been laid in, I have to say in Truth, it is an impossibility for one upon your earth plane to imitate. It is very simple to detect the difference in the two. These formations are not, as some people deduce, from the landing pads of a ship outside of your realms. If you were to look at some of these formations, what a very strange ship it would be. It is a magnetic force that allows these formations to take place. It is a magnetic force that is not always within the vibration of your earth plane. There is a certain force of attraction that allows the outer force to mingle with the force that is within, in order for this shaping to take place. These occur on certain dates. If the conditions were not acceptable within the earth, then it would not take place. I may say that this has occurred. Many of these symbols that come down to you have to be aborted sometimes, because it was not correct with what they thought was happening underneath. It is for you 'earthlings' to wonder at such phenomena. For many who are interested and study this particular subject, they are trying to perhaps work out what these particular markings may mean. It is not for them to decode. These symbols are not there for you to decode. They are there for others to view. It is not that the others need to decode them, it is within their Knowledge. It is part of a map if you like. If there were a set of boy scouts and they each had different camps and each group was given a particular exercise to accomplish involving a journey or such like, it could be that one group would come across a certain formation that is suitable for their particular exercise and receive from it, the information that their group required. It could be that another little set of chappies are walking along, and they would Know that if they entered into that same formation ... I show as if they would receive electric shocks, because that particular formation was not suitable for that group. They have to continue on the route until they find the formation that is correct for them. I say to Blossom, these formations are full of information for the group that is designed to take in that information, and are able to scan that formation in order to gain the Knowledge that is necessary. It is all part of the plan, if you like, regarding where each group must be situated when the turning point comes. Although it is an integration, it would not be that one day we are on the earth and the next day we are all intermingled in all these dimensions, that would simply wipe everything out of play. It is a gradual process. It is necessary for these certain groups. It is necessary that those energies be set at certain places throughout your world, in order for when it is coming into the balance of the new world, not to rock the earth off its axis, because of the intensity of the changes within the atmospheric vibration. Is that all right for now?'

* re crop circle info/Latest crop circle

The Federation of Light 2ND JULY 2009 .
http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/index.html?page=BG53july2.html  (the full channelling 2009)

By the time all is in place for this balancing to do what it is to do, you will find that there are many many,many more phenomena of many many different varieties that will have occurred. Most of which will have you baffled and yet , like the key to a door , when all is in place , the unlocking shall reveal that every single placement is in correct alignment and when their purpose is revealed … at the drop of a hat, everything shall fall into place. Please know dear ones … We do not wish to be secretive or puzzle posers, yet there are certain details that simply would not concur with that which we have in place. There are plans that are not yet ready to be opened up to you for the timing is inappropriate and to reveal certain matters now would not be useful to the overall benefit of the upliftment of your planet. We have much in place and when it is able to be shown to you, you will accept reasoning that at this time you may not be able to, because of measures that must be taken into account regarding safety of that which is to be revealed. You have all been so patient with the unfolding of this new way. We are so very grateful that your steadfastness to the cause remains firmly in the Truth of yourselves. It Lightens everything as it moves forward and into that which is FREEDOM.

I just closed my eyes, to FEEL if that was it for today, and I saw quite clearly the letter ‘Y’ within a circle … why?

You shall see ‘y’.

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