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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - January 22, 2023

Good morning! So quickly the time ticks by. I have had an influx of letters lately regarding Fergus the fungus. There seem to be so many possible versions of what it ‘could’ be. Anything more to say on it from your position?

Good Morning to you, Blossom, and indeed, to Each Soul of Light that finds themselves resonating with that which we choose to bring through. The updates given to you regarding your inquiry would be likened to anything where one’s attention has been ‘notified’ to certain/specific matters. There … has been/are /always will be … Fungus! Yet that which we have spoken of will be brought to the forefront when it is deemed the correct time for this particular scare tactic to be presented on a large scale, in order for it appearing to be necessary for everyone to remain indoors. Please remember we also mentioned that this worldwide lockdown will bring about Phase Two and Fergus Fungus is merely another disguise.

So funny really, when you first mentioned there would be Five Phases, I think we all thought that we would at least be halfway through Phase Four by now … not still in Phase One!

Yet, as we have also stated, it does not mean that once Phase Two is underway that they all will last as long as this initial undertaking! We feel quite confident in this matter.

Well, that’s good to know. So, nothing to say about it then?

Very little. It shall speak for itself when the time comes.

And no point in asking when that will be.

Correct Blossom. Yet, it is coming.

Ok. Let’s leave that there, as this isn’t flowing as one would like. In fact, I’m going to try again later … … … …

So, it is now a couple of hours later … I have been feeling during the break, that you would like to talk about ‘The Bridge’… shall we?

That would be most suitable.

And … Go!

‘The Bridge’ as we have spoken off in great depth * is becoming more apparent and obvious within your heart space.

It is a crossing over from one state of Being to another.

It is there, awaiting all those who choose to cross, and yet, there shall be many that prefer … for now … to remain on the side that they are familiar with. For it is so, Blossom, that many souls feel uncomfortable with much that is unfamiliar and prefer to stay within their comfort zone.

However, as more turmoil and transparency come to Light … there will be great awakenings in numbers en masse.


The years that you have undergone much understanding of self shall be your anchor. For there shall be much that shakes even the Strongest of the Strong to the core.

All that you have gained in Knowledge and Trust within the self shall be the Guiding Beacon for so many that have no idea what is transpiring.

Many, so very many have remained in their ‘pocket of comfort’ and even when hearing of possibilities that concern and upset the psyche, they chose to shut it off.

This is not something that one should judge or feel the need to reprimand … we would say the opposite.



Your Heart’s Light will attract these souls as moths to a flame and they shall be able to FEEL the TRUST.

For TRUST shall be something that one has lost all faith in. For all that is to be revealed will confuse many, for they have Trusted that which they thought ‘had their back’ and yet, it will be proven to be the exact opposite.

Therefore, to KNOW who to turn to will be felt, yet, much patience by those who are already aware of ‘The Bridge’ shall be required.

There will be a time of great anger by many. No one likes to be lied to … let alone on the scale that is to be presented and once again we say, proven.

Be gentle … so very gentle, with these souls. For much Healing will be needed within their Being.

Will all souls cross this Bridge?

In their own time. Yes.

Ok … not sure why the link isn’t fully connected today. Yet, in order to ‘offer’ our weekly ‘something’, it is coming to my mind to put up the track from THE BRIDGE mp3, that I made many years ago. What say you?

This too would be beneficial. We would say there is a ‘fault on the line’ today. Nothing at all to be concerned about, yet, as you have ‘felt’ Blossom, the connection isn’t flowing as it should.

Ok … I’ll make a video of the track. Many thanks for that which we did get! In Gratitude.In Loving Service. I AM.

  • The Bridge is a book written when my first contact with The Federation Of Light began.

  • ‘Meditations on The Bridge’ mp3 is compiled of extracts from the book. ‘The Bridge’ is one of them.

  • Here is the Link to Today’s newly made video. THE BRIDGE https://youtu.be/CffgxXmFIPI (see below)

  • Both the book and the mp3 are available from my shop. https://www.blossomgoodchild.com/shop/

Transcript "THE BRIDGE":

We invite you to the opening of the Bridge
It is a new path that has been created in order to lead you home

This new pathway IS the Bridge

and many will choose to walk across.

Their souls have been on stand-by waiting for their call.

It is time for your world to awake.
It is time for truth to be revealed.

For those who choose to interact with all time and space,

never again shall they feel the desperation that is felt in the soul's depth.

For by taking the step to journey back and forth

ALL understanding shall be given.

It is by putting into action the expression of your soul

that shall lead you into this new place.

For that which is of love carries you onwards.

Freedom of choice is your freedom.

Nothing can take that away from you.

We ask only that you take time to look at what is offered.

Try to imagine a world where there is no fear.

What great revelations lie across this Bridge that we are building.

You shall meet many along the way.

Many that are not of your form.

Already the interaction is taking place.

Within the dawning of each new given day

allow your spirits to rise up into that what is rightfully yours.

Do not deny yourself this given opportunity

for it is through this that the understanding of greater things

at this time beyond your comprehension shall be offered to you.

Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.

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