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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - November 24, 2018

Hello. We needed a little break it seems. Yet, now ready to give it my all once again. Assuming this is Tickety Boo with you?

We are indeed, Happy to be with you in this fullness of Energy Blossom, and have to admit to being more than Delighted to do so.

Well, how Lovely! Someone suggested I ask you about YOUR experience throughout all this that we are going through? Is it as you expected it to be? Is it going well from your perspective? Are there disappointments? Big hold ups that prevent moving forward etc.? You get the kind of thing.

We thank you for the inquiry as to how it is from our point of view. As with every single moment that has never been a moment until that moment … we experience that which is new. We have an agenda to bring your Planet and all that is life within and upon her, into her rightful … new/as was … position.

We do not experience disappointment in the way that those upon Earth do. For we see EVERYTHING so very differently. That which you may consider to disappoint, is … to us/for us … just another step along the highway. It comes neither as disappointment or surprize … It simply is.

This pathway that WE ALL walk is never ending. One can choose how they would like it to BE … and through each and every choice, outcomes derive.

We understand that to be in the thick of it … in the density of your Earth plane … it is quite, quite different an experience from the one we are undertaking.

Yes, we come from a … Higher position/Vibration/ disposition/example. We have not … we … who are known as THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT … experienced that position of Being a Human Being. Yet, we have become so much more Aware of the ‘workings of such’ through communication with those of you upon the Earth.

So many of you feel we cannot ‘hear your voice’. Yet, just because you FEEL you cannot hear ours, does not mean that we cannot hear yours.

We have picked up on so many understandings of ‘how feelings are’ from so many of you who are down there upon Mother Earth giving your All for the Highest Good of All.

We also, have no attachment to anything that crosses our pathway in knowledge … other than that of Love. That which connects each one to another ... therefore, us.

We are observers at this stage. We are monitors. We assess the levels of Energy and how they are progressing or otherwise.

We are the ones that gauge the levels of Energy to be brought through to your Planet … and work out the dynamics of how these Energies are to flow forth and blend. For, you know, some areas of your Planet are very different in Energy flow, from others.

So, do you mean that your ‘Sprinklings’ … as you call them, enter into are Planet at different rates/ levels … depending on where they are ‘falling’? I think you know what I mean?

As always Blossom, we can only use words that suffice as best they can. For in actual reality, the way we present to you that which we do, is … with the greatest of respect … how one may tell a children’s story. Not because the Human would not be able to understand, necessarily, yet, because there are not the adequate ways to explain exactly how it all works. Yet naturally, we will do our best to express.

Upon your planet there are many varied areas … You divide your Countries into States and for explanation purposes we would say that we do the same … although not into States in Countries … yet, into ‘States of Energies’.

If we were to send /sprinkle a level of Energy that was, for instance, too ‘advanced’ upon a certain area … it could cause much disarray and have the opposite effect from the original intention. Simply because the level sprinkled … was too ‘ahead of its time’ and that ‘State’ that was receiving it … was not able to absorb it in a comfortable fashion. Therefore, would make things feel and appear to be very topsy turvy. We would liken this to enjoying a glass of alcohol … yet, take too much and it can change the very nature of the soul drinking it.

Levels are equated in order to keep balance.

I am a bit confused. My mind is thinking, for instance, that the beautiful place where I live in Australia is of a High Energy Vibration … compared to one of a war-torn country. Yet, surely the war-torn country is in more need of the Higher Energy than the one I reside in, as where I am, is already doing very nicely, thank you!. It would seem unfair to give my place more of the Higher stuff and the one that really needs it … less.

It is not that we are giving less. We are pouring through the correct amount for its needs. The needs of a ‘Place of people’ MUST be controlled and monitored in order, as we say, not to cause mayhem.

All is part of a Divine plan.


The Energy of Love is all there is … in its multitudinous levels and disguises.

There IS no unfairness, as many assume.

I don’t know if I can agree with that necessarily. There is a very long list one could write when it comes to what seems fair and what does not. For instance … just flowing from my mind is … It does not seem fair that we as a race are denied are TRUE FREEDOM due to much control that millions are even unaware of … and may I add … all the unfairness to many souls who have been deeply and seriously and unwillingly, caught up in that.

We expect and KNOW and appreciate that you are tired. Some even bored of us repeating the same thing. Yet, ‘the same thing’ is the answer to so many questions!

You are entangled within the mix up of Energies upon Planet Earth. Yet … YOU KNEW … that this was going to be taking place when you were here. You agreed to come down … you were so eager to come down and assist in sorting it all out.

The bigger picture … from our perspective … is a very different one from the level of perspective that you are able to grasp … Being where you are.

Each one playing your appointed role … because you wanted to … because you chose to.

And yet, we mostly complain, I know. Yet, maybe we didn’t quite get ‘before arriving’ just how bad and sad and uncomfortable and confusing and desperate it could be!

Yet, you did. You were able to get a ‘Feel’ of it in order to make up your mind as to whether you take part on an Earthly level or not and although there was ‘great shock’ to the soul when experiencing the Feeling … you were also MADE AWARE OF THE PURPOSE … of the CHANGE THAT YOU WERE COMING DOWN TO MAKE.

YOU WERE MADE AWARE OF THE LOVE THAT COULD BRING ABOUT THIS CHANGE. You were able to ‘see into your future' as to how events would play … out/through … and lead that which you consider to be an abomination of Truth , through into a LIGHTED programme.

Programme? Lets’ jump down that little rabbit hole shall we?

Yes, Blossom. Programme. Again, words … do not/cannot … express correctly. So we use the nearest thing to it. Programmes are written with a basic foundation. Would we say, a basic script running through them. They have potentials that may or may not be reached …and the Energy Codes within each programme adjust automatically, depending upon Energy Codes that coincide … and/or … match up to … plans within an individual or a whole.

We would suggest that should a particular programme be written for a Future Race and a design encrypted for its whereabouts and behaviours … then as ‘one consciousness’…  this is ‘plugged in’ and accepted … for one to play the game.

If you like ... the Codes are the instructions. Keeping in the understanding that Codes change with every second. One’s individual Coding is designed for exactly that … each individual! And one becomes more Aware of the workings of such … not through needing to know the Codes, yet, from the Feeling that they are in alignment with the Coding.

We are correct are we not … that when one is ‘On top of the world’ … there is nothing quite like it?

In the same way as when one is Feeling on the bottom of the world … nothing quite like that either!,

You see, Blossom, when one is on top … it is that the Energy Codes of the Higher Levels are connecting with the Energy Codes designed in the soul … and all works together in Divinity.

And when one is on the floor?

It is the same. One’s Energy Codes are matching up with the levels of Coding that ‘match up’ with that.

Now THAT … is unfair! Surely, when one needs a helping hand, the last thing they need is to align with lower vibrations/codes that will keep them there?

Yet, most are now very much Aware of the Law of Attraction. The Codes that are conducted within you … attract the … aligning /matching … Codes . This is how the Law of Attraction works.

So, are you saying that our ‘thoughts’ are Codes? For I know if we need to change our Vibration to a better one … we need to change our thoughts to better ones.

Bingo! As you would say. Your thoughts are running Codes. You do not need to understand them.

That’s a blessing!

Yet, it is helpful to know.

Why? Just out of interest. Why would knowing that are thoughts are Codes make any valuable difference?

Because of VISUALISATION BEING ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS YOU HAVE. As you ‘lift’ your thoughts … imagine too, sometimes … the matrix of numbers. Like a computer running through your Being. You do not need to see particular numbers. Yet, see them getting Brighter. Perhaps sometimes, Imagine them like on your machines, where they line up and hit the jackpot .

To be Aware of Codes changing for the Highest Good … Meeting up with Codes outside of yourselves … for the Highest Good … can make a huge Energy shift for The whole! Imagine numbers, symbols etc. floating out of your head and finding their partner in the atmosphere. A little like a computer game. Each time one connects … you get points!

This may seem a little childlike. Yet, we would say that at this time your Beings are in great need of this and to have some fun amidst all the pressure would not go amiss and at the same time ... have such an effect as to that which you cannot imagine.

We speak of pressure. There is indeed, such pressure upon your Planet and if we were to put it in terms of a pressure cooker … we would say most definitely that the lid is about to blow!

Hold on to your hats!

Will do! Have been! … and shall continue to do so for as long as it takes! Thank you. Nice to be back chatting.

Likewise. Our love reaches out to Each One.

In Gratitude, in Loving service. I AM.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.


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