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Blossom Goodchild - October 25, 2014

Here we are once more … Hello! I am keen to carry on with the current topic of ‘nothing matters’. Trusting that is ok?

Benevolent greetings to Each One. Indeed, we are also keen to assure you of reasoning’s behind ‘matters’ that ‘don’t matter!

My word, you’re in fine fettle this morning! So … onwards. Many have written in, asking me to address the issue of karma, and how that all ties in with this subject … Off you go!

We have spoken to you before, regarding issues of this nature. In that … One does not ‘get away’ with anything. For that which One gives out … be it of LOVING kindness … or be it of abuse to the soul in its many forms … One receives back a thousand fold.

So then … surely that would matter? If one was full of hatred and spent their life time ‘offering’ hate … when they passed over … how miserable it would be to receive all that they had given out … a thousand fold! That WOULD matter to that soul wouldn’t it? It would matter to them THEN, that they had not chosen to offer LOVE.

Yet, they CHOSE hate for that life time. To learn lessons … to experience ‘that side’ of things … from that vantage point. Having learned that lesson … they may well go on to another life time and offer only LOVE of the Highest frequency. KNOWING what they KNOW from a deeper soul perspective.

Let us look at ‘CHOOSING’ shall we? One can CHOOSE to BE anything/anyone that suits them at that time. In general One follows their heart … and the pathway in which that takes them … determines how much, or how little they benefit.

So, one who is choosing the dodgier side of life … are they following their heart?

Indeed ... because their heart may be full of hatred or greed.

Does that make them feel good?

On a superficial level. Yet, deep down their ‘TRUE BEING’ would KNOW that this is not who they TRULY are.

Does that matter?

No. Because you are in The Game. One can be very competitive whilst playing a game and FEEL the need to always win and come out on top. Or, One can just accept that it is JUST A GAME … and it matters not who wins or loses.

That’s all very well when playing ‘Scrabble’ … yet, when ‘Playing with our souls’ … it seems rather callous.

Who is playing with your souls?

You tell me.

YOU. YOU are playing The Game. Please understand that ‘We’ … nor anyone else … did not capture you and force you to BE IN IT. You lined up in your droves asking … some begging … TO BE CHOSEN TO BE PART OF IT. For … from the level of understanding you had before ‘beginning The Game’ … you knew how much it would benefit The Whole … and we mean THE WHOLE.

With the greatest of respect … we ask you to recall that …




I’m trying to ‘Get this’. I really am. And just when I think I am ‘Getting it’ … I lose it ... because another question arises. If we are here to be of service to THE WHOLE … how can, how we behave, ‘not matter’?

It does.

Ahha. Gotcha! You said ‘nothing matters’.

It doesn’t. The fact is … FREEDOM OF CHOICE. You can CHOOSE to let it matter … if you want it to. It doesn’t matter either way, whether you CHOOSE to let it matter or not.

Then how are we being of service … if it doesn’t matter one way or another?

Because you are playing out The Game.

Is there a point … a purpose to The Game?


Shall I bother to carry on with this?

If you CHOOSE.

Some of me wants to walk away … to quit … for, where is this getting us? Where is this getting anyone?  How is it helping us to become Lighter? It’s confusing many and therefore, lowering the vibration. Yet … I so want to get to the bottom of this … and I am enjoying the challenge!

Then, let us continue. The Game is an experiment … as we have said.

And in my early conversations with you … you said the experiment had gone horribly wrong.

It has. We could not foresee its outcome … for it had never been done before. The same with any experiments … some are successful, some not. So, One keeps trying ... until they get the required result.

So … the required result of this game is?

To see what a soul in human form can accomplish when left to their own devices. Yet … it does not matter … because … at the end of the day …

YOU ARE LOVE … in its fullest Highest form.


You have come here to play … to act out … to see what can be FELT. To see how you can become yourself in all the trillions upon trillions of different forms.

Then, where does this matter of ‘us’ and ‘Mother Earth’ moving into the fifth dimension come into it? You say that is what we came here to do.

This is correct. And this will be accomplished. It is on the game board. As One continues ‘up the ladder’ … One reaches certain ‘markers’ on the board.


The Divine plan is a board game???

In a sense … yes. 

And the dice?

Your choices!

Bingo! Well played! I get that. Could we go back to the karmic thing though … Because these are our FEELINGS that are being ‘flung about here’. It would matter to me how I had behaved on Earth … it would matter to me how I chose to treat another.


I can sense you are not asking ‘why’ flippantly … yet, to get me to where I am going.

Correct. Why does it matter to you how you treat another?

Because my heart would ‘hurt’ if I did not offer LOVE to myself or someone else.

Therefore, you CHOOSE to BE a soul that desires to come from a LOVING disposition. You CHOOSE it … because it suits you and FEELS right.

Yes …

Let us try another tactic to help you understand.

Good luck with that!

Imagine … imagine for a moment … that you are not in/of The Game. You are a free spirit without form … looking down upon a very large board game. This game consists of many, many players. Little people, some with hats on … some tall, some short … Yet, look upon them as ‘figurines’ on a board.

The Game begins … EVERYONE has the same goal … to finish The Game … to get to the top of the board. There are no instructions … no rules.

So sorry to keep interrupting … yet, you have said in the past, that there are Universal Laws. We have discussed this before … and when they are broken, there are repercussions … ie … the karmic thing.

Dearest, dearest soul … One who is trying so hard to make sense of this. How we LOVE and admire your determination to ‘Get it’ … Every little bit of it.
Not one life time … not twenty … not a hundred lifetimes … would enable you to understand IT ALL. For, every question that arises within these teachings … allows fifty thousand more to unfold. As hard as this may ‘hit you’ … we ask that you allow some things to absorb through your BEING … and allow time …

Of which there is none …

To unfold ‘some’ of life’s mysteries.

That sounds a great idea to me. It all gets so confusing. I know I am not the only one. I wish I could set you up with an email address … then you could deal with some of the emails from those feeling the same as I do!! OK. Back to being out of our bodies and looking down at The Game …

The Game began … One moves up … One moves down … through choices made. As One looks down from a HIGHER perspective upon the board … they can see certain ‘land marks’ that are there to be accomplished … as One reaches them.

Is it not so … that through choice … One repeats old patterns? They are simply (as we have referred to before) climbing the ladder, or, slipping down the snake to the ‘same old’.

When CHOOSING NOT to repeat … when CHOOSING to ‘move Higher’ … One finds NEW challenges … more pleasurable ones.

Keep looking down from above … at these little figures … playing a game of making choices … from which … is determined the direction they move on the board. Little figures on a board … playing a game.

Little figures with FEELINGS …

Yet, the Higher they CHOOSE to move up … the more LOVING these FEELINGS become.

The more LOVING the FEELINGS become … the less One CHOOSES to ‘repeat patterns’. As One moves nearer and nearer to the top … to the ‘home’ space … the determination to ‘get there’ increases.

Yet … from the ‘Above … out of The Game’ view point … One can see that ‘time doesn’t matter’ in this game. One does not have to reach a land mark’ by Sat. 25th Nov 5010 … They are simply moving toward the landmark.

THEY CHOOSE WHEN they reach that point … through the choices they make. They CHOOSE how to FEEL as they play The Game.

Those little figures CHOOSE how to FEEL … good or bad … high or low … happy or sad … as they move up the ladders.  It doesn’t matter what they FEEL … it is their choice to FEEL anything they CHOOSE.

When you are looking down on The Game … you observe these figurines. You don’t judge them for their movements. You desire only for each One to ‘learn’ how The Game works. Each One shall finish. There is no question of that. Each One shall move up the ladder … at their own pace … through their own choices.

You see … it doesn’t matter … The Game shall see itself through … ‘no matter what’.

We FEEL this is enough to absorb for today.

Ya think? Again, my friends … Thank you. Thank you for your patience. We shall resume again ‘soon’. Love ya.

And we … as we observe your ‘comings and goings’ … Love Each One of you.

In love and thanks.

* The Federation Of Light speak of LOVE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmsCqVjqSss.

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