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June 27, 2009

Hello there … presuming you are there … in fact I know you are because  I am in ‘channelling gear’ and I can feel we are ready to go … may we?

Welcome to you dearest lady and those of you who have been drawn to read these words that we offer. There are some who read these words who are what we would call ‘sitting on the fence’. This is fine. They are not sure one way or the other exactly what they FEEL about our presence within their space as they sit and read our offerings. May we state … we are not here to try and convince anyone of the Truth of ourselves. That is not our position. Our place is to give insight in the correct manner of appropriateness in order to assist those that are ‘up for the pickings’ so to speak. Again … let us make it clear that there is freedom of choice in all things. Therefore there is the choice to read these words and make decisions of one’s Truth … there is also the choice not to read these words at all.

Like many who come through with messages to your planet at this time … we are here to assist the transformation into the New World. The New Lighter World that inevitably … without doubt is drawing ever closer. Our words are offered to prepare you for what lies ahead.

It has been noted by many that we speak mainly of LOVE. This is who we are. This is who you are. This is how your New World is to function … in LOVE. That is why we come to share opportunities that may lift ones spirits out of the gloom that is within your planet for many.

Again we speak of choice. You will not be able to lift your spirits if you focus on that which is on the gloomy side. If this is what you do … this is where you shall remain. Understand these words. In their fullness. If you choose to concentrate on gloom … there you shall remain.

Yet we say to you … if you chose to focus on Light  … in LOVE … then your soul shall rise into a Higher dimension from that which it resides in now.

A burning question I am asked to ask you by many … does that mean we are still going to reside on earth … or will our actual physical bodies be residing IN a New World.

Indeed that is a question we are aware that many ponder on. When one has lived in a certain town for many years, it is often that one may get the urge to move on. Others may not. They feel comfortable with where they are, who they are etc and do not have a desire to change anything about their circumstances … even though they may moan and groan about them. Whereas there are others who have ‘had their time’ in that place … they seek fresher pastures. They pack up home and move to another place … another town perhaps … yet in a different vicinity. Some may move along way from their original residence, others may move round the corner. You see dear friends; it depends on how ready one is too stretch their imaginings. For is it not through ones imaginings that one’s reality becomes real?

For those who can only imagine themselves moving around the corner … there they shall  be … For those who imagine moving to another country … there they shall be … metaphorically speaking … for those who can imagine moving into a different place altogether … there they shall be. Each soul is in control of their own destiny. NOW and ALWAYS.

I know some souls are concerned as to whether or not they shall be with their loved ones in the New World … Some know themselves to be aware and awake and yet their partner or perhaps children still remain asleep … they wonder what will happen regarding that.

Not one soul is responsible for another’s destiny. They may care deeply for the journey of a particular soul , yet they cannot drag another along down their path … we use this word ‘drag’ … for if it was not another’s choice to go that same way … indeed this is what would be taking place. One may offer a torch to show the way … to introduce the Light that is down one particular pathway and yet they cannot … by universal law … take another on a pathway in which they do not wish to go. … on some level of themselves. Therefore we would say that in the situation of which you speak the best service of all that one can give to any situation as you all know … is to offer LOVE to it. When a family member moves a long way away … like yourself dear lady … it does not prevent you from remaining in contact with those that you left behind in your original country of birth. You may not always be able to physically ‘touch’ them, yet … your Love can be expressed via words or electronic voice equipment. And through that communication the heart can still FEEL and experience so much LOVE.

 In the same regard when a LOVED ONE passes on from your earthly realm into the next phase … one may not be directly able to chat away as they used to as if they are in the same room …. And yet we say … they are in the same room if they wish to be for a time … they are simply residing in a different vibration from that of your earth plane. These other vibrations are such that for those that are able to ‘reach into them’ … then it is possible to continue on that conversation. There is not one person who is more capable than another of doing so. This is a great misunderstanding in your world. It is very much dependent upon the level of awareness and Truth that one has woken up to.

That is interesting … if I may divert for a moment… because I know beautiful awake souls that are not directly able to communicate with those elsewhere … and I also, with respect  … know souls that are still residing greatly within their ego and their behaviour is not always that of an awakened soul  at all… and yet it seems they ARE able to converse with souls in other realms.

There is much dear lady that may not make sense to you whilst residing upon the earth plane. There are many many levels of which the soul in its human form is unaware of and therefore unable to fully comprehend the full matter of a particular issue. Does not Mr White Cloud always say to many ‘All is not as it seems’. We would say also … that the pure of heart … in their humbleness do not always consider themselves worthy of such communications. That is the case for many. They are happy to have their private thoughts and feelings, and yet they would not dare to assume that what they ‘heard’ or ‘FELT’ could be from a particular guide or angel.

How would you define angel please … it’s just a thought that came … for I am sure we all have our own interpretation of what an angel actually is.

We would say … each one of you is an angel. Yes, we are reading your thoughts Blossom … even those who display misgivings of such an enormous degree … are indeed angels.  For everything is from LOVE. EVERYTHING.

Souls talk of angels being the children of GOD do they not? If therefore God IS LOVE … that is all and everything … then even those of your world that show such atrocious degrees of themselves are still from that same GOD that same LOVE. They cannot be from anything else … for there is nothing else.

Everything in its TRUEST form is of ‘angelic’ energy. The distortion of that energy is still LOVE …. And yet it may have broken down into particles that do not at this time resonate on a purer higher level of vibration …. That is all. There is reason in all things.
From the position that we are in … we that are communicating with you now … much is clear. It is not possible for this clarity to be apparent to those of you who are residing within the vibration on the earth plane at this time because you are unable to ‘get’ that which is resonating on a Higher level. And … within that level … as one moves up to each one  (level) there is more understanding as one moves into the clearer picture. Therefore we ask of you to cease the torturous rigorous questioning that some of you go to … in order to find answers to matters that are simply unable to be answered to you at this time.

Yes. But for those who desire to question … they want answers … otherwise things do not make sense.

Dearest ones of earth. Quiet your mind … ALL KNOWLEDGE resides within.  It is like residing within a library. Every possible book containing information that one requires is available to you … and yet you can only read one book at a time. Be patient. Indulge in the beauty of the knowledge that is available to you in any given moment. Absorb it. LOVE IT … then … when that information has been digested … pick another book … and allow that information to penetrate deep within also. Do you see my friends? YOU ARE THE LIBRARY. And yet … in your human form you must respect who you are and understand the pace that is compatible with your soulself within this form. Again, words are difficult in the assistance of helping you to understand all that WE know. And yet it is the only method we have . Please know … as we have said before … that it is these words when accompanied by our/your FEELINGS  that make the difference on a vast scale as to their intention and how they are received

Souls of earth ... At a rapid rate you are now LIGHTENING up your world. Which is what you came here to do. Soon NOW … very soon, your loyalties to the TRUTH of yourselves shall be praised and exalted. Continue to shine brightly dearest ones. Your LIGHT attracts those who have lost their way and the comfort that is received by them when finding the path home is surely a FEELING that even the very lowest vibrational souls can become uplifted by … in the blink of an eye. Show souls the way home … let them chose their pathway in which to walk … yet it is you perhaps, that can point them in the right direction.

If you allow yourselves to tune into the comfort that has now settled into your planet earth … you will FEEL a vibration of PEACE within your BEING that resonates on a level that is new. This is because it is. A Newness … A Higher vibration is circulating and settling within. Enjoy it. It is yours.

Thank you. As always a pleasure. In Love and thanks.

JUNE 28th . I spent twenty minutes tuning in and awaitng a channell ... nothing. I then spent 45 mins looking for an appropriate excerpt from my books and it just wasn't happenning. Therfore I shall take a leaf out of my own book !!!! ... and accept that "ALL IS AS SHOULD BE' and there is nothing to be posted today. Other than sending you many GOLDEN RAYS. Thank you and have a marvellous week.

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