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Blossom Goodchild - July 23, 2016

Hello fellow Light bulbs.

I am aware I have not put a channelling up since 3rd July. although I was able to post the White Cloud video and THE HAPPY HUMAN DAY video. I am so thrilled you enjoyed its vibe and thank you for all your lovely emails and kind comments.

I tried again today, after aborting the channelling last week as it just didn't feel right . Today ... there was simply 'no-one home' when I tried to tune in and I just suddenly felt like I wanted to sleep. So another no go! I have had a cold virus for the last 12 days and maybe that is the reason as my energy is not as it should be.

The fact is I cannot force it ... nor do I wish to. So I shall leave it until the end of next week and see how I go then ..

Thank you for your understanding, as I know many of you very much look forward to the next channelling being posted. Maybe return to some earlier channellings and refresh the memory.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend everyone.

Shine your Light for all to FEEL its Brightness and warmth. So many need it.

Sending much


Blossom G.

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