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Blossom Goodchild - November 22, 2016

Here we are again then! Many questions bursting forth from folk since your last conversation. Queries being … You had said there were no more cards to play, so how can they deal out the false flag scenario? Is a fake invasion definitely going to take place? One lady felt quite strongly the last channelling was not you but a mind infiltration from the dark side? Your comments please?

Firstly, warmest greetings to you Dearest Blossom and to all who participate in our conversations. We understand one’s confusion on many levels.

We again must reiterate … we do not come with messages to bring fear into one’s Being and yet, we are aware also, that in these days ahead , it is generously offered in order to prepare one for all scenarios, in order for recognition to arise and allow one to keep their head above water.

We cannot definitely say that such a thing WILL occur. We do not know ourselves how these last pieces of the puzzle in this particular jigsaw shall fit together. We do categorically state that whatever takes place … you shall ALL be working together in your LIGHTFORM to ensure that all goes according to the Divine Plan to bring you through this darkened age into a Golden one.

For the lady’s comfort, Could you confirm that it was you last time?

We can and do confirm it. And as you correctly replied to her … there is reason for Energies from us to FEEL different depending on subject matter. Rest assured, once again, we come only to assist.

This lady also felt that you wouldn’t speak about the financial reval because it is not a Truth and is there to keep people in lack and scarcity.

Let us speak bluntly about this matter. We have said that there is to be /has to be … great financial changes in order for your Planet to vibrationally rise, along with all the other ‘matching vibrations’ that are to take place. Your money systems shall rise and fall, rise and fall, and bring about confusion. Please keep in mind that CHANGE often does this … to begin with. Yet, once everything settles … one can see that it was for the Greater Good.

All that is coming your way is for the Greater Good … although it may not always feel/seem like it. Yet, you will see … you will find out that on the other side of this transformation … everything that has been experienced was worth any trials that one might have to experience.

Again … we repeat … THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR.


That brings me to the fact that you said the ‘lost one’s’ had no more cards to play … Well surely, this false flag is an ‘ace’ is it not?

The TRUTH BEING that this is not the ACE. They do not have the ace to play … they have only the lower numbers … whereas, our deck is stacked Highly!  So, although they may feel they have something mischievous up their sleeves … when they lay they cards out into the open … they still have lost. They know this … they know the false attack will not ‘play out’ to their advantage, yet they are determined to go out with a bang, so to speak.

As a few wrote in … it is quite scary, the very thought of it.

Only if you allow fear in.

Can’t you stop it from happening? Surely your technology is way beyond theirs?

It is indeed.

Then couldn’t you stop their ships/vessels from making out they are attacking?  Cant you dismantle their engines or weaponry?

Yes we can.

Then what’s the problem?

There isn’t one!

Then would you stop it/intervene should it take place?

We would certainly become involved … from afar. For, under no circumstances will we ‘play’ in any games involving weaponry or fear mongering … or indeed lies.

So saying ‘from afar’ what do you mean?

We have much Light technology. We have technology that you cannot understand at this time …  that would assist in bringing the Truth out.

I guess this kind of chat makes me feel a little uncomfortable …

Will you allow us to speak Dearest Blossom?

Of course! Let me get suited up!

Here is the link to the audio that then came through.


Transcription of the above audio.

The warmest of greetings to each and every one who listens to these words. We are aware from the Energy that is given off from the lady Blossom this day, that she is indeed uncomfortable with this topic … this subject matter. Therefore, we felt it best to come through in this way to confirm and reiterate that which we are speaking of.

Firstly and foremost, we do not speak of this in order to instil fearful thoughts into your minds. Far from it. We simply wish to advise you on possibilities/scenarios that may incur. So that you may be fully armed … fully prepared for your Light to be in its fullest strength should/when/if such circumstances present themselves.

Keep in mind also, that presentation of such scenarios shall most likely be very different from that which your mind can conjure up.

Let us assure you … THE LIGHT HAS WON.

The Light ... Our Light … Your Light … is shining more brightly than ever before.

Do you think we would desert you at the 11th hour and leave you in a state/in a place of uncertainty?

We have been travelling with you side by side all along this journey. We are One. Together as One we are strength personified. Let go of all fear.

The lady is asking us why we even brought this scenario into play? And yet, we are reminding her simply and with Love that it was she that asked us the question and we merely answered it.

So much change is to present itself in many, many forms. Yet, remember also, that so much change is to take place with inside of you … to coincide with this change of many forms.

You shall feel so Light-hearted … So present … So in control … that you shall almost … if you choose … look upon all these changes as fun. Imagine that? That is a different way of thinking from how you have been, is it not?

One needs to change their thought pattern from these changes being of gloom and doom. The pot is indeed stirring at a fast rate and yet, we say to you … this is a good thing … a Godly thing … for it means that the transformation is under way. And this transformation brings you into a Brighter World … a Lighter Planet … the place that you came to find and bring into play … for all.

Therefore, we ask you not to be of downheartedness. But to rise above all things that are presented to bring you down.

Lift your spirits High. Lift your hearts High. Feel your Truth. Know your Truth.

There is absolutely nothing to be done … other than walk in your Light and your Love … and watch clearly, how wonderful miracles transpire.

You shall know us. You shall encounter us. What joyous times are ahead! This we can assure you.

Take a breath … deeply into your heart … and resonate now … with our Vibration.

(Light Language was then spoken which cannot be transcribed.)

Be of cheer. Know yourselves as you Truly are … in order to allow yourselves to shine like the brightest star. Many thanks.


Thank you for that. I am going to leave it there. And unless you feel otherwise, I would like to bring this topic to a close. Anything you would like to add?

We are done for this day. Other than expressing our Love to you and to let Each One of you know that we are with you.

When you read our messages, when you listen to our messages, allow your hearts, allow the core of your Beings to KNOW that we are with you and you shall FEEL our deepest Love for you.

We thank you for taking charge of yourselves and we give honour to your courage and strength. Until we connect again …



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