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February 24, 2012

Hello up there, or over there, or through there …. Wherever you actually are … Hello!

We welcome you into the space that is known to you as your heart space. We are excited to be speaking with you in this heightened form as it requires less manoeuvres.

(I am on day 10 of a 10day watermelon fast!)

Yes, I have to say I certainly feel Lighter!! Wondering what you would care to share? There appears to be much going on with banking resignations and lots of things that are not yet in the mainstream media … what would you like to speak of?

We are concerned first and foremost with your well being. This is our department with you. We would jokingly say that although at times you consider us to be up front we are a bit behind in sharing certain things.

If that’s a joke, you seriously need to get some lessons from me! Continue … sorry …

In order for one to fully appreciate that which is to come, it would be most advisable for those of your race to concede to lifting the bar a little. In that … so many of you are awake and aware … so many of you are following messages and turning that which was once negative into the positive.

Yet we would suggest that the one important thing you are not doing is accepting the Truth of who you are . In that you are all so much more than who you consider yourself to be. When you recognize how much LIGHTER you are from that which you consider yourself to be … then  so much more can be accomplished in a shorter space of time ... due to the High Vibrational spark that would be emanating from each one of you.

Ok … when I walk down a street, I might ‘recognize’ someone I know … I know I have seen them before and so I ‘recognize’ them. HOW DO WE DO WHAT YOU ARE ASKING? HOW DO WE RECOGNISE OURSELVES FOR WHO WE TRULY ARE? We are working our way further into our own inner Light … in the best way we know how … and the going is good , we are getting somewhere. Yet HOW do we TRULY do this? How do we step ourselves up a few notches?

By listening. By listening to that still inner voice.

Which is what? Because it’s so still … I can’t hear it. We’ve talked about this before … is it more so the FEELING we are to FEEL as opposed to listen to?

In one way it is of Highest benefit to always follow your feeling … and yet we say to you … that there is the ‘still inner voice within’. It guides you … it uplifts you …

Yep … I don’t wish to cut in … we could go on and on about all the things it does … we need to know HOW WE DO IT?

We are overjoyed with your forthrightness these days.

Well, it’s 2012 chaps!  We need to get a move on do we not? No more mollycoddling about. If you are asking us to recognize ourselves in a much Lighter way … then please feel free to give us a few pointers.

Then let us do so. Close your eyes.

(I did )

What did you see?

I saw myself sitting here, but I was not me, I was the form of human being yet I was not physical … I was just WHITE/SILVER  LIGHT … and I was ‘broadcasting’ that LIGHT OUT ... just by BEING THAT LIGHT.

And there you have your answer. If each one of you accepts that this is who you TRULY are … not just imagines it … but KNOWS it …  ACCEPTS  it as TRUTH … then you cannot be anything else other than that. And when you TRUST in that acceptance and FEEL from within you … all the time … that you are THAT LIGHT shimmering out  … on a level that you KNOW , but you do not have to think about … then … as life brings itself to you … you will say  … ‘NOW I RECOGNISE WHO I AM!’.

You are underestimating yourselves and your capabilities. You are able to resonate on a much Higher Vibration than you ‘believe’. What if we explained that you will only resonate on a level you think you are worthy of? And you are all so much more worthy to BATHE IN THIS LIGHT than you allow yourself to take note of. You are OF THIS LIGHT.

Turn up your dimmer switch! We say to you that when you do so  … when you shine as the brightest stars that you are … you will recognize too the power that is within. The power to change all that requires to be transformed into that which is worthy of being a part of you. You are all One, yet on many levels you do not like to accept that you are part of that which is not so very bright. You can … by BEING your LIGHT in its finest glory … change that which needs to be uplifted. JUST BY BEING YOU. You do not have to ‘crusade’ … you do not have to prove points … you just have to emanate LOVE … all the time.

When you said about proving points … isn’t that how we can make change? By making things get noticed and proving the point that we won’t undergo further ‘imprisonment’? Isn’t that what a part of 2012 is about? Standing up for what we believe in … and making the change happen by forging together to indeed ‘prove points’. I am of course thinking of ‘Occupy’ movements etc.

We ask of you to be understanding in that which are to say. If there are souls of your world that choose to do this … to take a stand … then this is what they are being driven to do. We are not making judgment on that … for much is ‘happening’ within and throughout the episodes involved in this and everything has its rightful place. So be it. Yet we are separating that which is of physical positioning to that which is of pure ‘Giving out of Light’.

In the days ahead , when more and more souls evaluate that which is of service to themselves and others and that which is not … there will be so much that will have this ‘Ah Ha’ factor. SO much will make sense to you that simply does not now. Yet … to brighten yourselves up … by degrees much further than you even imagine yourselves to be … will manifest these ‘Ah Ha’ moments much more quickly.

It is time for you to step up. With Love we say … do not be complacent about your position upon Earth. You came here to assist in its movement into a Higher place. You came to be part of its uprising. What you consider yourselves NOW to be of joy and Love and all being ‘jolly splendid’ …

Jolly splendid???? What ho!  Chocks away and all that!!!

 … is just the preschool excitement. That which you are to become involves so much more of yourselves …

And yet … am I correct in saying that you mean ‘Do not be complacent about ‘just BEING’? Which in effect is simply being Love.

Yes  yes. It is indeed simple TO BE … yet … how do we put it to you?  It would be valuable to you to JUST BE in a much Higher Vibration than you are allowing for yourself.

If you continue … without breakage … to FEEL and visualize yourselves as this bright White Light … pouring from you … ever flowing from the stream of life/Love   ... Never pausing, never ceasing … simply BEING this WHITE LIGHT at all times … you will come to discover a pulse that beats the same rhythm amongst you . Your heart beats will sing the same song. Your breath will hum the same tune. There will be a unification when you realize that you are resonating the same melody and we say that when the full orchestra is ‘in tune’ … you will be playing THE DIVINE SYMPHONY. It was written long long ago … and now it is for it to be played. To be heard. TO BE.

 We are aware that much of all that we say can only be ‘hoped for’ by you. Under the circumstances in which you have undertaken … much seems ‘pie in the sky’

Oh please, don’t mention pies … watermelons yes … pies … no!

To digress for a short while … is it not so that although one has had to be disciplined … there has been much benefit from such fasting … physically and spiritually?

Oh yes indeed … but 10 days is more than enough for me! I have noticed though how much ‘Lighter’ I am … and to do healings, meditations, readings etc during this time … I have gone ‘so much deeper’. (Higher , Lighter)

Therefore we would suggest that the importance of treating the physical body with the respect it deserves as well as the spiritual one …  can complement beautifully . They then are able to dance along with the ‘music being played’

One is ‘slightly’ aware of the physical and spiritual. When one is ‘fully’ aware of the capabilities of  both  … there shall be celebration and awe.

Let go dearest souls of Earth … of all the heaviness that has become part of you, yet never belonged to you. Treat your minds and your bodies and your souls with the utmost treasured discipline … you shall gain so much incite should you make that choice. Prepare your bodies and your spirits for what is to come. You are on the way … shedding all that is no longer of value as you walk. Feed your beings with the nourishment that allows full function. You are certainly not firing on all cylinders … yet when you do … how you will look back and smile at your ignorance.

Thanks. We’ll try!  … Back to ‘watermelons in the sky’ …

That which you hear about from ‘us’ … that which you choose to ‘take on board’ … is from our hearts. We come to assist you in ways that will assist you to assist your selves … This we consider to be of most value.

That which  we can offer you in ways of wisdom is our purpose . To share and dream with you. To bring about the TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT IS.








I know that’s it … thank you. Until next time … In Love and Thanks.

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