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Blossom Goodchild - September 23, 2017

Hello. Me here! Knowing all is well with you, may I begin by asking you a question about the ‘Energy Grid’ you have spoken of? Quite a few folk are interested to hear more? Thank you.

Welcome to you and all who partake in the reading of our messages, which as you know, Blossom, we bring forth for the Purest reasoning, to assist those on your Planet to understand themselves, and why they are partaking in this Game/experiment. The more we have been communicating with you over many years, the more we have seen many more ‘come on board’ and change thought pattern and indeed change heart. This we find most encouraging.

Oh! Me too!

We are taking into consideration your question and we would answer in the KNOWING that this will allow greater understanding, again to assist.

This Energy Grid that surrounds your Planet is made up of many components. Its purpose has also, many aspects. It is rather complex and once again, we found ‘what it is’ rather difficult to ‘simply’ put into words.

Ok. Seeing this is another ‘out of my comfort zone’ thing … treat me as a toddler, if you will, and see if that helps at all?

In essence it is what it says it is … A grid of Energy. It serves to assist your Planet and directs/redirects/transforms/internalises/dematerialises Energy to suit the needs and requirements of … not only what goes on above your Planet … yet, also what goes on within it.

When you say ‘suits the needs/requirements’… what do you mean?

When you consider that everything IS Energy … the grid keeps the ENERGY that is required upon your Planet in suitable surroundings, in order for precise functionality. It keeps Earth Energy contained, which is essential, and has the outstanding capability of recycling old/stale Energy into renewed conformity (?).

It is designed also, to be used as a filter … allowing no longer useful Energy to pass through and for Higher Purer Energy to enter into your Planet.

Yet, I thought you just said it recycled old /stale energy?

It does. And yet, there are some Energies that need to be removed altogether. Their density has ‘gone too far’. A bit like your batteries sometimes. In that, you can recharge /recycle over and over, yet, after a while they have ‘had their day’. If you understand?

Yes, I do.

We are aware there are other questions, so we will not ponder too deeply on this subject. Yet, we would add that if it were not to be in place, there would be absolute mayhem. For it ‘balances out’ and keeps Energy under control within the Earth’s particular Energy Field.

There have been many times when The Grid has been damaged and in need of repair. This is taken care of ‘Energetically’ by ‘off worlders’ and those who live upon your Planet. If you like … there are those who are assigned to this work.

How does it get damaged?

Through ‘holes in the ozone layer’. Through other ‘obstacles’ ‘smashing through. By wear and tear. By Energies being played around with. Through nuclear testing etc.

It has much to contend with and although so very strong in its ‘duties’ … it is also extremely delicate due to its fabric/makeup. Much work is involved to keep it safe and ‘in place’ and we would conclude by saying, that at this stage of ‘THE GAME’… all is very satisfactory with its workings.

Many thanks. Another soul asked if you would talk about the ‘Empty space’. It is said to BE the Source of everything: Omnipresent, being everywhere at the same time. Also, the empty space is the only ‘THING’ that is not created, hence it just ‘IS’. It also cannot be moved or destroyed: unadulterated. Empty-space was, is and will always be there (eternal) wherever we go. And, it has no end (infinite).

We would with much Love, conclude that we have done nothing but talk about this ‘Empty Space’. For it is that which we/you KNOW to BE … ALL THAT IS … LOVE. The wording that the gentleman has expressed is sufficient an answer. There is nothing more to add.

What nothing at all?

Nothing! For LOVE is everywhere at the same time … It always has been and it always will be. And so it is!

Well, there you go! Moving right along!! Obviously with all that is taking place on our planet, many write in to ask why such atrocities and events are happening? Why are they allowed to happen etc.? Would you care to speak about the ‘state of our Planet?

As you know Blossom, we have spoken of this many times. That which is taking place on your Planet is not as it seems on the outside. That which is to be revealed in your future days … will allow that which is taking place NOW … to make sense.

As many of you are aware … MOST that is displayed and conveyed in your media and indeed, that which is taking place … is a ‘cover up’ to mask that which is taking place behind the scenes.

Many in/of your world are concerned as to atrocities and confusions that are taking place. Send Light. Send Light. Send Light onto these matters. Yet, most of all … send Light to the ones who are ‘covering up’. For they are the ones who (will) need it most.

A thousand times have we expressed that this ‘Game’ is not what it appears to be!

Yet, for many, it is not easy at all to NOT become involved … for they are living in the thick of it.

This we understand and again we express that when ‘all is brought to Light’ … the expression on everyone’s lips would be … ‘Ah, NOW I see!’.

It does leave us in the dark though.

All the more reason to spread your Light.

I know this and I do my best as do many. Sometimes, it must seem never ending and so many wonder when it actually WILL end?

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls … IT IS ENDING.

For one moment … take a breath and reminisce. How many more souls on your Planet that you personally know have woken up? How many souls on your Planet that are obvious LIGHT WORKERS in the public eye are now worldly known? Wherever you choose to pay your attention to within your LIGHT … there is, right in front of you … another example of how the LIGHT IS WINNING.

Yet, so many are choosing to be force fed and then absorbing all the nonsense.


You are assisting in steering those who are following the darkness, to turn around and walk toward the Light.

There are still many, many souls who need your assistance. For they do not understand. They do not KNOW they are like automatons. Yet, once they have broken free from the chains of that which we would call ‘slavery’ … they come to KNOW THEMSELVES gradually and join the throng of LIGHTLOVE. From their moment of awakening … they FEEL the difference and they KNOW there can be no turning back.

Fellow souls ... KNOW YOUR INNER LIGHT




KNOW YOU. And do not allow anything, any words, any actions that are designed to thwart that ‘YOU’   … to sabotage all the genuine work you have done to re-emerge into your True selves.

Oh! How we KNOW IN TRUTH that the time will come when you recognise these words we offer to BE IN THE NOW!


Delve more deeply into yourselves and breathe … and in the Light and Love of THE DIVINE Source … bring yourselves into BEING. That is all that is required of the self … to know the self.

All else that takes place within ‘This Game’ … is just ‘The Game’ … and it is sensible to recognise it as such.


WE LOVE YOU! Many thanks. Signing off for now … BG. xx


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